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Shopping for hospital bag - what do I need?

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elizabuff Mon 08-May-06 16:30:24

I've just been told off by the midwife for not having my hospital bag ready (I'm 36+ weeks) so I'm going to Boots tomorrow to get the necessaries. Question is, what should I buy?

I've thought of the following, but I'm sure there must be more stuff I need to get:

maternity pads (how many? any recommendations on what sort etc?)
toiletries for baby (hoping I can get a little travel pack or something, not planning on staying in hospital for long)
nappies (again, how many? apparently my hospital isn't overly generous in the giving things away department)

I've got myself a nursing bra and nightshirt (normally wear pyjamas but been advised by sister that nightshirt will be easier and less messy), but that's all I can come up with.

Any help much appreciated - someone please write my shopping list!

Olipop Mon 08-May-06 16:40:32

Hi Elizabuff...few ideas for you....don't bother with disposable pants....just buy a multipack of m and s plain white pants - much nicer. You don't need toiletries for the bubba...just water and cotton wool. I took dark coloured pj bottoms (so the blood leakage doesn't show and you don't inadvertantly flash at visitors when you get out of bed!). Take a whole pack of little nappies (they don't take up much space) so that you are well prepared. DO NOT under any circumstances do what I did and take an ice mint shower stings a little bit!!!!!! Oh yes - and take dark coloured or patterned towels so that it doesn't matter if they get mucky. I'd take a couple of packs of maternity towels. Also - I took a bottle of Ribena..breast feeding and hot hospitals make you thirsty and its nice to not have to have warm water all the time. Good luck!
Oh - and when it comes to the labour bag..I painstakingly packed mine only to leave it in the car!

compo Mon 08-May-06 16:43:44

You need 2 bags. One for the labour - snacks, something to give birth in, camera, change for phone so you can ring whoever afer baby has arrived. And one for aftewr the birth- nappies, going home outfit for baby, cotton wool if hospital doesn't supply them, ditto towel, nightshirt, breast pads if b/feeding, magazines for if the baby sleeps for first 24 hours!!

melrose Mon 08-May-06 16:48:30

Don't worry too much about labour bag, only thing taken out of mine was food for hubby! (Had CD player, CDs, lip balm, face spritz etc...)Agree about PJ's being better than pants due to flashing at vistors! Lots of maternity pads though!!! Also a list of things you want to eat for DH. Mine came in on the day after giving birth with a french stick, some brie and a mini bottle of red wine! Never made it to the dining room in 2 days. He also bought me a flask of nice tea as the stuff served up on the ward was always overstewed and nver around when you wanted it!

Good luck!

compo Mon 08-May-06 16:50:42

don't forget toiletries too - toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bit of makeup if you can be bothered etc

Coolmama Mon 08-May-06 16:58:16

I packed two smallish bags - one for baby and one for me -

Im my bag -

1 x DH t-shirts that I actually was wearing when I gave birth - don't use anything fancy as it will get messed up. They did offer me a gown, but things were moving at pace and there really wasn't time to change.
2 x Pyjamas with "easy-access" fronts for BF - and a dressing gown for wandering around in.
1 x pair of slippers or soft shuffly things
1 x something comfortable to go home in.
2 x maternity or nursing bras
Toiletries - soap, shampoo etc
2 x packs maternity pads - I wore two at a time for the first few days! - They come in one size - HUGE!
2 x boxes paper pants(if you want to ) I just bought big knickers from M & S and wore them with the pads as they kept the pads quite snug against me rather than flapping around in the paper knickers - or use the paper knickers and just pull the others over the top - felt much more secure to me.

General stuff :
FOOD, SNACKS, SARNIES - gave birth at 10.30 pm after not having eaten much during the day - had tea and toast afterward, but could have chewed my arm off at about 4 am - woke up ravenous!
Bottle of water or juice or soemthing liquid.
Books or something to occupy you - keep it simple as your brain is working at half speed post-birth.
A little make-up bag for those crucial first day pictures.
Pad of paper and a pen to list all the flowers and gifts etc that will arrive - trust me, you won't remember who sent what.

I didn't bother with all the relaxing oils, candles, relaxing balls, packs of cards etc - too much faff and besides all that stuff just tends to irritate me.

In baby's bag -

3 x long-sleeved vests
3 x baby-grows or all -in-ones
1 x small pack of newborn nappies
2 x small muslin cloths - for "just in case"
1 x hat, mittens and socks (bearing in mind DS was born in Feb) - but I think you will still need at least a hat.
1 x small travel pack wipes.
1 x nappy cream - am a sudocream fan.
some formula if BF is a nightmare( but the hospital should be able to help with that - check with them)
1 or 2 x blankets to wrap adorable lo in.

Baby will not need toiletries - a newborn's skin is very sensitive and so just water will be used for bathing - no creams or other stuff. If the baby is overdue, he/she may come out a little dry-skinned and wrinkly in which case a little olive oil can be used in the bath or rubbed on to the dry spots - is the best thing, but avoid all the baby bath stuff for a while.

Can't think of much else at the moment - if you pack at least enough for you and baby for 24 hrs that should be fine - DH or DP can always run out and get whatever else is needed.

Hope this helps and best of luck - I am sure other mums will have more suggestions for you.

melrose Mon 08-May-06 16:58:27

Ah yes, nice shower gel is good, my Mum bought me some yummy lavender stuff. Dettol wipes too if your in a shared bathroom as the loo seat can sometimes be less than inviting!! Slippers good for trips to loo and backas is dressing gown. depressingly you also need maternity clothes for coming home (as you will not get in your jeans!)

For baby I had lots ofnappies and sleepsuits, didn't bother withcoming home outfit just sleepsuits

Hattie05 Mon 08-May-06 17:03:53

I really appreciated paper knickers as bled heavily (appreciated being able to bin them and put clean pair on every time i went to the loo . Maternity pads just didn't do enough!

As others have said, you may end up not using vey much at all. i had soooo much stuff with me when i had dd and hardly used any of it, just used towel after my shower and put change of clothes on, then obviously nappy and clothes for baby, then we came straight home so didn't need the endless supply of stuff i'd brought with me!

This time round (if i don't have the home birth i want) i would pack a small bag of immediate essentials, and keep another bag in the car in case i stayed in which dp could bring in later if necessary. - containing more spare clothes, toiletries, extra supplies of maternity pads, nappies and baby clothes.

The best 'tool' for my labour was a flannel! dipped in cool water and hung over my face so i didn't have to speak to anyone .

Coolmama Mon 08-May-06 17:04:14

oops - don't forget the car seat to take lo home in!

Hayls Mon 08-May-06 17:05:47

Take lots of nighties and comfy clotehs for walking aroundin (i fyou can) when in labour

slinkstah Mon 08-May-06 17:06:46

knickers x4
slipper sox
nasty floor shoes/flip flops
nightie x2
dressing gown
going in and home clothes(confy maternity)
small mirror
face wipes
lip salve
toothbrush n paste
makeup/face powder
mp3 player
pen and small book

recieving blanket/shawl
baby outfit x 2
nappies half a newborn pack
cotton wool
baby wipes

(leave more baby outfits and nappies in a place at home where dh can find them and bring them in if neccessary- ie longer stay)

food for him and you
spare tshirt
deoderant- in case he sweats like a pig in the sweltering labour ward!

MrsDoolittle Mon 08-May-06 17:10:05

Have all your favourite smellies to pamper yourself in the much needed shower/bath afterwards

iPodthereforiPoor Mon 08-May-06 17:14:44

Toni&Guy Dry Shampoo Spray - to make you look presentable if you can't get out of bed to the shower for a while

Hollyboo Mon 08-May-06 17:59:33

A pair of flip flops to wear in the shower, oh and chocolate!

stoppinattwo Mon 08-May-06 18:17:43

Make sure your knickers are BIG bridget jones knickers, should you for any reason need a CS they are far more comfortable than normal ones. And even if you have a normal delivery they hold ya belly still afterwards

Filyjonk Mon 08-May-06 18:26:13

nice stuff for you to eat, smell and wear afterwards, thats the main thing.

Oh and a camera.

LucyJones Mon 08-May-06 18:50:06

the hospital often gives you a leaflet of what you need - some provide cotton wool for wiping bottoms, some don't, likewise with towels, clothes for the bay to wear in hospital. We only needed a going home outfit because the hospital provided little smock things

Alipiggie Mon 08-May-06 18:51:51

Really good moisturiser as hospital really dries your skin out. Go along with the dark coloured pj's much more comfortable and help hold the maternity pads in place. Take a few bottoms with you. Good luck.

sottovoce Mon 08-May-06 19:14:09

Take dried fruits (prunes, figs, apricots etc) in case you deliver in the middle of the night and no food is offered til the inedible breakfast the next day and in case you end up with stitches / c section and need to ensure that you can poo easily.

Black and white film for the camera is also much more flattering for the knackered post delivery mummy, I found

Good luck !

notasheep Mon 08-May-06 19:22:50

Bananas and a mountain of Sanitary towels

mabel1973 Mon 08-May-06 19:44:50

sorry if someones already said this - but you will need more maternity pads than you thought possible!
Also bottled water - I found the ones with sports caps are best for when you're in the delivery suite.

MummyToToby Sun 04-Jun-06 21:00:52

iv started getting stuff for my bag and after lots of ppl telling me what to buy i have come up with this list:

maternity pads ( i got 2 packs of 12 from boots)
pack of black pants
flip flops
lucozade drink and tablets
face wipes
magicool spray
antibacterial wipes
2 pairs of dark pjs
something to give birth in
dressing gown
lip balm
have also been told about arnica tablets, but i'm a bit skeptical about whether they will be any good.

MummyToToby Sun 04-Jun-06 21:20:44

oh also hair bobbles, hair bands, hair clips. when you're boiling hot you don't want your hair flapping about all over the place. bottled water and orange juice cartons too. and obviously your notes.

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