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Membrane Sweep Success Rate? Please share your experience?

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ladymia Mon 18-Mar-13 23:22:04


Just want to check if anyone had one in previous pregnancies?

At how many weeks?

When did you subsequently go into labour?

I have one scheduled for 40+6 (this Friday) so many of my friends that have recently had babies have had unsuccessful sweeps so just really want to know if it's even worth it?

gwenniebee Tue 19-Mar-13 22:23:12

Had one at 41 weeks, mw said it was very successful as I was already 1cm dilated and she got a lot of the membranes away. Had horrendous contractions all afternoon/evening but they died away.

Had another at 41+2 - same effect.

Booked in for induction at 41+5 but my waters went an hour before I was due to go to hospital!

I then had a very smooth labour and baby was born within 5 hours of active labour.

I have no idea whether she would have arrived as smoothly without the sweeps - part of me thinks because it seemed to induce the early stage of labour (I had contractions every day from after the first sweep) my active stage was better. But it might just have been coincidence.

They certainly hurt!

NovemberAli Tue 19-Mar-13 22:12:53

Sweep at 40+7 then first contractions started 24 hrs later, dd born 40+10. Not too uncomfortable for me thankfully.

abigboydidit Tue 19-Mar-13 21:31:22

Totally agree with other posters saying you need to be ready for it to work. With DS my MW tried but my cervix was unfavourable so she didn't even attempt it. With DD I had a bit of a ticking clock as was aiming for VBAC but wasn't for induction, so was booked for ELCS 10 days past my due date. I found this link really helpful and had decided not to go for a sweep unless my Bishop's score suggested it might just avoid the surgeon's knife. Had one at 40 + 3 which didn't do much and then another at 40+6. DD was born 2 days later. Good luck!

NotHoldenCaulfield Tue 19-Mar-13 21:23:15

I had one at 40 +2 on my second child.The Midwife told me she'd get an obstetrician who would give me 'a good rough one'! Eeek! It certainly was...

I delivered my DS eight hours later.

I'm 21 weeks with DC3 and I will definitely have one this time too if I need it.

ladymia Tue 19-Mar-13 20:56:31

Now I am back to wondering if it's worth even doing it!

Few more days to decide!

TTCmay Tue 19-Mar-13 20:35:50

I had one at about 40 weeks. Didn't work. But as someone said you have to be ready to go into labour, and my body wasn't ready.

It was definitely uncomfortable, but it all is!

Dd arrived at 40+15- she would have stayed in longer if she could!!

Pudgy2011 Tue 19-Mar-13 18:26:11

I had a sweep (didn't know I was going to have one, OBGYN just went ahead and did it at my appointment) at 37+6 but I was pretty ready to go. Waters broke 3 hours later, DS appeared 5 hours later.

Personally it hurt more than the labour! Definitely don't want one again!

anderel Tue 19-Mar-13 18:19:51

I had one last week at 40w. Slightly uncomfortable, minor cramping for an hour afterwards, pink show for 3 days but no signs of labour. Am going for another one tomorrow (will be 40+6). I'm not convinced they do anything tbh, however would rather have a sweep than eat a hot curry as per EVERYONE'S advice...

Good luck!

melliebobs Tue 19-Mar-13 13:05:43

I had the following

41+2 which they couldn't do

41+6 which they couldn't do

42+1 which they could just about do. Hurt like hell and im never having one every again if inwas to be pg again.

I went into labour at 42+3 but I might have done anyway!

BabsAndTheRu Tue 19-Mar-13 12:58:26

Had also heard lots of stories about sweeps being painful but never felt a thing.

BabsAndTheRu Tue 19-Mar-13 12:57:27

Had a sweep at 40, had DD at 40+2.

becwhit Tue 19-Mar-13 12:44:38

with my first they said she was measuring big so didn't want me going too far over my due date. had a sweep the day after due date on the Friday. read so many things from people saying it didn't work that I was convinced it'd have no effect. at 10am on the Sunday so 2 days later, my waters broke and my beautiful daughter was born on the Monday :-) good luck x

ladymia Tue 19-Mar-13 11:25:59

thanks HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm that is a good tip, would not have thought of that!

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Tue 19-Mar-13 11:23:04

Dc1 had one at 40w and 41w. DS born at 40+13. Didn't work for me but will definitely try again this time, anything to avoid induction! Good luck. It's really it that bad, it's uncomfortable but usually done with in less than a minute and not close to labour pain. Don't forget to wear a sanitary/maternity pad, bit of bleeding normal.

MummyNoName Tue 19-Mar-13 11:20:11

Had a sweep at 41 weeks
Went into labour two days later.

Flisspaps Tue 19-Mar-13 11:17:33

They only work if you're ready to go into labour anyway.

Had one at 40+7 with DD, she was born after induction at 40+15.

Had one with DS at 40+7 (their dates) and he was born at 40+11.

If I were ever to have a third baby, I wouldn't bother with a sweep.

ladymia Tue 19-Mar-13 11:15:57

Thanks everyone, I think I am going to go for it since I will already be 40+6 then.

cocktailhour Tue 19-Mar-13 09:08:37

I'm 40+5 and had one at 40+1. Still twiddling my thumbs... Am booked in for another at 40+7- it wasn't painful (just uncomfortable and a bit odd but no worse than a smear test) so seems worth trying again before going down a more invasive route.

beckie90 Tue 19-Mar-13 07:51:44

Think it all depends on if your bodys already ready tbh. Ds1 it wasn't a success, ds2 I had one after I'd been in slow labour 4 days and after that the contractions grew closer together and much stronger

Newmum2013 Tue 19-Mar-13 05:57:50

I have one booked in for next Tuesday when I'll be 40+1. Really hoping baby appears before then but if not I'm praying the sweep is successful

worsestershiresauce Mon 18-Mar-13 23:30:10

I had an attempted sweep at 40 weeks, but my cervix was too high for the midwife to reach. The whole process was very painful, traumatic and unproductive and I will never ever agree to one again. I went into labour naturally at 40 + 3

OeufShiny Mon 18-Mar-13 23:29:24

Had a sweep at 40+1. Will be 40+5 tomorrow and still no baby. Booked in for another at 40+6.

FattyMcChubster Mon 18-Mar-13 23:27:31

Had a sweep at 40+6, had baby 40+8

vamosbebe Mon 18-Mar-13 23:27:16

Oh, 40 + 12. DS popped out 12hours later

vamosbebe Mon 18-Mar-13 23:26:01

Hi. I went in one evening to be induced the next morning but was found to be having very mild contractions so they gave me a sweep and whoosh! everything started!
I don't know anyone else who had a sweep, I'm afraid.
Good luck thanks

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