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Stretching pains - painful??

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Excited85 Sat 30-Mar-13 12:38:50

Hi all, I've been getting pains mostly in my left side and cervix, was quite worried so went to EPU in wk 8 and checked over. All fine and scan reinforced this with doctor putting it down to stretching pains.
I'm now 11 weeks and am still getting these pains, like sharp stabbing pains but thy are making me wince and catch my breath, especially the ones shooting up to my cervix (sorry if TMI!). I just wanted to check that this is what stretching pains feel like as they don't feel very stretch like to me!!! Thanks'

BoyMeetsWorld Sat 30-Mar-13 12:48:10

Oooh hi Excited, I've got exactly the same. Am only 6 weeks so waiting until 8 but it is making me very panicky - especially as I had a mc at 6 weeks recently.

I think the fact you've had a good scan is very positive. I know this pain is nothing like I felt with my mc - that was literally no symptoms, then lots if cramping. This, like you say, is sharp pain which can take your breath away. It doesn't feel like 'period pain' at all.

Like you, I have it down the left- from just above and around my belly button to right down the left side of the pubic bone and my cervix keeps having sharp stabbing pains.

Fx for both of us!

clabsyqueen Sat 30-Mar-13 16:04:25

Very normal. I had them with my first. Pregnancy and asked about them a lot - loads of women get them. I am 22 weeks now and been getting them again. Very sharp pain in my groin or right up my insides (I've heard it called fanny lightning!). I didn't ever get them with any of my 3 miscarriages ( no need for anything to stretch I suppose). Good luck with everything!

Excited85 Sat 30-Mar-13 17:14:40

Thanks Clabsyqueen, you've really helped put my mind at rest. Been trying to tell myself it's just stretching but what I imagine being a stretching pain is more of a pull/ache. Fanny lightning is a brilliant name haha, when I went to EPU I had to describe it as being stabbed 'up there' with a knitting needle!!!
Congratulations boymeetsworld, looks like these pains are completely normal! Hope all goes well for you, if the pains get bad or you are worried def go to the EPU - they did say that they weren't too worried about pain when I went, but if there was bleeding too to go back.

RJM17 Sat 30-Mar-13 19:17:55

I have also had the same pains but on my right side! I went to the EPU and have had two scans but they only showed sacs and yolk egg so I am going back on Wednesday as I will be 7 weeks then. But they told me the pains are very normal and they aren't worried at all.
I have had 2 previous mc and these pains are nothing like the pain I suffered then!!
Hope ur not worrying too much x

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