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Pregnant (IVF) Worriers

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Dildals Sun 31-Mar-13 16:46:22

Hi everyone,

This thread is for all you incessant worriers out there, not necessarily limited to IVF-ers, although I get the feeling the people who have had trouble TTC are more prone to worrying than others!

A few of us graduated from the IVF thread (link below) and are having a go at our own thread to get out of the other IVF-ers hair! So get your roomy jogging bottoms on for some virtual hand holding, mutual symptom spotting and staying sane until the next scan date.

MarianaTrench Wed 03-Apr-13 08:09:58

Sympathies Kafri, reflux is bloody awful but they do grow out of it, just keep reminding yourself of that. Also i think you've got it diagnosed really early which is good, sometimes it can be months and months before docs will listen. My daughter cried and didn't sleep because, I'm ashamed to say, she was often too cold. I followed all the SIDS prevention sleeping advice to the letter and she just wasn't warm enough and thus would only really sleep on me. Even now she wants to be very wrapped up in bed.

Shazz, constipation is the bane of my life when pregnant. I am currently on lactulose every day because it was so bad and even with this I am still constipated for most of the time. It's awful! At your stage though you just need to find what works for you. Experiment! Prune juice makes no difference to me, but eating a massive bowl of All Bran every day does. Also the usual about lots of fruit and veg and gallons of water. Pregnancy is very very unglamourous.

Don't worry about the pregnancy symptoms at all. This time I had very few symptoms, despite having had horrendous 24 hour nausea in my other three pregnancies right up until 14/15 weeks. I was upset as I kept thinking I must have miscarried as I felt too normal this time but it really is true that every pregnancy is different.

Hope everyone has a good day.

fairypangolin Wed 03-Apr-13 08:41:58

shazza I an still on the progesterone and will be for another 2 weeks! Getting v sick of it now. I had bad constipation a few weeks ago when I was at your stage but I found it helped to eat a bowl of high fibre cereal just before bed, then 2 prunes with decaf coffee first thing in the morning. Once I got this going I was regular again.

dildals I wonder if the iron theory is right. I have been thinking about taking iron anyway because I was anaemic with DS so maybe I will give it a try.

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 09:50:54

fairy at the booking appt they do check for iron levels, but they haven't given me a call to say I should start taking something. I do take a pregnacare vit which has iron in it. I am so cold the whole time as well, but I think that is just being fed up with winter!

shazza I carried on with the progesterone until about 10 days after my scan (which was at 7 weeks plus a couple of days). Because you fell pregnant naturally you should technically not need any progesterone support (since you did not have EC). If in doubt give Guys a call, I am sure they're happy to help with a prescription.

Will you believe I almost forgot about the fanny candles!

Can't help you on the constipation I am afraid! Agree with the unglamorous bit though ... the flatulence is wreaking havoc on my sex life, that's all I am saying.

Oh, shazz one thing, when you get to your booking appt you might want to look in to (asking MW) taking low dose aspirin after week 12. It's recommended for women >40, first pregnancy (or carrying multiples, history of high BP, pre-eclampsia etc). You tick (at least smile 2 boxes so you may want to ask your MW about this and/or do your own research. I found this in the NICE guidelines for multiples, not that my MW had any clue!

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 09:53:04

Two more thoughts for the day, and then honestly I will start some work:
- Am thinking of getting a big Baby On Board sign to sow on my hi-viz cycling jacket ;-)
- Entries have just opened up for my local & friendly aquathlon (500m swim+5K run), I will be 21 weeks by then ... I am delusional thinking I can actually enter that, aren't I? Surely I will be massive by then with twins? Still not 100% come to terms with this pregnancy thing!

DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 10:01:49

Can I join this thread? I feel like a bit of a fraud because this is a natural pg, but I had a loss at 8 weeks in 2010 (having tried for 8 years) then unsuccessful IVF, then got pg with IVF twins in 2011 who I lost at 20 weeks and then had one last go at IVF and now have an almost 1 year old beautiful daughter. Am now 10 weeks pregnant with a surprise natural pg, and have already had a few scans so I know there's a baby in there with a heartbeat... It's really hard not being totally paranoid and although I signed up to the October 13 thread it's too positive and happy!

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 10:37:45

Hi, can I join too? I float around the pregnancy board but feel completely out of place with all the positive happy ladies. I am 17, 4 weeks pregnant, 42 and this is an IVF baby. I also had IVF when I was 40 but lost the baby at 25 weeks which was very very hard. No solid reason can be found for it happening and it's been put down to a perfect storm of very bad luck. So this time around I have no idea what to worry about! I try hard to just enjoy being pregnant, watch the bump emerge and think positive. We even looked at travel systems and car seats last weekend. Progress!

Dachs and Mariana, I'm so sorry about your lost babies.

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 11:04:04

Gosh a lot of activity today. I'm working from home. Hurrah!

Welcome to Dachs and Expat. I'm so sorry for both your terrible losses how dreadful but congratulations on your pregnancies. You are most welcome here we can get through this minefield together.

Fairy another 2 weeks on the fanny candles! Wow. I guess they will advise me at guys tomorrow. They are playing havoc with any intimate activity if you know what I mean wink.

Fairy and dildals thanks for the iron tip. Good thought. I'll watch out for it.

Dildals I don't have my booking appt yet and getting worried about it. I'm 8 weeks on friday and it's supposed to be between 8-10 weeks. I left a message at st Thomas' yesterday so hopefully they will get back to me. I've got a growing list of questions. Personally I wouldn't do the aquathlon under normal circumstances let alone being pg with twins. But I guess it depends on what you would normally do. Maybe you walk instead of run?

Kafri thanks for the explanation. Poor little mite. It must have been so distressing for you both when he was crying. I'm glad that you seem to have found the answer. Thanks for the tip about perseverance with the docs. Thank goodness for mother's intuition.

Mariana how are you today? You are right about pregnancy being unglamorous I keep burping and I never usually burp. DP thinks its hilarious. What I want to know is when do I start blooming? Im bloated, burpy, constipated, spotty and worried. I thought I'd be wafting around in floaty skirts choosing nursery colours grin

I love this working from home lark. I must remember to actually do some work though.

Have a good day all.

Shazza xx

keepitgoing Wed 03-Apr-13 11:18:28

I was told to stop the fanny candles at 8 weeks. Am 5+5 today. Shaz, I don't have constipation but dreadful wind, my tummy's massive and painful by the evening. I'm trying very small meals, very often.

Hi dachshund you do belong here if you're not one of the 'bubbly carefree' preggos. What a tough journey you've had.

dildals I don't think most first pregnancies show at 21 weeks. Even with twins they're quite small at that point, no? Worth a try, and if you're big just do it slowly!

shaz your scan's tomorrow!!! Yay! At last.

Hi expatal well done on getting to 17 weeks and looking at baby stuff. I'm sorry for your losses.

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 11:24:48

I know Keep. I'm so nervous. I'm trying to clear my work just in case it's bad news and I don't go to work on Friday. I keep wanting to call guys to check that they have remembered that I'm going tomorrow. But I'm resisting. They really have MUCH more important things to be doing! I'll see shazlett tomorrow. I can't believe it. Please Please let it be ok. Xx

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 11:28:40

keep this pregnancy started showing at 10 weeks and on Monday (after 2 Lindt bunnies) I fitted nicely in to a pair of maternity jeans, so I reckon I will be showing alright at 21 weeks!
My GP stopped running at 15 weeks (singleton) because the pressure on her pelvic floor made it uncomfortable. I can already feel it now when I run, so realistically, I don't think it's a good idea.
I used to be able to run 5K in 22 mins, now I take 35 mins, I am not sure I will be able to go any slower!

MarianaTrench Wed 03-Apr-13 11:31:38

Hi Expatal and Dasc, I lost my second baby at 22 weeks so I can empathise all too much. It's an absolutely heartbreaking, life-changing experience and means you can never be wholeheartedly positive about pregnancy again. I do have a pram hidden in the garage but have been utterly unable to buy nappies or a new cot mattress. People think I'm mad but so be it.

Dildals Wed 03-Apr-13 11:33:16

(the slowness is due to me getting out of breath so quickly, and taking longer to warm up, not my size! ;-)

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 11:40:45

Hi Shazza, thanks for the welcome. I am the burping glam goddess too. I think I read upthread that you're having a scan tomorrow. They're nerve racking but incredibly exciting. Every single symptom would disappear the morning of the scan.

So having read the rest of the thread properly:

Wow Dildals, twins! How do you feel? Completely agree with you about enjoying the pregnancy.

Shazza the statistics are just guessstitics. The fact that you are producing lovely plump eggs that can take is a great sign. This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I haven't been constipated at all and think my daily probiotic plays a big part in that. I also drink pints and pints of water and walk when I can.

Mariana you must be a teeny bit excited, no? Not long to go at all. I understand after so many losses it's hard to know what to feel but allow yourself to rejoice you've got so far.

Fairy congrats. 12 weeks is fab.

Congrats Jethro. My guesstitics theory applies to you too.

I know I've missed lot of people but am supposed to be actually working while I'm sprawled on the sofa so better send out some emails.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 11:46:58

Dildals have you thought about pilates? I do that and it keeps everything where it should be - probably even more important when you're carrying two. I think at 21 weeks you'll be pretty big but the bump should still be manageable. But would you really want to do all of that?

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 12:04:35

Thanks expat. I am also taking various probiotics and drink about 3 litres a day. I am 'going' but uncomfortably!

Can I ask a question please? I hope its not too personal. We are the same age. Did you opt for taking the combined screening tests? Did you consider harmony? I'm thinking about that.


DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 12:14:16

I'm having the harmony test at the FMC next week Shazza - they have a package where they give you a scan at between 10 and 10+6 and take the blood and then you have your nuchal scan at the usual time and they only charge the nuchal scan price (£180) - everywhere else charges >£400 for it so it's a good deal!

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 12:17:48

Thanks Dachs. I'll call them tomorrow after the scan. My nhs scan is booked but I'll be 12+4 by then so I was worried to wait until after. Gosh it's so nerve wracking isnt it?

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 12:18:58

Sorry Dachs how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

DachsandPup Wed 03-Apr-13 12:24:41

Shazza - I'm 37... I'm nervous about the scan partly because I'm over 35 but also because it was so hard to get pregnant I'm worried that there is a higher likelihood of having some kind of chromosomal problem.

Shazzamattazzerly Wed 03-Apr-13 12:29:29

Thanks Dachs. I know the feeling. I'm worried that if something goes wrong with this pregnancy that I won't get another go. I'm going to be 43 this year. It took long enough to get this one. At least ive got all the ivf drugs still in my fridge so we could go back to plan A and keep our fingers crossed. But hopefully that wont be necessary and everything will be fine. smile

Good luck for your test next week.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 13:10:54

Shazza, yes we had the combined test. By the time we had the scan we hadn't seen splodge for 5 or so weeks* and had convinced ourselves that all kinds of things were wrong. In the end our combined tests were good so we didn't go for any more tests but would have looked at doing harmony if we'd had to.

*disclaimer. I know that in normal pregnancies you only see your baby three times on the screen but us IVFers see them much earlier and get used to the reassurance so it's hard when you have to go without.

ExpatAl Wed 03-Apr-13 13:11:59

And that was our fear too - that we had been incredibly lucky and it was pushing fate to have to try again. This is realistically our last chance.

Kafri Wed 03-Apr-13 14:07:09

my clinic gave me the prog pessaries through to 12 weeks - oh the joys. After I had a small bleed at 6 weeks, they suggested putting them in the back door, as the bleed may have been linked to the pessaries in some way. I didn't question it - just went along with it seeing as you can use either 'entrance' with them.

Oh, and as if 12 wasn't long enough - my consultant (I was cons led as I had lletz a couple of years back so was at risk of early labour - just to add to my worries) said I was 'eligible for a trial my trust were running where they give you pessaries to use in the third tri - half of women are given prog pessaries while the other half are given blanks - it was a research project to see if prog can stave off early labour.

keepitgoing Wed 03-Apr-13 15:17:36

So six months...?!
Did it work? Did you have early labour?

MarianaTrench Wed 03-Apr-13 15:50:01

Dasch, I know way too much about chromosomal disorders having been struck by them twice in two consecutive pregnancies. I have never read of a connection between infertility, length of ttc and trisomies. Even at 40 plus the odds are still on your side. Yes there's a higher chance, but the odds are still by far in your favour as an individual. The harmony test sounds marvellous though.

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