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dilema: diabetes blood test thingy

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SenoraPostrophe Sun 07-May-06 15:56:33

does anyone know about the diabetes blood test (the O sullivan test, it's called here) and why they don't do it as routine in the UK?

I'm asking as I have an appt for one at 9am tomorrow, which is extremely awkward. The test involves having a blood test, then drinking some disgusting orange stuff and then having another blood test an hour later (I know because I had one with dd and ds). It's routine here - there's no reason for them to think I'm diabetic and I wasn't the previous 2 times.

so anyway I think I might just skip the appt. does anyone have a good reason why I shouldn't?

tigermoth Sun 07-May-06 16:40:39

That test is certainly not a fab way to start the week. I hope someone in the know sees this and offers you some words of wisdom, SP.

Skip it and rebook it later?

spidermama Sun 07-May-06 16:43:56

Senora it's a very simple and unintrusive test.
There are pre-diabetic states which they might want to check for slike Syndrome X. It's well worth getting these things checked out because there's so much you can do to help yourself if you are on the spectrum. (Not sure that's the right term)

Undiagnosed diabetes or syndrome x can cause long term tissue damage. People chunter on for years with a mild condition not knowing them have it and doing themselves damage which needn't be done.

My advice is to go for it and get it out of the way.

spidermama Sun 07-May-06 16:45:59

Hang on .... do they have any reason to suspect Senora? I take it you're pg and we're talking about possibly gestational diabetes?

Seona1973 Sun 07-May-06 17:20:07

I would probably take the test as not every pregnancy is the same and you may have a chance of getting gestational diabetes in this pregnancy even if you havent had it before.

I had a Glucose Tolerance Test in the UK as one of my blood tests showed higher sugar levels than normal (even though I never had sugar in any of the urine tests). After the GTT I was told I had gestational diabetes and had to monitor my blood sugar levels several times a day for the rest of my pregnancy - luckily I kept mine under control by diet and didnt have to inject insulin.

I'd get it over and done with - better to be safe than sorry!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 07-May-06 17:34:40

sm - no, there is absolutely no reason to suspect at all, they just test everyone in spain.

there are lots of things they do in spain but don't do in the uk, and the majority of these are actually unneccessary (I get 4 scans for example, and automatic epesiotomy). in one or two cases it is a good idea (they screen for strep b here routinely too). was just wondering if this was one of the unneccessary things

spidermama Sun 07-May-06 17:51:30

They test routinely in some places here SA. I declined the test too as a waste of time. I would probably have taken it more seriously if it had been offerred after my ds's diagnosis with diabetes.

zippy539 Sun 07-May-06 18:16:03

I would be tempted to take it - only because I was diagnosed with GD after only have sugar in urine once (and after not having it in my first pregnancy plus no family history, not overweight etc etc). I know it's a pain but I'd feel better for having it.

carwillin Sun 07-May-06 19:02:25

I would do it, my GD was undiagnosed in 1st pg and had an awful pregnancy and a 10lb 9oz baby (3 days labour then emergency c-sect). I have had this test twice now in this pg (both negative this time thankfully) and you can request to take lucozade rather than the glucose solution.


kayzed Sun 07-May-06 19:19:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alex8 Sun 07-May-06 19:23:05

carwillin I had a 10lbs 9 oz baby with diagnosed gd and I was using insulin! Its good to know you don't always have it the second time.

They tend to do the test here if you have had a first baby over 10lbs or a family history of diabetes or if they detect sugar in the urine.

trix1 Wed 31-May-06 21:20:21

Ive been advised today that I have to go for this test too (GTT). Could it be that I have been eating too many sweet foods, in this pregnacny I have had a very sweet tooth, normaly I dont touch anthing sweet at all, I find sweet foods sickly.

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