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Baby is back-to-back - what now? What do I need to know e.g. about turning in labour?

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aufaniae Sat 30-Mar-13 21:37:46

Due in 12 days, the MW seems not too concerned about DD being back-to-back, and says she may still turn - even in labour.

However I know a couple of people who had horrendous labours because of their baby being back-to-back, both experiencing loads of pain and ultimately ending in C-section. Ideally, I'd really like to avoid a c-section if at all possible!

Does anyone know what happens if they try to turn the baby in labour? Are there risks involved, what should I know?

Is is common for back-to-back babies to end up being delivered by c-section?

TIA smile

AmandaPayntedEgg Tue 02-Apr-13 15:08:17

So this is your second?

My two have both been b2b and my first labour sounds a bit like yours. Not quite as aggressive, but I kept being told that I just needed to be on my back for half an hour for the monitor...and left there in screaming agony for an hour. When I lay down, my whole world became one big constant circle of pain.

Second was a whole other thing. The contractions still felt like being kicked in the back by a horse, but I had a doula who was full of masses of suggestions for positions I could get myself in to help. Most of them can be found on spinning babies. I spent a long time taking each contraction with one leg up on a chair (out to the side, not up out in front of me if that makes sense. Looked a bit like a dog taking a wee grin) as that spreads the pelvis and made each contraction, well not exactly less painful, but feel more productive. Also lots of back rubbing, leaning forward, firm pressure on the base of my spine, rocking, standing squats and even at one stage inversions (look on the site!!). I can pinpoint the moment DD2 changed position, as the pain moved from my back immediately and she was born shortly after.

Crowning and the second stage honestly did not hurt in the slightest. The pain went away totally.

I think when people talk about 'more painful', for me it was also different pain. The pain once DD2 had moved was like the most intense period pain possible - an intense dull ache. The contractions before were a sharp intense pain, as I've said, much like I imagine being kicked in the back by a horse.

I had everything going for DD1 but the epidural was hideous (even though it technically 'worked') and I swore that I wouldn't have another unless I felt like I wanted to shoot myself. I never reached that point. I didn't have any chemical pain relief at all, though I was in the pool at the very end.

Honestly, having felt a bit like you do first time, I'd do labour two again in an instant. I felt like superwoman afterwards (compared to the first time when I felt like the losing boxer at the end of a bout).

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