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Type 1 diabetic mums & mums to be damn that dawn phenomenon!

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SpottyTeacakes Wed 13-Mar-13 10:51:10

New thread ladies smile

SpottyTeacakes Fri 24-May-13 19:02:50

He's 26 weeks Monday. He's only ever fed for 5/10 minutes! I'm waiting for it to all go wrong which I'm sure it will soon!

BonaDea Fri 24-May-13 20:26:57

Spotty honestly can't believe he's just about 6 months! Mental!

If ds's wakes were shorter my sleep wouldn't be too bad! I get an initial two- three hours but then usually only another two broken into two chunks because after that first stretch he wakes often and eats slowly!!

Think I'll at least try to keep a good balance of him sleeping enough, but not too much during the day and see what's what. I have to remember he's only 9 weeks and a sweetheart!

dieciocho Sat 25-May-13 05:32:36

Argh, baby woke at 04:15 today - this hasn't happened for nearly a month (yes, I KNOW I'm lucky). She's gone off again, but I can'tshock
Our flexi-routine's in a muddle as we're at my M&D's.

Got my referral letter for my first pump appt. yesterday! What will make them give me one? Massive swings in my control, right? I do have those - had a 1.7 mid-afternoon yesterday(common time for me) even after having had a slice of cake blush

SpottyTeacakes Sat 25-May-13 07:54:13

We were up at 10:45, 1:20 then 6:45 not too bad but dd was up at four as she'd wet the bed and I couldn't get back to sleep.

Off to a wedding today, in a very short dress apparently wink

BonaDea Sat 25-May-13 09:43:29

Diec - I'd play up the psychological angle of that. 'Despite my best efforts at good control and careful monitoring I still have unexpected swings in bg which the blunt tool of a bolus / basal regime doesn't let me control. As I often have sole charge of my baby daughter I am increasingly worried about serious hypos which could put her well being in jeopardy. Etc etc wink

Spotty - have a nice time at the wedding! I have one to go to next week and worry I'll look like the back of a bus sad

We fed at 10.30, 2, 4 and a threatened 6 but actually he went back down til 7.30. If I could just get him to go longer after the 2 feed... Anyway, I slept in the spare room and DH just came and got me for feeds. He did all the burping, nappy and settling. Feel soooo much better today. The feeds are easy, it's the other stuff plus ds's chuntering which are really killing me I think!!

SpottyTeacakes Sat 25-May-13 09:46:32

Bona that would have been a typical night for us around that age. We never nappy change at night though unless there's poo and I don't wind either (but ds gas never had problems burping and has been known to burp whilst feeding shock).

I'm sure you will look lovely smile I'm going to be seeing people I haven't seen since school I'm a bit scared!

RueDeWakening Sat 25-May-13 14:23:11

Diec will come back later with pump info when not on my phone, but google input and read the info on their site, they should help.

RueDeWakening Sat 25-May-13 22:35:27

So the input website is here: they've got loads of info about how to go about getting a pump.

NICE guidelines for pump therapy are here:

To use a pump effectively you'll need to be confident in carb counting and altering your bolus based on your blood sugar and what you're eating (ie have a clue about ratios etc). You'll need to test a minimum of 4 times a day (which is woefully inadequate most days!), and also be willing to take time off work etc when you go on the pump - it's bloody hard work to start with, and is a definite juggling act. Expect it to be frustrating, and to be continually tweaking settings, esp the basal, for quite some time.

If you want to ask questions, fire away - I've had my pump for nearly 10 years now and they'll have to drag it away from me, I wouldn't give it up willingly.

BonaDea Sun 26-May-13 03:06:19

Great info, Rue (albeit not for me!). You must have been somewhat of a pioneer ten years ago!

I'm up feeding T. My diabetic confession is that I ate an ENTIRE tub of Hagen Daaz icecream last night. Too scared to test but will do so before going back to sleep. Oops blush

SpottyTeacakes Sun 26-May-13 04:00:09

I'm up for the third time sad

BonaDea Sun 26-May-13 13:35:19

Ouch spotty. You must be knackered. I was up again at 5-ish. Must work on getting that last stretch to last til at least 6!

dieciocho Sun 26-May-13 16:44:38

Thanks rue, but time off work - really?shock
I'll post some Qs when I have time to think of them! Can I lie on the pump when I'm asleep without breaking it?

spotty, I hope the wedding went well - I bet you looked lush in the dress grin
I've just spent 2 hours rushing round town trying to find one, but failing. This is what happens when you rush. It's just I only had a limited amount of time as I'd left the baby with my parents and needed to be back to feed her.

BonaDea Sun 26-May-13 16:50:43

Diec - I have ordered two dresses online and hope one will do.

One is a jersey cross over dress from phase eight - they seem to have lots of wrap over dresses in stretchy fabric which are quite bf friendly. The other one is a black and 'berry' number from seraphine so a proper bf'ing dress although I hate poking boobs through holes in dresses!!

SpottyTeacakes Sun 26-May-13 16:56:08

Diec have you looked on the joules website?

Hopingforno2 Mon 27-May-13 02:14:53

aaaaah angry went to bed at 4.8 just woke up at 19.1 correction taken but trust this to happen on a night im staying with my parents and my mum has ellie!

dieciocho Mon 27-May-13 09:23:09

Liver dump hoping? I'd have been too scared to go to bed at 4.8

Joules, never thought of them.
I've just bought one from the La Redoute website (massive sale!) and I've gone with the wrap around style too bona.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 27-May-13 16:59:33

How are you going Rue?? And where is Puds? Hope she's still flying high smile

Diec to be honest I had slight dress issues as it was rather windy and there was a slit front and back grin luckily most people have seen it all before

DS is 26 weeks today, was six months yesterday <sob> finally got round to booking baby massage, can't wait, he is going to love it!

Last night was another rubbish night....and I just realised I missed my hba1c appointment last week so need to get in this week, I'm not looking forward to the results....

SpottyTeacakes Mon 27-May-13 20:49:01

Eugh 2.9. Massive overdose for dinner ice cream and mars bars blush now I've had to eat even more when I don't want to hmm

SpottyTeacakes Mon 27-May-13 20:49:23

Mars bar! Just the one grin

newbie6 Mon 27-May-13 22:40:30

Hi everyone,

From being so well controlled when pregnant I feel I'm up and down like a yoyo now! Not testing nearly as much but still test at least once a day, can range from 1.9 where bizarrely I feel fine to the highest which was 14. Diet not great either, really need to lose my last stone but struggle to eat healthily as find that I'm lucky to eat at all looking after my LO so tend to just grab rubbish, not good! Seriously need a kick up the you know what!

On a positive, my LO is a wee joy. Cannot believe he is 19 weeks old! X

BonaDea Tue 28-May-13 03:02:51

Hi newbie - glad to hear your LO is well.

I'd say that if you are having highs and lows you are not feeling you definitely need to test more to find out what's happening. Could be you just need a few tweaks to sort things out!

I'm up feeding and feeling very sorry for myself. Had a brilliant night last night and thought we were finally working towards sleeping through (6.30-10 (dream feed) - 3 - 7) but tonight he's been chuntering since 1-ish and being fed now. Fully expect him to be up again after 2 hours.

Argh - I've been trying so hard during the day to make sure he sleeps well but not too much, gets plenty of feeds Etc etc but doesn't seem to be working!! confused

Going up to Scotland for a wedding and to visit family this weekend and now dreading having to cope away from home and totally zonked!

Sorry for me me me post as usual!!

SpottyTeacakes Tue 28-May-13 03:08:49

Bona I really don't think there is much you can do to help their sleep I'm afraid. You just have to roll with it and hope they soon sort themselves out.

BonaDea Tue 28-May-13 03:39:58

Spotty you are right. And things always seen worse in the middle of the night!!

dieciocho Tue 28-May-13 08:48:43

Oh dear bona, although I'm sure it'll be lovely for you to get away, T'll probably get all muddled and sleep even worse than normal! Sorry, just my experience with V - she was up at 02:30 last night/this morning because we had friends over for lunch yesterday at M&D's and she got passed round and missed her longer midday-ish nap.

newbie, I agree with bona - test a bit more than that to make yourself feel healthier. I grab on the run too, but I try to buy things like grapes, bananas, homous, crackers etc - all easy to eat with one hand and don't require any preparation smile
Have you tried Z on any "real" food yet? I gave V the weeniest bit of banana last week and she LOVED it! I suppose because it's sweet like my sugary milk grin

BonaDea Tue 28-May-13 09:19:06

Totally with you Diec, it's going to be hell for the three of us I think and we'll be glad to get home!!

We've totally scuppered our days routine now already - the three of us are still in bed snoozing ( T lying on me). It is a total regression but no one would have got through today in one piece unless we all grabbed 40 winks. DH on hols at the mo so at least there are two of us to tag team in the day.

I have to get everything packed today tho as we are flying tomorrow morning. Hence I'm awake and mn'ing as I'm too stressed to sleep but don't want to wake T by getting up. The things we do!!

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