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Pregnancy after LLETZ/treatment on cervix

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Alexandra6 Fri 29-Mar-13 07:31:56

Hi I'm only 5+1 weeks pregnant but am panicking wondering about a lletz treatment I had years ago and the chances of this affecting things. Does anyone have any experiences to share about this? Thanks

Excited85 Fri 29-Mar-13 07:38:24

Hi. Firstly congratulations!! I don't have an answer for you however I had this done and it hadn't even crossed my mind it could be an issue. I wouldn't have thought it would be as so many women have thisdone, you should prob just mention it to your midwife at your booking appointment though as they will ask all sorts of questions about previous illness/treatment. slopes off to make a note to tell my midwife next time I see her

Pizdets Fri 29-Mar-13 07:45:03

Hi Alexandra, congrats on your pregnancy!

I just started a thread on here as I'm 14 weeks after lletz/leep/whatever you call it and have been told my cervix is a little short and I need a stitch. It's come as a bit of a shock as I was told generally it makes no difference at all, but it is reassuring to know I've been checked and there's something we can do.

I brought it up with the midwife at my booking in and went to the prem clinic for a cervical scan at 14 weeks.

Like I said, I have been told it's really very rare for cervix treatments to cause any kind of problem and have plenty of friends who've given birth to their babies at term after the procedure with no probs at all. However it is worth getting checked out for peace of mind.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and try not to worry about it!


massagegirl Fri 29-Mar-13 07:46:23

Hi I had the same. Had mild panic when I read on here that other people were having extra appointments etc. I have been seeing consultant for other pregnancy probs and she said it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Get it recorded on your notes though, they could tell my cervix was closed etc on scan. I have had no cervix problems at all this pregnancy- 31 weeks. Good luck and try not to worry.

worley Fri 29-Mar-13 07:51:20

you should be given extra scans to check the length of your cervix through pregnancy. these are generally the internal transvaginal scans which take just a few minutes. they will check its length and that it's not opening. there's always a rare few that will show they need a stitch in as pizdets highlights. the majority are always fine.
was your treatment at same hospital? if so they should know and will put the extrA scans in place for you.

Alexandra6 Fri 29-Mar-13 09:22:58

Thanks so much. I got particularly worried because on two smears they made comments about seeing the scarring. Just frustrating as I'm so focused on getting through the risky first trimester but I think I'll stress the whole time about this. I guess there's nothing I can do except tell the midwife and ask them to keep an eye on cervix length. Wondering if I might need to take it really easy with exercise/standing, maybe even bed rest later on, guess it's too early to know.

Any more experiences or success stories would be great!

PoseyParker Fri 29-Mar-13 12:17:56

Hi Alexandra6, I had a procedure on my cervix about 15 months before I got pregnant. Like you I became really worried abut prem labour but I told my midwife at my booking in appt and was referred to the Prem Clinic. I was seen every 2 weeks by a consultant where they did and internal scan (and a normal ultrasound as a lovely bonus - so I have seen my baby loads of times!). They will keep an eye on your cervix length. The risk is only higher if your leetz took away more than 10mm of tissue. We never managed to get my histopathology from the hospital that did my operation but I was monitored assuming I was in the higher risk catagory. The risk isn't actually that much - double the normal risk but because that's so low it means your risk of prem labour is about 4% rather than 2%. I was discharged from the Prem Clinic on Wednesday at 27+1. This is such a common procedure it's highly unlikely anything will go wrong. Just make sure you mention it to your midwife. Good luck and congrats!

Excited85 Fri 29-Mar-13 12:21:59

Ooh thank goodness you posted this - guess I really better mention it to the midwife! X

MammaCici Fri 29-Mar-13 13:57:09

I had pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix by laser (don't know what the procedure is called) and 12 years later I had no problems carrying DC1 to term. Doctor examined me a couple of times (early on and again around 5 months) and everything looked fine. My cervix opened fine and baby came out at 40 weeks. Although my birth was straight forward and without complications I found it very difficult. But that's a different story and unrelated to the treatment I had on my cervix.

themammy73 Fri 29-Mar-13 21:02:31

I have had 2 LLETZ treatments in the past. On my first pregnancy (a year after the second treatment) I had a couple of extra scans to check cervix length (mostly at my insistence). I went on to go full-term (5 days over actually!) and no problems with delivery. I have since gone on to have another three children and no issues and after the first pregnancy there were no extra scans. I think it can happen that you can need a stitch but it is rare as other posters have said. My scarring can also be seen during a cervical examination too if that helps.

Alexandra6 Sat 30-Mar-13 10:03:28

Thank you, these replies are really helping. I sometimes lie awake worrying about this and it's great to hear it doesn't always affect things. Really hoping your positive stories are common and not just the lucky ones - as posey says, it's not an uncommon procedure. A friend recently had it and they warned her of higher mc rates, I don't think they even told me at the time - if I hadn't been so young, I would have made sure I had brilliant specialists doing it and got second opinions etc, but I don't know how good the hospital/specialist was - too late now anyway!

Anyone else who has had this and any other experiences, good or bad, it would be really helpful to hear smile

PoseyParker Sat 30-Mar-13 10:16:43

Hi Alexandra6, you can request your histopathology from the hospital which carried put the procedure at any time by calling the gynaecology dept. if they look away less than 10mm of tissue there is no additional risk. I bet the reason they didn't mention anything to you about increased risk of incompetent cervix is because you had less than 10mm removed. I honestly think you have nothing to worry about, just make sure your midwife and hospital know. My antenatal care has been brilliant, and I'm now 28weeks and everything is normal. Please try not to worry -that's the worst thing you can do. And stay away from dr. Google! Google is not your friend in pregnancy. It helped me to think that the risk, even if you are in the higher risk catagory, is only marginally more than if you'd never had the operation. Good luck!

Alexandra6 Sat 30-Mar-13 10:23:03

Thanks posey I've also got an arcuate (heart shaped) uterus, so between that, my polycystic ovaries and the lletz, I've had HOURS of fun and games totally freaking myself out on google! Really do agree it's not a friend right now. Will try calling the hospital but it was ten years ago (and what if it's more than 10mm!) - it wouldn't be in my standard doctors notes would it? Will try and find out (with fingers crossed!)

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