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Am very worried- Group B Strep

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seekingpeaceandquiet Wed 13-Mar-13 20:18:32

I'm 32+3 with dc 2 and I had a routine midwife appointment on Monday and did the normal urine drip test and found some protein in the urine so sent it off for testing as normal.
But today she called to say that I am positive with Group B strep.
I had not even heard of this before and have been googling but need some straight forward answers if possible please.

Basically midwife said I have to call in the doctors tomorrow and pick up a prescription for antibiotics. Will these antibiotics fully treat the strep?

I have another midwife appt in 2 weeks so will have to do another urine sample. Will this one be sent off to check if the infection has cleared?

The one thing she said that really scared me was that when I go in labor I have to ring the hospital and tell them to get a drip ready for the antibiotics, but my last labor with dd was extremely quick. About 2 hours. I know each labor is different but the general opinion is that the 2nd is generally quicker so If that is the case what happens?

seekingpeaceandquiet Wed 13-Mar-13 20:20:49

Forgot to ask, can I request for me to be induced early? Will that help at all?

Sorry for so many questions and thanks for reading Im just very worried at the minute and DH is sick so can't really talk to him a the min.

twolittlemonkeys Wed 13-Mar-13 20:25:40

I had GBS during my pregnancies. IME, the antibiotics will treat it temporarily, but it will keep coming back. I got annoyed in the end as during the pg GBS itself is harmless, but they kept saying you have an infection so here are antibiotics, which usually gave me thrush. If you tend to have quick labours then it's worth asking about being induced early. I had ABs in labour when having DS1. Ended up with an emergency section. DS2 was an elective section, so had no worries about passing it on during the birth.

booface Wed 13-Mar-13 20:27:20

I also had group b strep with my second and was very concerned (esp as my first had MRSA after birth but that is another story). It was 10 yrs ago, but there was a group b strep society who were very helpful when I found out. They may still be around. They sent me a pack with stickers to put all over my notes saying this lady needs to have an iv of antibiotics before delivery.

Honestly, it was fine. I got to the hospital, made a bit of a fuss to have them wake the doctor to prescribe the drip, and in it went. DS2 born with no complications at all.

The main thing is you know you have it, so if you don't get the drip in time, there are protocols to look after and check the baby after the birth. I think it is worse if you don't know you have it. Best wishes

PessimisticMissPiggy Wed 13-Mar-13 20:29:48

Don't worry.

Just because it's active now doesn't mean that it will be at the end of your pregnancy. They will however give you antiDs during delivery to prevent transmission.

I have tested positive strep b in the past so was treated as a carrier. My delivery was fine, DD perfect and I was home within 14 hours of delivery. You will see so many hcps in the days following the birth that any signs of infection will be picked up on (which will be rare).

If you don't make it to hospital then baby will get a dose as soon as she is seen by a midwife at the hospital.

Relax. It will be okay. It'll be on your birth plan and in my hospital they stick a massive bright sticker on your notes so it can't be missed! It's likely that those women who aren't routinely swabbed are more at risk.

marshkat Wed 13-Mar-13 20:29:51

I cant answer all your questions as this is my first, but i am also positive with group b strep, I to have been very worried, but apparently everyone carries it and it only comes out in some preg women. the reason you have to go on antibiotics during labor is to help to stop baby contracting group b strep on the way out of vagina, as baby can get very poorly. I will also say that a friend of mine had her 3rd child just a few weeks ago and it was a quick labor at home and unfortunatly baby caught group b strep, and has been poorly since. So as soon as you think you might be in labor (show, waters ect) ring hospital and get on the drip, that is my plan and im 37+2. Hope that helps and doesnt worry you more, its better that they caught it before delivery. x

nevergoogle Wed 13-Mar-13 20:31:47

this is the website for lots of up to date information.www.gbss.org.uk/

my advice is not to ignore it and take the advice seriously.

we nearly lost DS1 to group B strep pneumonia.

and ignore anyone who thinks garlic up your foof is adequate.

TheTiger Wed 13-Mar-13 20:32:34

Group B strep is commonly carried by women in the vagina. It causes a problem when it is rarely passed onto the baby during birth, and can develop into group B strep meningitis, which is serious but very treatable with antibiotics.

In your case, now you know that you have it you will need antibiotics in labour, like your midwife says. If I recall correctly, you need 2 doses, 4 hours apart. If your labour is so quick that you don't get them, then your baby will be given antibiotics via an intravenous drip for 48 hours after birth, and your baby will be observed closely in hospital during this time. Baby will likely have a couple of blood tests. The antibiotics for baby are a precaution just in case he did get group b strep during delivery.

Try not to worry, yes group B strep can be serious, but you know you have it and you will be treated for it. You and baby will be fine. So many women have GBS, don't know about it and are also fine. You can be positive for GBS at 38 week, and negative by the time you deliver.

Just be aware also that being GBS positive usually rules out a water birth and a quick discharge, as baby normally needs a bit of observation.

I'm not sure about the induction, ask your midwife?

Hope this helps, but speak to your midwife and ask her all your questions. That's what she's there for! She will reassure you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth smile

aimum Wed 13-Mar-13 20:34:17

I tested positive for GBS and had a very rapid delivery so didn't have my antibiotics. Baby was born healthy and well and we were both discharged within 24 hours so its not always bad news.

LunaticFringe Wed 13-Mar-13 20:37:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoHHKB Wed 13-Mar-13 20:39:39

I had emcs 7 weeks ago and was found to have group b strep infection in my waters - no indications previously so was a bit of a shock for everyone! I had 3 days IV abx then completed the week with enormous tablets. DS had bloods taken to check if he had been infected and had 5 days IV abx as a precaution. Blood samples take 48 hours to show all bugs but he was all clear. It meant we stayed in hospital for a week because of his canula but at least we were well looked-after. Group B Strep will be flagged up in any very unlikely future pregnancies but otherwise we are both fine smile
Good luck!

ifitsnotanarse Wed 13-Mar-13 20:42:51

I had it with DS2 who arrived at 32 wks. I was given one course of antibiotics but did not get a second 12 hours later as baby arrived between doses. Fortunately he was fine, though he did receive a course of antibiotics during his first few days.

MavisGrind Wed 13-Mar-13 20:43:10

Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know!). I tested +ve for Group B Strep after the birth of my first dc. It essentially harmless for the mother but can be dangerous for the lo so as he showed signs of an infection he was given intravenous ABs for a few days. He's been absolutely fine since.

With dc2, I had ABs during labour and everything was ok. I was induced 2 weeks late with both dcs and my shortest labour was 9 hours.

My understanding is that GBS comes and goes which is why there is no routine testing. Response to it also depends on where you live IME - a friend of mine also tested +ve but was just told by the hospital in her area to keep an eye on her newborn in case they showed signs of being ill when they went home. Where I live if you ticked a number of risk criteria they kept baby in for ABs.

At least you know you have it now and can plan accordingly - I remember trying to take it all in post-birth. Good luck!

seekingpeaceandquiet Wed 13-Mar-13 20:45:18

Thank you all for your replies they have really helped calm me down a bit. I will speak to the midwife and find out more tomorrow.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Mar-13 21:03:52

Yes much much much better to know that you have it,
Best of luck with the impending arrival

GingerDoodle Wed 13-Mar-13 21:33:06

I paid for my test and it came back positive. As others have said, just because you have it now does not mean you will have it at birth. That said its miles better to be informed!

I should have had the antibiotics in labour but things happened to fast to get the canula in.

They observed DD and did a few extra checks - all was fine!

MorganLeFey Wed 13-Mar-13 22:34:35

seekingpeaceandquiet = Basically midwife said I have to call in the doctors tomorrow and pick up a prescription for antibiotics. Will these antibiotics fully treat the strep?

When you call the Midwife back tomorrow it might be worth clarifying this! If they mean go to your GP rather than acting on the result themselves and going to collect something that one of their doctors has prescribed for you then check that they've put the results and suggested prescription/protocol to the GP in writing e.g. fax. As lots of the others have said - antibiotics in labour is typical. Antibiotics before not so much - so you might otherwise end up getting caught between your Midwife & GP...

Most of the antibiotics through a drip protocols seem to give a 1st high ('loading') dose then other lower doses every X number of hours - so a quick labour wouldn't necessarily be a big deal. smile

seekingpeaceandquiet Sat 16-Mar-13 09:25:56

Thank you all for your messages and replies.

It was a bit of a wierd last 2 days. I went to the doctors surgery to pick up the antibiotics but the prescription was not ready so went back on friday when they said it would be ready. But it wasn't.
It was flagged up though and apparently they had no results on the computer with my name so they had to call the midwife and ask her to send the results. So I was sent home and told I'd be phoned later on when the prescription was ready.

Anyway I dont think they could get a hold of the midwife but the doctor phoned me and said that the results of the urine test he had on the computer were clear and he called the lab to double check and they said it was clear as well.

So Im supposed to try and call the midwife on monday and find out where she got the results from --weather it was a mix up with someone else or they are my results.
So am still a bit worried but also if its not me I feel bad that some pregnant lady here might be blissfully unaware.

PotteringAlong Sat 16-Mar-13 09:31:29

I had group B strep and after a bit of an eventful delivery my DS showed signs of infection so he had IV antibiotics for 48 hours and then was observed in hospital for another 24 before we were allowed home. He was absolutely fine and they allowed him to stay with me in a private room and I took him to special care every 3 hours for his antibiotics.

You will get a big yellow sticker on your notes, no one will take any chances and much better they know you have it!

TheSecondComing Sat 16-Mar-13 09:36:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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