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When did you see (if needed) Endocrinologist?

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ReikiMummy Tue 26-Mar-13 11:07:04

So.... I thought all was going smoothly.

I had a phone call on friday (this LAST friday) saying endocrinologist wanted to see me on Tuesday (today) for an appointment, and oh, would I be so kind as to come in today for a blood test?

Well to be honest I said no. Currently temping and I can't just "nip" out and get bloods done - I'd loose a couple of hours pay and at the moment money's too tight to mention. And quite frankly, I was a bit shocked that the consultant's receptionist was calling me on a friday for an appt on the following tuesday???!!!! Its the same clinic I've been to when I've had to see the Obstetrician - now twice... and only now does the endocrinologist want to see me????????

So, we head up there today, bloods had to be done this morning... and apparently I was "Grossly underactive" (Consultants words) when I was first told I was pregnant back in november/december. Quickly then followed by her saying... But I don't want you to worry, even though being underactive can lead to cognitive problems and other things, I want you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.......


At the 20w scan - everything was fine - development fine, size fine etc etc.

I know my body - I have been underactive since I was 19 and to be honest since being pregnant, right from day 1 I have felt really well in that regard.

The consultant was insistent I use her blood form for bloods before the next appointment to see her. "Because I measure not only TSH but T3 and T4".

So - my bloods haven't been taken using T3 and T4???? Even though I asked my GP and midwife outright "Are you measuring T3 and T4?" (Which they said yes....).

So now I have to go back in 4 weeks. Never mind that I have to go back in 3 weeks time anyway for Gestational diabetes check because of a slightly higher BMI before being pregnant. It just feels like appointments for the sake of appointments and I am not in the "luxurious" position of having a permanent job where appointment times can be "given".

Sorry. Venting.

Just can't believe that they've waited until I'm 24w 5d before passing me on to see the endocrinologist. Is this normal?

Andromaca Tue 26-Mar-13 11:16:59

I don't know, what I know is that I have been underactive since I was 18 and when got pregnant with DD at the booking appointment the GP advise was to stop taking my thyroxin because it was unsafe for the baby hmmthat is clearly the wrong advise to give, so I went to see my endocrinologist (and it was 10days after I POAS). Before that she messed up with my dosage a couple of times. I'm sorry but I don't trust them (but it could be that my GP is ribbish)

DejaB00 Tue 26-Mar-13 11:24:45

That's really really crap, your GP is to blame for this. I was worried because I only saw the endo at 14 weeks gestation and I was angry, but 24 weeks?! As it happens my levels were fine and now I have to go back every month for TSH T4 and T3 check.
From what I've read on here and other google sources, most GPs are clueless of the effect hypothyroidism has on pregnancy. They do not know what levels are safe in pregnancy, and they do not know that thyroxine meds have to be increased by 25-50% as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. My GP refused to do this until I had seen the endo.
Having said that, the endo explained to me that the foetus takes T4 from mummy, leaving mummy feeling pants if she doesn't have enough, but baby will be unaffected. He believes the various studies are inconclusive. Don't worry! There are other hypothyroid mums on here who will reassure you.

ReikiMummy Tue 26-Mar-13 11:57:25

Thanks Andromaca and Dejaboo.
The GP did up my thryoxine levels by 25mcg as soon as they found out I was pg, but apparently even after then I was STILL underactive.

I'm f'd off with the lot of them to be quite honest. My thyroid levels have never really been "right" and its always been a battle to get the meds to a level where I have felt "OK". Consequently, the Docs / consultants have always "won", and I've just about had enough of it.

Doesn't help that today I'm feeling particularly grumpy.

Thanks for replying guys. flowers

rosiedays Tue 26-Mar-13 16:39:04

Hi Reiki
I've had medication nightmares, so totaly understand. i first saw endo at 12 week scan. then every 4 weeks until 20 weeks. now i have convinced her that i am really quite inteligent and and can understand a verbal med change over the phone!!! i now get bloods done every 4 weeks at GP and she calls me to let me know if anything needs to change.
My understanding is NO-ONE really knows the effect on the baby.... so I've just stoped worrying (along with not worrying about all the other poss things that could go wrong!!!)
mabe ask if your e\ndo will do phone appointments in future??
good luck. thanks

ReikiMummy Tue 26-Mar-13 19:01:57

Thanks Rosie

Its been a tough old few days over here what with one thing and another. This today was kinda the last straw.

Just still having jaw-dropped moments to think that I get to 24 weeks before seeing an Endo. I mean - its not like my thryoid thing wasn't mentioned at every appointment/chat/discussion since (and before) finding out I was PG!

Oh well. My comment to the Endo I think may have shocked her.... it was something along the lines of.....

"Oh, well, as neither I nor my baby knew I was underactive (as no-one bothered to tell me), neither of us knew that baby shouldn't develop normally, so... I don't think there'll be a problem".

;) She was stuck for words for at least 5 seconds!

Thanks again.

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