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Anyone on clexane ?

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Bodicea Sun 24-Mar-13 00:00:23

Started a nearly a week ago and feeling a bit sorry for myself.
The last one hurt like hell and made me feel faint/ sick and has now come up like a big egg under the skin.
Don't know how I am going to get though the next 8 months doing this. Would be nice to talk to someone going through the same thing.

browneyesblue Sun 24-Mar-13 00:26:25

Poor you sad

I stopped taking clexane a little while ago (developed allergic reaction), and it was really difficult to start off with, so I do sympathise.

Some injections were definitely worse than others, but it really did get a little easier over time (not that I believed that for a second when I was told the same!) Try not to rub the area afterwards as that makes any bruising or pain much worse.

I found it easiest to put the needle in slowly, and to inject slowly too. I initially used elma cream to numb the area, but although it helped get me over the initial injections it really was a lot of hassle.

I ended up numbing the area with a gel ice pack (similar to [ this]] ), and then injecting - it really helped me.

In hindsight, if I had to do it again I would inject in the morning. I injected last thing at night, and spent a good part of the evening not looking forward to it.

I know it can be really difficult, and if you are really struggling or bruising/reacting badly you should speak to your consultant again to see if they can advise you.

On an emotional level, remember you are doing this brave thing for the best of reasons. I hope it helps you get through this rough patch.

midori1999 Sun 24-Mar-13 02:56:30

I'm on clexane. Just once a day this and my last pregnancy, but the pregnancy before that twice a day as I had had clots in my lungs.

I have to say, I don't find it that painful anymore. It does sting a bit at first (I find some of the needles quite blunt!) but I've found that if you commit to it and don't hesitate it's better. I do pinch the skin really hard before I do them and push the plunger slowly though. If I pinch hard enough, that's worse than the needle... grin

Calmisthemantra Sun 24-Mar-13 08:34:10

Urghhhh I had to inject twice daily after my first baby. Hated. Every. Single. Onesad I think I had to do it for 8 loooooong weeks. I always do as I'm told and follow instructions but in the end I stopped at 6 1/2 weeks as they were really getting me down. Never found a good technique and my midriff looked liked I'd been beaten black and blue. I'm 6 months pregnant and dreading clexane more than actually giving birth!

DirtyWeeRascal Sun 24-Mar-13 08:41:53

Currently lying in bed wincing from the stinging of my clexane injection! Having said that, I took them from weeks 6-34 during my last pregnancy and I did find it got easier - and the end result of a healthy baby was 100% worth it (taking it after recurrent miscarriage). Just 7 weeks pregnant now so in the same boat as you for the next eight months!

Bodicea Sun 24-Mar-13 08:57:53

Thanks for your replies guys. I don't mind the needle so much. It's half way through the injection when the stuff starts to hurt and I start screaming at husband to get it out!!!
Are you guys doing it yourself or getting partner to do it for you? Tried it once on my own and kept balking before put the needle in. Maybe should have another go.
I am doing this for recurrent miscarriage . I tested borderline for anti phospholipid antibodies. The annoying thing is you are suppose to have two tests to confirm it but my second lot of blood tests failed and due to my inpatience I had already started taking aspirin and ttc( I had waited two months already ) said I would come off again when I got my period and get a second blood test. But period never came , which obviously I am overjoyed with but sit there thinking I could be doing this for no good reason every time he is sticking the damn needle in!!! Need to keep telling myself we are giving our baby the best possible chance x

DirtyWeeRascal Sun 24-Mar-13 09:39:29

My DH does the injections, I'm far too much of a wuss! I just had one lot of elevated antibodies, the other blood test was fine but my consultant put me on the aspirin/ clexane anyway so you might have been the same if your bloods hadn't failed the second time. It certainly made the difference after 4 mcs. Fingers crossed this will be the same for you. Hope all goes well x

Bodicea Sun 24-Mar-13 10:03:34

That makes me feel a bit better rascal. Got my injection tonight :-( nice to speak to someone in the same boat at same stage as me. How long are you doing it for this time? they didnt say anything about stopping at 34 weeks. They have told me all the way through and 6 weeks after delivery too. But sod that. Once baby is delivered safely I won't care anymore!

midori1999 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:06:12

I have APSARAS. My second blood were borderline, but when I moved here my haematologist repeated the tests and both were positive.

I do the injection myself, no way am I letting anyone else do it, I'm a control freak! I was scared of needles before, but after a million blood tests including arterial blood and what is now over 700 clexane injections and insulin 4x a day in my last pregnancy I'll say I'm over it, although I still can't look when they take blood. [wimp]

Even when I've had to stay in hospital I've insisted on doing the clexane myself. My DH is desperate to have a go, but no chance!

midori1999 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:06:44

That should be I have APS, flipping phone...

midori1999 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:08:26

Bodicea, your risk of clots increases after the birth and the risk to you is actually greatest post partum. Keeping up the injections then is really important.

Bodicea Sun 24-Mar-13 10:19:13

midori guess so. Sulking a bit That must be awful having that plus insulin. How many weeks are you in this pregnancy?

Sounds like it is v difficult to diagnose this aps thing so maybe I would have gone on it whatever. Sigh

DirtyWeeRascal Sun 24-Mar-13 10:36:31

Bodicea, had to stop at 34 weeks last time as I had placenta previa so there was an increased risk of bleeding. I did have to go back on after the birth hmm. Not seen my consultant yet this pregnancy, I expect to take them all the way through.

mummylin2495 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:55:54

Just a little tip about the injections.last year I has to give my dh clexane after he had a hip matter how careful I was he kept coming up with terrible bruises UNTIL the visitin nurse gave me a tip When you do the injection don't let the syringe touch your skin,just let the needle go in and you will find the bruising will be a lot less

midori1999 Sun 24-Mar-13 11:07:03

It's fine, the insulin needles are tiny. smile I'm 10 1/2 weeks now. No insulin this time yet, they've given me meds instead but I think the insulin will be unavoidable later on.

APS can be hard to diagnose, but often they'll give you the same treatment as APS for recurrent miscarriages even if you don't actually have APS.

Frecklesandspecs Sun 24-Mar-13 19:45:51

It does get better and you do get used to it. I'm on my third pregnancy with it.
Make sure you pinch/grab a bit of fat (if you have some spare) smile and hold it while you put the needle in. (some of the nurses just jab it in which hurts more) and don't do it in the same spot twice. Midorri is right. Post partum carries a high risk. I had my first DVT out of nowhere at 2-3 months after the birth.

Bodicea Mon 25-Mar-13 20:16:44

Just want to say last few times it has been a bit better. Think dh is getting hang of it. Gone back to tummy which is where my spare bit of fat is. Don't have as much on legs. The injection that made me sick dh had hit a vein and gave me phlebitis which is still massivly sore but hopefully won't happen again!
Thanks for help x

Frecklesandspecs Mon 25-Mar-13 21:27:53

I've always done it in the tummy. Think legs might hurt more or be harder to get at? Oh gosh - never hit a vein, that sounds so painful. It will get better promise and look how brave we all are!! smile x

Frecklesandspecs Mon 25-Mar-13 21:30:11

...and when you can tell people casually you inject into your tummy everyday and they say ' oh that must be horrid, I could never do that' you just casually shrug it off and grin. Thats the best bit. haha

jellybeans Mon 25-Mar-13 21:35:32

I did it all the way through my pregnancy with my DS3-I have APS and recurrant miscarriages. It does get easier. I found my thighs were the best place and did it myself. It took a lot of strength at first and I hit a few veins! Focus on the end result-it is so worth it!!

midori1999 Mon 25-Mar-13 21:56:43

Just out of interest, how the hell do you hit a vein when injecting? confused I sometimes bleed a bit when I inject, but have been told this is where I have got to close to a bruise/haematoma from a previous injection. it doesn't hurt any more when I do it?

Bodicea Mon 25-Mar-13 22:25:03

It was a superficial vein on my anterior thigh - I know because I am a sonographer and had a peek today. You have one running down inside of thigh and somtimes down the front too but not as often . Just pure bad luck - as mine was tiny. Have since read that if it starts to really kill stop injecting immediately and move somewhere else. Dh didn't when I started to yelp as he thought I was being soft!

jellybeans Tue 26-Mar-13 16:49:04

It bleeds much more when you hit a vein! I only did it a couple of times thankfully! Just gave me a bad bruise much worse than normal!

midori1999 Tue 26-Mar-13 19:30:17

That sounds awful! I've never done it I don't think, probably as I have enough fat to avoid it... grin

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