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Gym free post natal exercise regimes?!

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CareerGirl01 Fri 22-Mar-13 16:16:00

One of the other Mumsnetters Worsetershire I think mentioned something about running being really ageing. And I have to say since ditching the running during pregnancy (gave up at 26 weeks I think) my face looks a whole lot better. I've not gained huge amounts of weight so I can't say it's extra fat! I'm wondering what other fit mums who exercise have done after they have the baby, after six week check up that is? I was thinking of hiring a spin bike (putting it out in the garden to get the fresh air low impact benefits of exercise) I've cancelled my gym membership in May and June and possibly may not go back as they have no creche.

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Fri 22-Mar-13 16:21:50

There are loads of gym free cross-training type workouts on Pinterest/Youtube and stuff. Or you could get a few exercise dvds to do too.
I am not postnatal but with 2 young kids and an OH that is often and unpredictably home late, I find exercises that can be done at home are the best to actually fit into my life.

Ellypoo Fri 22-Mar-13 16:33:54

What about yoga/pilates or swimming?

worsestershiresauce Mon 25-Mar-13 08:52:05

As yes, that was me.... and what a lovely peachy dewy face I have since ditching the 10ks. Well perhaps not quite, but I'm definitely looking younger and softer round the edges, which is no bad thing imo.

Speaking as a 3 week into the trauma that is new motherhood mum the best advice I can give you on post natal exercise is get a good buggy, comfy sling and pair of walking boots. If like me you choose to breast feed it is fairly safe to say that you will spend every minute of your day either feeding, or settling the baby, or rushing about madly trying to do the 5 millions jobs around the house that will have inexplicably accumulated whilst you have been tied to the sofa with a baby latched on. Exercise routines do rather sadly join the ranks of things that just don't happen (like having a wee when you need one and getting a hair cut). And that is before you hit the dreaded growth spurt weeks. Like why does no one tell you about those??? I had NO idea, none at all, that a small piglet of a baby could eat quite so much, quite so often without either bursting or being sick. It's staggering.

But back to the exercise, walking is great, mainly because it will send a windy colicky over indulged new born to sleep in a nano-second (when hours of bouncing them in your arms has zero effect other than to cause a copious stream of projectile vomit down your back). I've worn quite a grove in the 2 mile circuit to the village and back and I'm only 3 weeks in. By 3 months I'm predicting a major rut and possible need for road resurfacing.

Enjoy the early days though and don't worry too much about fitness. You'll lose the baby weight (if you have gained any) in seconds, as you won't always have time to eat, your arms will tone up quite fast with all the lifting, and there is nothing like pushing half a ton of over fed baby up a hill in a buggy for lifting and firming the ar5e. It's a great life wink. I'm loving it smile

dinkystinky Mon 25-Mar-13 08:58:53

Seriously, walking is brilliant for a post natal work out - walk faster than normal pace (like rushing for an appointment or bus) and walk everywhere, carrying baby in sling (extra weight) or pushing buggy loaded down with shopping etc. I walked everywhere after DS2 was born, and that combined with post natal pilates and a light resistance band exercise session at home, managed to lose me all my baby weight within 6 months. When he was 6 months and I was back at work and sat on my bum most of the day, I returned to the gym to do heavier weights, circuits etc

gertrudestein Mon 13-May-13 16:38:24

Hi all, just resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has any other tips? I am definitely going to get a sling and have ordered a buggy I can run with (when the time comes), but wondered if anyone knows any good postnatal workout DVDs or youtube videos?

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