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1st Pregnanacy and need help please!

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rylea Thu 28-Mar-13 15:22:00

Hi sorry I’m new to this I had a look at this site whilst trying to conceive an found it really helpful.

I’ve done 3 pregnancy tests and I am around 4 weeks pregnant.

My apt with with the midwife is for the 23rd of April but I don’t know what to do until then! Im finding it really hard not to but lots of tests and just keep checking I’m still pregnant!

Since last week (5 days before my period was due) iv had slight period pains on and off

And, No other symptoms really other than I’m really hungry and bloated? Is this anything to worry about?

Thanks for reading x

janey1234 Thu 28-Mar-13 15:33:10

Unfortunately, that's all you can do - sit and wait! It does feel like time stands still so I empathise. My first midwife appointment was at 13 weeks but it felt like a year!

In terms of symptoms, I didn't have ANY in the first trimester at all. I know lots of people do, but lots of people don't, so don't panic either way.

Make sure you're taking folic acid and vitamin D. And be careful with what you eat - the NHS site tells you everything, but basically avoid rare meats, unpasturised soft cheeses (proper list on the NHS site), uncooked shellfish, liver, pate and booze! Think that's everything, although do check the site as I might have forgotten some bits.

Good luck with everything x

leaharrison11 Thu 28-Mar-13 15:35:53

I wouldnt worry hun, as a new mum to be u will alway worry, when i caught i checked my pants every time i went for a wee and had alot of period type pain but it was just my uterus expanding as im a very small build, having no sickness etc is normal for how far u are enjoy it while u can ha, if u get bad pain or bleeding call EPU but ur very early hun sure ull get hit with sickness and fatigue soon enough :p

rylea Thu 28-Mar-13 15:41:03

Thanks so much! We have decided not to tell anyone until the first scan (provided all goes ok) as I’m terrified something will go wrong, so I don’t have anyone to ask for advice!

Ibe just got all the vitamins and started taking them so fingers crossed!

I feel a little better now smile

LadyShoey Thu 28-Mar-13 15:46:07

Hello! I've just found out too and I thought I was starting my period which scared the life out of me but it is apparently just the uterus expanding and is normal. My SIL had really severe pains in her first trimester and had to go to hospital and is now nearly full term! smile But if you are worried you can still see your GP before your 1st midwife appt.

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 28-Mar-13 15:49:43

Hi have you found out your estimated due date yet? There is a calculator on mumsnet for it. All you need to know is your last period date. I believe you would be due December.

Anyway, may I suggest you to head over to the antenatal groups board, and join the December 2013 thread? There you can swap notes with other mums to be due about the same time. All the best.

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Thu 28-Mar-13 15:57:06

I think I did POAS about 8 times. Just to check. And was on pants watch for about 3 weeks.

Hungry and bloated is normal, as is a slight crampy feeling as long as its not painful you may also start to feel really thirsty and tired.
Apart from that, my main symptoms didnt start until about 6-7weeks.

rylea Thu 28-Mar-13 16:24:27

Iv worked out 2nd of dec so il head over to that thread! I keep panicking but its better for me & baby to stay calm! Think il buy a few more tests just for my sanity smile im so excited found out at work and its soooo hard not too tell anyone!

smallsmith Thu 28-Mar-13 16:34:02

Congrats! I also had lots of crampy pains in the first few weeks, still getting them now at 17 weeks, all normal growing pains apparently though I know it's hard not to worry when everything is new (and am still always hungry, thats normal too!) It's hard to wait so many weeks to tell people and for the first appts and scans, but just try and enjoy it if you can. Mumsnet is great at helping with that because you can have so many conversations and questions that you can't in real life yet! Good luck x

rylea Thu 28-Mar-13 16:41:00

Thanks for the advice! Iv been so worried about the cramps but they seem to be quite common! Keeping my fingers crossed x

rylea Thu 28-Mar-13 16:41:47

Just found it& postedon there now! Thank you

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Thu 28-Mar-13 16:46:17

Much better to buy the cheap line tests IMO, the digital ones only last about 48hours after testing. And I like watching the line get darker.

Ps. Congratulations!

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