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not again?!!!!!!!!! :(((

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jomana Mon 08-May-06 12:52:09

i had a baby in february.
after the lochia setelled i had a normal period.
but last month the period came 3 days earlier,it was just spots of brown mucus.
yet i counted 27 days for my next one.
i have sex almost every day and surprisingly i found that i was wrong in counting for my ovulation and i`m now terrified that i might be pregnant again.
any support or advice?

waterfalls Mon 08-May-06 12:53:27

It is better to know, go buy a test.

Blu Mon 08-May-06 12:54:23

Any contraception?

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:55:41

didn't you use any contraception?

tallmummy Mon 08-May-06 12:56:13

Sex nearly every day - where do you find the energy?
You should get a test - it's certainly possible to get pg again this quick. Hope all works out ok

crazydazy Mon 08-May-06 12:57:05

I relied on that method and did get pregnant, mind you I wasn't having sex every day, what a woman!!

jomana Mon 08-May-06 12:57:52

no contraception. i`m afraid of coil.
don`t won`t bills because i heard that sometimes they make women infertile.
we`re just avoiding sex around ovulation.

mancmum Mon 08-May-06 12:58:06

given you are having sex every day and have a 3 month old baby, think you should be giving out advice!! Wow -- am impressed...

starlover Mon 08-May-06 12:59:02

well tbh that's a sure way to get pregnant!

jomana Mon 08-May-06 12:59:57

about having too much sex!!!!
i married my husband just a year ago and we`re (still) in love!!!!!!

expatinscotland Mon 08-May-06 13:00:07

having sex every day precludes a woman from abstaining around the time of ovulation.

please see someone at your local family planning clinic. fair enough you don't want the coil, but there ARE other options out there and the Pill does NOT make a person infertile. only sterilisation or disease can do that.

blueteddy Mon 08-May-06 13:00:48

Message withdrawn

jomana Mon 08-May-06 13:01:13

any advice about a safe way of contraception?

waterfalls Mon 08-May-06 13:01:19


waterfalls Mon 08-May-06 13:03:04


expatinscotland Mon 08-May-06 13:03:33

you really need to talk to a healthcare professional, jo. there're options out there, but a healthcare professional can help you go through which one is most suitable for you, given your age and medical history.

blueteddy Mon 08-May-06 13:04:14

Message withdrawn

Munz Mon 08-May-06 13:06:14

Joey's 10.5 weeks and we've not manged sex - serious admiration girl! anyhow contraception for us will be condoms. the pill won't make u infertile, but isn't good for me as it carrys a slight chance of eptopic and I only have 1 ovary.

condoms or the implantaion thingy I recon. get to ur locacl family planning, did the dr not discuss contraception at your 6 week check?

Twiglett Mon 08-May-06 13:06:43

I think you need to find out about contraception becuase the method you're using is not actually going to work

.. you can chart to avoid pregnancy .. see Toni Weschler's How to take charge of your fertility

contraceptive pills do not make you infertile

or try condoms

but am honestly shocked that anyone with a 3 month old would be having daily sex

jomana Mon 08-May-06 13:06:57

yes, i think now we should think of an effective way of contraception after i misscounted,espesially if my period becomes irregular
i have no place or time for another baby.

flamesparrow Mon 08-May-06 13:09:31

I had one in Feb and we're both still thinking a book and a glass of wine is more appealing!

I want energy The desire is there, the body is unwilling though <sob>

How about condoms? (Who the hell came up with that name anyway???)

The pill will not make you infertile, but could screw with your body.

jomana Mon 08-May-06 13:09:54

sex is the one majical thing i look forward after a very stressful and busy day!!!!!
it refreshws me!

starlover Mon 08-May-06 13:11:20

bet it won't be as refreshing when you have 2 under 1!!!!

good on you, but take some blimmin precautions!!!

melrose Mon 08-May-06 13:12:40

If you wnat to go for a "natural method" Persona is good - does the counting and stuff for you, but you have to eait for a couple of regular cycles after childbirth (I am unsure as mibne still in the drawer since pre baby, despite DS being nearly 2!!)

Blu Mon 08-May-06 13:12:54

jomana - it's GREAT that you are enjoying sex.

I guess you need to find out if you are actually pg atm. You can test on the day your period is due, with First Response, and some others.

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