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Grab your scans ladies for the...drumroll...Ramzi Placenta Theory!

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Saundy Fri 15-Mar-13 13:17:16

This is just a bit of fun to test a theory smile

I stumbled across this and wondered if those who have their scans could confirm or disprove it in their experience...

^"According to Dr. Ramzi, 97.2% of male fetuses had a chorionic villi /placenta location on the right side of the uterus whereas, 2.4% had a chorionic villi /placenta location to the left of the uterus.

On the other hand, 97.5% of female fetuses had a chorionic villi /placenta location to the left of the uterus whereas, 2.7% had their chorionic villi /placenta located to the right of the uterus."^

So it would seem to be highly accurate.

If your scan was an external scan then it would be mirrored so if you can see the yolk sac to the left of the baby, it would actually be on the right.
Internal scans should be exactly how the scan picture shows.

I thought it might be fun to see how many of you this has proved accurate for.

Stevieraylynn Wed 16-Aug-17 19:08:15

Plz help me out this is an abdominal u/s boy? Or Girl? What do ya think

Stevieraylynn Wed 16-Aug-17 18:58:52

This is my abdominal u/s plz tell me what u ladies think

Singingizlife3 Thu 11-May-17 20:17:18

What do you think on mine
7 weeks abdominal tech said said placenta on left and said it was a girl but idk lol

ashebs Mon 09-May-16 18:02:25

Any ideas ladies transvag, 😊 xxxx

Braxton14z Tue 14-Apr-15 21:33:21

Wondering what you guys think the sex is using ramzi theory was a vaginal scan

blackwidow74 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:14:49

My placenta is anterior high right lateral ... I'm expecting a girl

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sun 08-Feb-15 19:36:42

I have boy girl twins and the girl is on the left and the boy on th right so it works for me even without getting up to check whether it says where my placentas are

Fl0rt Sun 08-Feb-15 19:07:23

This is my u/s at 7w2d. a regular abdominal u/s.
i was really wondering if anyone could hep me with the Ramzi Theory
and please let me know what you all think! smile

April15baby Sun 14-Sep-14 14:56:26

This is my 6 week vaginal scan, what do we think?

jescitas Thu 22-May-14 15:58:05

Mmm I just had my 6 week us.... The sac looks to be on the bottom right????

RugBugs Tue 26-Mar-13 16:49:17

Nope sorry, where placenta was at 12wk scan doesn't tally with the theory.

RugBugs Mon 25-Mar-13 13:37:36

I was told which side my placenta was on at 12wk scan, 20wk scan is this week so I will report back to see if it's correct!

Fakebook Mon 25-Mar-13 13:16:38

Ok I had my scan today and it seems the baby is attached to the right? So that would be a boy, except when I told the midwife I'm feeling nauseous and vomiting once a day she told me it might be a girl because you produce more hcg with a girl? Never heard that before so off to google that.

beckie90 Tue 19-Mar-13 09:50:59

Mine was at 7.5. But if the whole mirror thing isn't true then it was to the right which would be correct for boy. Don't worry about that bit lol wasn't traumatic or painful it just took some encouragement to come away was very easy really smile my 20wk scan yest just said mine was posterior so no clue tbh

1sttimeBlondie Tue 19-Mar-13 09:45:32

It was right for me!

Fakebook Mon 18-Mar-13 20:37:39

I have an early scan next Monday, and I'll be 7wks 5d. I'm going to ask the technician which side the baby is attached. Interesting theory.

Saundy Mon 18-Mar-13 20:24:48

Oooh interesting, my technician laughed at me when I asked her & told me to back away from the google lol

iclaudius Mon 18-Mar-13 12:02:17


DaveMccave Mon 18-Mar-13 11:56:11

I've been reading a lot about this too. It's actually not true about mirroring for an external scan, it's more complicated than that in ultra sounds. Dr Ramzi says this himself on a discussion forum I found.

Placentas only move because the uterus moves up and out, it doesn't it about or move much from left to right! (could appear to move slightly as I grows but not from one side to another.

He also said you can only tell at 6 weeks by using a special dye during te scan, he doesn't say anything about later in pregnancy, but if placenta doesn't move side to side I imagine its accurate all the way through?

On the forum, the ultrasound technician who posts on there says they have found it to be true more often than not when looking at placenta position at 20 week scan.

I've asked loads of people though, and noone usually knows where their placenta is. You would have to ask at the scan, which makes I hard to work out if its true!

Any ultrasound technicians out there with any thoughts?

Saundy Sat 16-Mar-13 07:37:51

Stuck, clamped & tugged?! I'm going to pretend I didn't read that!

So when was your first scan when you saw the yolk sack?! 10wks or earlier? Is it time to write off having a girl haha - I've no idea why this theory has me so convinced - it all just sounds so official!!

I'm also team yellow so will no doubt be back every other week with another crackpot theory to guess the sex over the next 8 months grin

beckie90 Fri 15-Mar-13 20:25:02

Apparantly the theory is only for 6-10 weeks I've just looked it up, its were the yolk sack is so I'm sensing were the yolk sack is thats were the placenta attaches. But your right foof thinking about it the placenta attaches to the uterine wall so cant move too far about, mine was stuck after birth and was still stuck to my uterus so had to have it clamped and tugged. Lol I didn't think about that with much thought ha

FoofFighter Fri 15-Mar-13 19:41:04

No Saundy, Team Yellow here smile

I know they move up, well appear to because as your uterus stretches it'll go up, I doubt it'd move from side to side though?

Saundy Fri 15-Mar-13 17:30:13

Yeah I'm starting to sense some flaws in this theory! Unless it goes up & down but generally sticks to its own side lol

beckie90 Fri 15-Mar-13 17:24:07

Pretty sure the placentas do move, as if there low lying you have to have regular scans to check position and a lot of them do actually move up or wherever they go to lol

Saundy Fri 15-Mar-13 16:46:26

I'm not sure Kitten I found it on a thread where people were posting about 6 week scans so maybe because they were talking about yolk sacs it's for earlier ones. Though the theory does refer to a full blown placenta so hmm?!

Because the baby moves so does the placenta?! Not independently obvs but its hard to believe the baby can do somersaults in there & not budge it.

Mine was to the right today so I don't really mind it being a myth busted moment Beckie though it could be neck & neck - are you going to find out the sex Foof?

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