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Next Newborn clothes....

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fruitypie Tue 26-Mar-13 17:37:04

I want to order some clothes from the Next website. The first sizes they do are 'FIRST SIZE' and 'UP TO 1 MONTH'.....I don't think I am going to have a particularly small baby. Does anyone know which size would be more suitable?? Thanks!!

Gimmeechocolate Tue 26-Mar-13 17:41:12

Hi I think next up to 1 month would fit baby up to 10lb and I think first size probably up to 7 and half ish?

madamecake Tue 26-Mar-13 17:43:34

Next first size is for up to 7lb 8oz, up to one month is up to 10lbs. If I were you I'd go for the bigger size, as even if they are too large to begin with he or she will quickly grow into them!

madamecake Tue 26-Mar-13 17:44:06

Sorry, cross posted!

DaveMccave Tue 26-Mar-13 17:50:50

I've got both this time as my first was 6lb7 and first size swamped her. I needed to go out and get early baby. I think it's very unusual that babies fit straight into 0-3 though. Lots of people skip newborn and then nothing fits. I'd get a few bits if newborn or up to 1 month (they usually fit longer than the label) but don't get tonnes just incase you get a 10lber.

fruitypie Tue 26-Mar-13 17:59:17

Ahhhhhh fabulous!! Thank you guys smile

TinkyPeet Tue 26-Mar-13 19:30:49

I'm having a whopping great mahoosive elephant large baby so have gone for the up to 1 month size because looking at the clothes they do look quite big whilst being small enough to be dinky iykwim

atrcts Tue 26-Mar-13 22:49:16

My first was 7lb 13 oz and the 0-3 month baby grows hung off him something awful! I luckily had a set of next newborn (up to 1 month) and was glad to have something that fit properly. However, as someone rightly said, it doesn't last long as a month is a blur and soon over, so I wouldn't buy toooooo much of the tiny stuff!

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