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Anyone not washing all their newborn stuff?

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Ohdeargod1 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:18:28

DC2 due shortly. I washed all of DS1s new stuff - the baby grows in packets. This time I don't really want to! I'm going to do the blankets. What is everyone else doing?

ExhaustedMamasita Tue 26-Mar-13 10:47:07

Without doubt the best post on Mumsnet Talk EVER! Great effort everyone, loving the passionate responses! As a first time PG Mummy, I've learnt lots and had a little giggle too. Never really considered it before but think I'll wash my newborn baby's clothes. But each to their own!

Peace, hugs and love to everyone who posted! flowers xxxx

Cordial Mon 25-Mar-13 21:44:43

Thanks Toby winkworrying my green credentials were out the window

TobyLerone Mon 25-Mar-13 21:17:32

30's fine ;)

MintyyAeroEgg Mon 25-Mar-13 20:37:15

I am certainly not paranoid and am pretty much horizontal about all sorts of housekeeping matters that Mumsnet gets worked up about,but, my point in all this is, its such a tiny thing to do and so easy then why on earth wouldn't you?

Cordial Mon 25-Mar-13 19:34:50

I am superbly allergic to new M & S clothes the hives are amazing! So I will be washing everything.

My Sis boil washes all kids clothes is this the way to go or can I stick at my regular 30? Thanks in advance washing queens.

Bue Mon 25-Mar-13 18:10:40

I always hear you should do this but in the grand scheme of things I can't imagine what earthly difference it would make. Really not sure I could be arsed.

I see a lot of newborn clothes as a student midwife - many people clearly wash everything in advance but just as often the baby gros come straight out of the 3-pack!

TobyLerone Mon 25-Mar-13 17:24:51

Not paranoid. It just feels stiff and smells horrible. I also really do hate the thought of how many people have touched/tried on items of clothing, but I'm not 'paranoid' about it.

GreenShadow Mon 25-Mar-13 15:47:44

Another one who has never washed anything before either I or DC wear it.
Some people are just paranoid.

None of us have come down with anything nasty.

TobyLerone Mon 25-Mar-13 15:04:57

I don't dry clean anything. But yes, theoretically, if I bought something which was dry clean only, I'd have it dry cleaned before I wore it.

Msbluesky32 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:43:52

I washed baby clothes and bedding in surcare but only because I had read you should. That's not to say people who don't was them first are wrong - I just felt I should, iykwim! I wash my own clothes in surcare because I have very dry skin, so I didn't buy it especially.

Re: new clothes, I don't bother washing them before I wear them myself. Bedding - yes, because sheets and duvet covers often feel very stiff and they look odd if you try and put them on straight from the packet because of all the folds.

kittykatsforever Mon 25-Mar-13 14:33:56

Toby- you would even dry clean a new frock for yourself?! I find that more shock agree with you about pans etc mind
Paradise- really you think shops will accept returns of anything you've taken out if a pack and washed and tried to put back?! Good luck with that!!
Agree that clothes may have been handled etc in shops but then what do you think people will be doing with your baby when they come to visit or when they start crawling around dirty floors, think the thread has been totally blown out of proportion as someone else pointed out I've never heard any horror stories about shock- newborns clothes not washed ! I must be a terrible mother as I sometimes use bibs etc to try and get more then one wear out of them grin

aufaniae Mon 25-Mar-13 14:32:49

I wash things that I'm going to eat / drink with.

But it has never occurred to me to wash new clothes! I'm shock that so many people here do. I love that new clothes smell!

I'll ask again, if you're washing with powder, aren't you just adding more chemicals?

TobyLerone Mon 25-Mar-13 14:19:04

I honestly can't believe people don't wash new clothes. Especially baby clothes. It wouldn't occur to me not to confused

Every new thing (clothing, underwear, cooking utensil, storage pot, saucepan, towel, bedding, cutlery etc) which comes into my house gets washed. And anything I'm given. I honestly thought everyone did that!

TessTing123 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:12:49

But new clothes smell so horrid. Bury your nose in a darling little new baby frock from any highstreet store and inhale deeply. Then feel nauseous and headachey. Then wash it before putting it on your baby. (It's like huffing glue or hairspray )

Fakebook Mon 25-Mar-13 13:55:37

I didn't wash Dd's clothes and I didn't wash ds's new clothes either. I'd like to think I'm a well informed mother and made my choices. I doubt there is even 1ml worth of formaldehyde sprayed on each piece of clothing. As for people touching clothing with germy hands and whatnot: nothing is sterile or remains sterile once exposed to air. Sterilising baby bottles is just completely pointless. Same way with clothes, after washing they're exposed to all matter of pathogens in the house. You might have flu germs on your hands too!

Also I don't think this is the right topic to get all evangelical about something. There are probably many vulnerable women on the pregnancy board who will now feel guilty for not washing their baby's clothes and denying them the "first act of love" hmm.

Ragwort Mon 25-Mar-13 13:40:37

I'd never heard of this before Mumsnet, even when I read about it I didn't do it. I know people who wash sheets before they use them too (adults).

aufaniae Mon 25-Mar-13 13:36:38

It never even occurred to me that people wash new clothes!

If you're washing with powder, surely that's adding a load of chemicals anyway? confused

ATJabberwocky Mon 25-Mar-13 11:27:13

I always wash new clothes, you have no idea who's tried it on it the shop or where its been.

I used to work in a clothing dempartment, and clothes end up on the floor all the time and are jut put back on a coat hanger a given a quick brush to take the dust off.

I didn't know about formaldehyde on clothes, that's just scary.

New clothes smell wierd also.

I always washed my newborns, and childrens cloths, always at high tempretures just to be sure. It doesn't matter if you can't see a reaction, it doesn't mean there's nothing happening.

whethergirl Mon 25-Mar-13 11:12:30

I dry cleaned all my baby's clothes and then kept them in a sterile clothing unit.

Paradisefound Mon 25-Mar-13 10:31:06

I washed my baby clothes because they did smell unpleasant. Most have come from m&s made in Sri Lanka, it clearly states on the packaging no toxic chemicals or dyes used on our baby clothes. As they come from resealable multipacks they could easily be returned despite the fact that I have washed them.... You never know the history of what you buy, another good reason to wash, in my opinion. I don't think for one minute that you harm your baby if you don't wash their clothes before first use it just personal preference.

lookingfoxy Sun 24-Mar-13 22:44:30

Agree with everything Asuki has said.
Wow never seen someone so obviously spoiling for a fight on a pregnancy thread, get a grip chipping!

Lj8893 Sun 24-Mar-13 22:37:33

Sorry to say this chipping but you have come across as quite rude and patronising. I agree with you that clothing should be washed before wear but don't agree with the way you have come across on this post.
Perhaps it's the mis communication that happens with text rather than the spoken word but you maybe do need to re read what you write before you post it.

ladymia Sun 24-Mar-13 22:28:48

Hey my conscious is clear I washed all my stuff with Surcare (that must make me a REALLY good mother to be??) but that doesn't make me think I am better than those that have decided not to!

AsukiBlue Sun 24-Mar-13 22:27:15

Eurgh, of course I don't think that, I work with enough of them! I just don't think you are making a very valid argument, I'm wound up because I think you come across as being very rude, rather than trying to be informative or helpful you are just telling people they are wrong and provoking an argument- even people that you have not attacked have told you to shut up! I'm sure that you are just a very antagonistic person and yes I should just ignore you. I haven't once said my word is gospel yet you seem to act as if your if the only view that should be considered. And why keep quotating everything I say, 'like I made it up'?! You haven't provided your own background so why would I ask, I made an apology for sounding patronising yet you immediately retaleated by having a dig at me, I think you just want a faceless argument. I will leave it now as its just not worth it and I have better things to do.

Diewilde, I'm not sure if you have read my past posts but I have not said the process is chemical free, I just said that by the time a garment reaches store it has the equivalent of domestic powder/softener on it, and nothing harmful, I also said I have washed my own as I have seen how many people handle a garment!

I haven't said 'don't wash your clothes' I have just given the info that I know so that people can come to their own conclusion.

Considering the severity if issues that get posted on mn this thread seems to have got totally out if hand and just seems a bit ridiculous.

ChippingInIsEggceptional Sun 24-Mar-13 22:26:05

Haven't you ladymia? Try posting a thread about it or doing an advanced search, there are loads of threads about clothes washing, but the most entertaining are those about the washing of sheets and towels smile

... and no, I don't work for Fairy - nor Persil or Ariel...

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