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dc3, what was your labour like? and when did baby arrive

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beckie90 Wed 20-Mar-13 23:09:34

I'm having my 3rd baby (3rd boy) my first was 2 weeks over and induced and my second was 5 days over (spontaneous) I did go into labour on my due date though but as he was back to back and not in a good position, it took along time to get there. So my question to 3rd time mummys is:

Was labour with your 3rds easier and quicker?


And was they earlier or later then previous babys?

Both my births havnt been great, and I've heard 3rds are supposed to be worse, so I'm scared lol

Tia smile x

beckie90 Thu 21-Mar-13 18:27:50

louisiana yea thats what I thought. Hopefully mine will seem easier then with my second been quite long and hard. Thankyou x

Thinkingof4 Thu 21-Mar-13 19:11:28

Ds1 induced term+13, 8hours labour, just over an hour pushing, tear with a few stitches 8lb

Ds2 induced term+3 (just needed prostin) about 6 hours and 2 pushes, 8lb 12

Ds3 spontaneous term+3, 3 hour labour, 5min pushing, no tear, 8lb 11. Definitely my best labour, partly because not induced, managed mostly with just tens machine, g&a at the end. It was a really lovely birth, and got home a few hours later.
Fx dc4 is as straight forward! (currently 25weeks)

Is it another boy you are having Beckie ? 3 boys are great fun!

beckie90 Thu 21-Mar-13 20:28:54

Thankyou thinking yes I'm having my 3rd boy smile I will cross my fingers for birth number 4 for you smile x

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