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Feeling down in the first trimester

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cakehappy Wed 27-Mar-13 16:12:49

Pregnant with DC2, 8 weeks on, and I must admit I am feeling very depressed. The pregnancy was planned and am happily married and have a wonderful DS1 but am just so depressed all the time these days! Its very difficult to feel happy about anything at the moment and I put alot of it down to hormones. I dont remember feeling this down in my first pregnancy but can't say for sure. Anyone else feel this way in their first trimester? Should I go to the doctor?? Not sucidal or anything, just very lethargic, tired and blue.

Saundy Wed 27-Mar-13 19:38:37

Sorry you're feeling that way. I think you're the best judge of if you should go to the Dr's or not. You know yourself & how serious it feels. Is it something you can talk to DH about?

I'm also around about 8 weeks & I'm very lethargic and tired, this pregnancy thing has absolutely wiped me out. It must be so much harder if you already have a DC. I wouldn't say I'm blue or down but I wouldn't describe myself as cheerful or upbeat either. I also seem to be quite adept at random inappropriate crying which is odd. It's defo hormones for me though, no question about it (its such a sudden change it only could be).

I'm confident it is normal & am confident it will pass when things settle into the second tri.

You're not the only one!

I hope it passes for you soon, until then don't be too hard on or over analyse yourself.


ButteryJam Wed 27-Mar-13 19:43:19

OP, I think it is completely normal for many people to feel really down in the 1st trimester, it is the hormones going completely upside down, and the nausea and tiredness doesn't help either. I felt very very low in my 1st trimester, but by the time I got a chance to speak to my midwife about it, it was all over as I was in the 2nd trimester, and was back to normal by then (and it just felt so good to feel normal again!). If you think it would help, do speak to your GP. I also got signed off sick for a short while due to that and other problems I was having.

SeriousStuff Wed 27-Mar-13 19:54:14

I would say, talk to your Dr and MW - it's very common to feel this way and there is support out there.

Try and keep busy and force yourself to do things (harder than it sounds but enlist your DH/DP to help ensure this happens). I've suffered from depression in the past and keeping busy really does help.

I'm on anti-depressants at the moment (11+4) and apart from some hormonal meltdowns (which many women get anyway), I've felt generally ok. Having said that, I do have days when I just want to go back to bed/chick in my job etc...My Dr has been amazing and I'm now being consultant-led in my pg just to get extra check-ups on my baby.

crazyhead Wed 27-Mar-13 22:14:02

I am 8-9 weeks and feel like crap, tired and blue. Depression never occurred to me, and doesn't now in my case. I am certain it is fatigue, toddler to care for, endless viruses, nausea and dreadful weather. So what I'd say is that it really does depend on whether your feelings are really beyond what could be caused by this sort of thing....

Kelly1814 Thu 28-Mar-13 07:47:08

you are not alone! (see my previous posts re: is my life over??!!)

i've been feeling very up and down too. we've had a death in the family this week and for the first time ever in my working life of 20 years i'm actually considering getting a sick note and signed off work for a few days.

my work is very high stress, high pressure and 14 hour days, and whereas normally i can cope with this, today i have cried, twice, for no 'real' reason other than i feel like am having a heart attack (stress) and really sad and not coping.

i am hoping that this is normal and that once i hit the 2nd tri i will return to my positive, kick ass self!

best of luck and congrats on the pregnancy.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 28-Mar-13 09:41:05

It's worth speaking to your GP/midwife if you're struggling. I agree it's quite normal to just feel wiped in the first trimester, resulting in low mood. However it has the potential to become more serious. I've got a history of depression and my midwife said she would be happy to closely monitor me and if I found myself struggling, she could see me weekly. I haven't needed it but its been good to know that option is there. Do make sure you're getting your daily intake of vitamin D and I found a magnesium supplement helps to balance the hormones too.

cakehappy Fri 29-Mar-13 15:21:43

Thanks everyone for your replies, its good to know that I am not alone!! I will stick it out for the next 5 weeks and hope I feel better once I get into the 2nd trimester. I dont think it helps that my toddler has given up on sleeping through the night after doing so for over a year, what a shocker!!Like I am not tired enough as it is.

Kelly, I think part of the problem is I too have a stressy job,which I think/worry about constantly about. I own my own business and things are getting very very busy....I struggle like crazy with taking care of my DS part time and working full time as it is, and I just dont know how I am going to be able to handle the business, my DS and a husband is amaazing but is terribly busy as is aswell... lets hope you and I return to our kickass self sooon!!!!

The thing that bothers me the most is that instead of feeling happy about the pregnancy, I just feel slight terror and I can help the hell am I going to cope? Instead of excitement, I feel dread...My DH says we were so lucky to concieve again so quickly (was a random feeling sexy, what the hell, lets see what happens,we are on a romantic weekend holiday, we will want another baby one day and who knows how long it will take to concieve...senario, apparently it didnt take long) and I am sure I will be so happy soon, just think my hormones are taking the stuffing out of me. Just got really cross at the pots and pans in my kitchen for not stacking and falling out everywhere, I starting shouting FUUXCKKK YYOOUUUU POTS FFUUXKK OFFFFFFF!!!!sigghhhh... really, must get a grip. And some sleep. I do feel better gettting this out though so thanks for listening.

DaveMccave Fri 29-Mar-13 15:33:51

I felt like this, all advice said it was probably antenatal depression. I'd cry all the time for no reason at all, felt utter despair. I wouldn't leave the house. Then I'd feel guilty because I did want the baby so couldn't understand why I was so so sad. anyway, it disappeared the same time as sickness, so when placenta took over. I've felt great ever since, definitely doesn't mean the start if depression, could just be how your dealing with the hormones. I wasn't like this with my first pregnancy either. Hope you feel better soon too.

Joseve Sat 20-Jan-18 12:08:42

Hey, I can certainly relate - I am 6 weeks preg and crying all the time, feel lethargic and unmotivated. And my OCD worrying traits have been triggered big time by the pregnancy - second guessing everything I did before I knew I was pregnant and feeling guilty about it. Have now become ambivalent towards having the child whereas the day I found out I was over the moon as it was my first pregnancy at 40! When I realised it's first trimester antenatal depression (ie raging hormones), I felt better about it but am aware that part of me wouldn't even mind that much if I miscarried (yes that's how bad it is, thinking going through a whole pregnancy is not worth the anxiety!). Although that's probably preparation for the fact that I think I may well actually miscarry (due to my age and the fact that I haven't felt the embryo tuggings in the last day or so so wonder if it stopped growing).

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