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What are your favourite pregnancy apps?

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Ttcnumero3 Wed 13-Mar-13 09:30:43

Apps are new since my last pregnancy 7 years ago! Just been to download one but see there are many! Which do MNetters recommend?

stargirl1701 Wed 13-Mar-13 09:34:10

Ready Steady Baby from NHS Scotland.

SeriousStuff Wed 13-Mar-13 09:39:21

I downloaded the babycentre pregnancy app - daily snippets and weekly updates on your baby's development. Plus an animated video of your baby's growth every c.5 weeks.

chickenfactory Wed 13-Mar-13 10:06:03

There isn't one I like everything on so I downloaded most of the free ones. Baby bump, what to expect, baby centre, I'm expecting. Good bits on each of them. DH paid about £1 for an American dad to be version- compares the baby size to footballs rather than avocados. Quite amusing in parts but very helpful.
Also my pff, reminds you to do your pelvic floors!

DrMcDreamysWife Wed 13-Mar-13 10:10:58

I really liked the what to expect when your expecting app. Had snippets to read daily

MisselthwaiteManor Wed 13-Mar-13 11:58:26

I have the whattoexpect and babycentre ones. I downloaded loads of the free ones and these were the best, I use the babycentre one more often. I like the daily snippets to read and the weekly updates of size etc although the fruit/veg comparisons are getting more obscure as the weeks go on grin

gigglyapp Sat 08-Oct-16 14:56:27

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