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Chest infection and 38 was pg.....any advice?

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highlandbird Fri 29-Mar-13 05:24:55

Had a sore throat for over a week which turned into a nasty cold, last couple days been coughing up nasty green chunks (sorry tmi) went to docs yesterday who prescribed amoxicillin and said I had a nasty infection on one side if my chest but the other side sounded clear.
Anyway, I'm not managing to get any sleep, which is why I'm up on here this time of day, when I lie down it hurts my chest too much and I can't stop coughing, and my chest is crackling. I also have a just turned 2yr old DS so sleeping in the day not an option.
So as well as antibiotics am taking paracetamol, drinking lemon and honey, doing steam inhalation, what else can I do to help myself, any advice?? And any ideas how long it will take ab's to kick in??
Feeling quite sorry for myself, and terrified of going into labour and looking after newborn feeling this shite, family live 8 hours away so no chance of help either sad

highlandbird Fri 29-Mar-13 05:25:49

That should read 38 wks pg in title, damn autocorrect!!

GreatSoprendo Fri 29-Mar-13 05:43:20

Morning highland. I had amoxycillin for a similar chest infection (pre-pregnancy though) and would say I started to feel an improvement after about 24 hours. The other thing that helped a lot was steam - although I managed to overdo it and burn my nasal passages as did it too often and too hot so watch out!
Good luck to you and hope you feel better quickly before your LO arrives smile

highlandbird Fri 29-Mar-13 05:51:13

Thanks GreatSoprendo tbh think I was expecting miracles to feel better by now! Just done some more steam inhalation, going to head back to bed and see if I can get another hours sleep before DS gets up.
Also wrt to steam inhalation, is the idea of it just to give relief to your chest and help you breathe better or is it supposed to bring up a load of crap (which is what seems to happen to me)?

GreatSoprendo Fri 29-Mar-13 05:55:26

I think the steam inhalation is for both - helps get your system clearer so you can breathe more easily but also helps to shift the horrid gunk out of your lungs. The more you can get out the better you will feel. Good luck and hope you get some sleep smile

highlandbird Fri 29-Mar-13 10:39:06

Thanks again, and also for your tip on not scalding my nostrils wink (ouch!)
Managed to get another hour and a half sleep but DS woke up this morning with rivers of green snot and a hacking cough, urgh, feeling sorry for myself has multiplied tenfold, and for him obviously poor wee mite. There will be lots of ceebeebies watched today....

Eletheomel Fri 29-Mar-13 10:52:30

I sympathise, I'd got a cold last week that I felt had went into my chest and was diagnosed with a chest infection on Monday and given amoxycillin. The antibiotics stopped the crackling in a few days, but I still have a wheezy cough.

I also suffered with lack of sleep due to the cough, but primarily due to the blocked sinuses which were agony at night along with my sore throat and quite frankly paracetamol just doesn't cut the mustard with that kind of pain!

What I would say is this is by day 3 of being on the amoxycillin I was able to get some sleep in and while I still feel stuffed with teh cold, I do feel better -so hopefully you wont' have long to wait until you feel better too.

I used soothers and lockets, and also had a saline nasal spray that I used before bed every night and it helped clear out my nose.

Being ill when pregnant sucks!!

highlandbird Fri 29-Mar-13 11:21:17

Eletheomel thanks for your sympathy and advice, indeed being ill when pregnant sucks!! Have the sore throat and sinus pain here too which doctor reassured me ab's would help with so fingers crossed I'll be feeling better soon.
Paracetamol is crap but will carry on, and with the steaming and saline stuff up my nose (urgh), and hopefully in a couple of days time I'll be looking back cringing at my whininess and moaning today!
Sun is shining for the first time in ages today as well but the cold air sets me off as soon as I get out the door, and DS not in the mood for telly (tries dragging me off the sofa shouting down!).
This too shall pass (repeat to myself for rest of the day).

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