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Is this labour?

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EssexWelsh Fri 29-Mar-13 23:04:49

So been having back pains on and off today then this evening they felt a lot more and my bump feels almost constantly tight and not really painful, but unsure if just concentrating on it so much I was noticing it more, but then sat on my ball I felt damp then saw I had a 10 cm wet patch that had gone through knickers, pyjamas and on the ball, have put on pad but doesn't feel any worse. Advice from mums please could this be it, should I bother calling birth centre as just doesn't feel that uncomfortable that it is the real thing??


almostanotherday Fri 29-Mar-13 23:06:20

I would call them and just explain about the leakage and see what they suggest.

Good luck smile

catlady1 Fri 29-Mar-13 23:08:56

Are your back pains coming and going, could you time them? My entire four day long labour was in my back, I never felt a contraction in my stomach at all, as they got worse I found that my bum would tense up and I couldn't relax it and I ended up in some very odd positions trying to find some relief before I went into hospital!

If you think your waters have gone you should definitely call, whether you're having contractions or not, they don't like to let you go too long after your waters break because of the risk of infection.

How exciting! Keep us updated grin

Bearandcub Fri 29-Mar-13 23:12:57

Ooh hope so OP, good luck.

HorraceTheOtter Fri 29-Mar-13 23:13:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EssexWelsh Fri 29-Mar-13 23:34:08

Pain has now subsided somewhat, I called hospital they told me to put on a pad and call again in an hour, if wet they want me to go in to check us waters.

This is all very bizarre, it's what we've been preparing for in classes and reading books then it comes to it and you just don't know as everyone is different!

Thanks for the advice, I'm 39 weeks with first child-hence clueless!

PickledInAPearTree Fri 29-Mar-13 23:42:00

Mine both started this way, could be a little while yet I'd try to get your head down exciting!

EssexWelsh Sat 30-Mar-13 03:06:13

Home from maternity triage, nothing exciting to report, they kept me ages on a trace monitor as baby's heartbeat was very high but decided that this was ok and the 'waters' was in fact just a major amount of discharge which she kindly showed me and DP on the speculum to show how much, DP's first experience of what is the come with all things gory! So back to symptom spotting and to sleep!

Thanks for your comments tho, everyone reassured me that I wasn't wasting time although I felt I was!

almostanotherday Sat 30-Mar-13 09:57:55

You are never wasting time when there is a chance of leaking waters.

Won't be long for you now Essex.

PickledInAPearTree Sat 30-Mar-13 11:38:25

No, and you should not hesitate to go back in as it sounds like things are moving for you!

Good luck x

PickledInAPearTree Sat 30-Mar-13 11:38:54

Sleep as much as you can, and drink lots of tea. grin

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