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Heartburn! Any tips!?

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Clouise1626 Sat 23-Mar-13 22:19:39

Im 21weeks and my heartburn is slowly getting worse by the day. I take gaviscon which keeps it at bay for an hour or so. Any tips to help prevent this? Apart from milk,cant stand the stuff!
Thanks smile

smearedinfood Mon 25-Mar-13 15:55:19

I had Manuka honey during my pregnancy - not that I heard it was for heartburn I just craved it because it reminded me sunny afternoons as a small child in my grandparents garden and eating it on toast (I'm a kiwi).
I would eat off the teaspoon, probably about a spoon a day.

Then I heard it was good for heartburn and later ran out of it and then I start getting heartburn and when I started having it again it went away...

Hey... It might work for you..,

MimsyBorogroves Mon 25-Mar-13 16:10:30

Milk makes me feel sick, but I'm okay with proper chocolate milk (the nice thick stuff, not milk with nesquik). It worked well for me.

The Tums type tablets were also pretty good, and didn't taste as vile as the minty chalky rennies.

MostlyCake Mon 01-Apr-13 16:38:05

I have heartburn at the moment - doesn't sound as bad as the OP though. Not bending over at all (squat as Stuntnun says) helps loads. Also sitting really straight for a few minutes seems to help me, maybe gives my stomach more room or something.

Gaviscon only works for a short time, I also accidentally bought the aniseed flavour - YUCK!! Milk is the best thing for me, can you hold your nose to drink? Fat free yoghurts also help if you hate milk. Soya milk might be worth a try if you can't take dairy?

goodbyekitty123 Mon 01-Apr-13 17:12:55

I find that my heartburn gets worse after certain foods. Try avoiding chocolate (especially milk and white- Cadbury's is the worst for me), mint, anything fatty and anything else that you find makes it worse. Vanilla ice cream seems to bring some relief as do yoghurts/petit filous.
Gaviscon is great for immediate relief but it doesn't seem to last long, neither do the chalky antacids although they seem to be more palatable.

I've found that sleeping propped up at night helps when I have night time attacks of heartburn (not nice). If it's really bad then go to your GP who will probably give you omeprazole (I had a prescription for this but haven't wanted to use it unless as a last resort as I didn't like the sound of the side effects).

Good luck!

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