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Super sized on 2nd PG: Harder to lose it?

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Cbell Sat 30-Mar-13 19:04:21

So this is my second baby and its much tougher than the first. I'm only 23 weeks and have gained a stone (maybe a bit more but I've had to stop weighing myself). I'm knackered. I ache. I actually feel like my hips and ass are trying to move in opposite directions. Hey, but only another 17 weeks to go!

What I'm wondering is did anyone else pile on the pounds during there second pregnancy and did you you find it hard to get back to a normal weight/ fitness level? Or did it take longer second time round to get back into shape?

I ask because within a year of having my first I was back to in shape. I then started running so felt pretty good.

However, this time boy oh boy! I'm eating masses and feel gross so am worried about what lies ahead.

Clarabell78 Sat 30-Mar-13 21:25:10

Is a stone at 23 weeks not about right?

Cbell Sat 30-Mar-13 22:29:53

It may be a bit more than a stone...maybe a 1.5 or argh 2st. Not willing to hop on the scales tonight.

I'm not being paranoid. I am much heavier than I was with my first child. I'm also not a fan of the trend to be 'skinny' as though its a badge on honour. I'm a runner and like to be fit and that's all I'm hoping to get back to.

I'm just wondering if it is generally harder to lose the baby weigh second time around an did people gain more during the second pregnancy?

babyradio Sun 31-Mar-13 00:12:45

I think it's more to do with your metabolism before becoming pregnant than the number of pregnancies. If you're a runner and you look after your fitness generally then I don't think you need to worry, just be realistic.

My only new years resolution for 2013 (apart from doing my best to have a healthy baby!) was to return to my pre-pregnancy weight by new year 2014, which is six months after he is born. It may be seen as vain or whatever but I know how unhappy it makes me to be overweight and it's a good reason to get out walking with the pram with this lovely summer we're all not expecting.

The fact that you gave yourself time with your first baby to get back into shape and that you enjoy the running is a great start, you'll be fine.

cassell Sun 31-Mar-13 00:18:52

I did put on a bit more with dc2 and it took me longer to lose it but by the time ds2 was about 5mths I was back to Pre preg weight without trying particularly.

blueshoes Sun 31-Mar-13 00:36:41

For my second, I was showing much earlier and at 7 months felt like I was 9 months pregnant previously. But the bump then slowed down in its growth and I did not get much bigger. I possibly put on more weight (3 stone) but I lost it in 3 months because my son was a demanding baby and I also had 3 year old dd to care for. I was a stick at the end of my one year maternity leave.

cupcake78 Sun 31-Mar-13 07:26:36

I've put on alot this time round and I know it. I was fit before I got pregnant but severe morning sickness and now spd have stopped me in my tracks.

I'm hoping some of it is water retention especially my thighs and arms but it may not be.

It's a much harder pregnancy this time round and my last one was no breeze.

12 wks to go before I can begin to do something about it. It can't come soon enough!

Cbell Sun 31-Mar-13 08:28:28

Cupcake: my experience has been similar so far. I enjoyed my first pregnancy and while my body was very different I still felt sexy.

This time I feel fat and tired which is sad because I do think its a beautiful time.

Think I'm just surprised at how hard I'm finding it all after having such a easy first pregnancy.

Creamtea1 Sun 31-Mar-13 15:28:54

I found it easier to lose weight the second time, I put on around 3ish stone both times. First time I was bf and didn't lose all the weight - probably still had a stone on when I got preg second time. Second time I bottle fed and had lost all the preg weight in about 4 months. This time started out at slimmest I've ever been and so far have put on 13 lb at 18 weeks. So I think you're doing really well. Since ms has gone in the last couple weeks have also managed to lose a couple lbs and maintain the same weight. I'm with one of the posters above re setting a target, I'm due first week in sept and aim to be back to pre preg weight by Xmas, lots of motivation will come by wiping the smug comments and smiles off the faces of all the people who have gleefully exclaimed about my weight gain so far angry
So try not to worry, you're doing well.

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