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Fab fit mums to be - anyone fancy starting a fitness/activity support thread

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CareerGirl01 Tue 12-Mar-13 16:21:43

Seems there are a few of us wanting to stay active during our pregnancies. How about a non-judgement place where we can support each other; from the walkers to the runners- big/small etc?!

qumquat Mon 29-Apr-13 18:08:59

Hello! Really pleased to have found this thread. I go nuts without exercise but I've been quite scared of exercising since getting my bfp. I love the 30 day shred, does anyone else do this? I alternate with running normally, not doing the full 30 days? Can anyone more knowledgable than me let me know what kinds of exercises are ok for 1st trimester and what aren't?

CareerGirl01 Mon 29-Apr-13 18:10:18

I think this may be my last post Pre baby. Hoping you are all out there being active. Turn 39 weeks tomorrow and my last day at the gym before taking a three month membership break. Hopefully I will be trying to rope some of you into some post natal exercise! Never managed an aqua class or a proper pregnancy yoga class (as I said it didn't do it for me being used to dynamic/ashtanga practice), but hopefully I've stayed fit. Will keep walking and my resistance bands going the next few days. My hips seem okay and have avoided the same kind of cramping in my first pregnancy.
Despite feeling very ill at points during this pregnancy I've still managed to put on 2.5 stone - which is a good thing I think. I did feel a bit flabby looking in a changing room mirror today - but hopefully I've done the best for baby. Good luck all and keep it up.

RunningBear78 Thu 02-May-13 17:26:16

Good luck Career let us know whether being super fit and healthy helps with labour & recovery!

Not sure if this is inspiration or just outright terrifying ... Sarah Storey on training whilst 7 months preggers! She looks so neat on her bike even with a huge bump.

gertrudestein Thu 02-May-13 18:50:53

Good luck careergirl! Hope all goes well with the delivery - please come back to this board and give us an update after the big day.

And I look forward to hearing about your postnatal workouts! You are my inspiration, as ever ....

All the best x

CareerGirl01 Sun 05-May-13 11:27:32

Three days to go and my hips are definitely too achey to do anything more than walking a mild stretching. Hoping everyone else is more active! X thanks so much gertrude

Festen Thu 09-May-13 21:15:40

I've just been browsing this thread with interest and feeling very inspired by all you lot!

I am 11+4 and am trying to keep mountain biking for as long as I can. Weeks 7-9 I was absolutely exhausted and if I wasn't at work I was asleep. Then I suddenly felt energetic again so got back on my bike and to circuit training classes (British Military Fitness). I was a bit worried that over those weeks i would have lost my fitness but i was ok, just took it easier than normal. I feel great when I'm out even though I'm slower than usual uphill on my bike- I can't wait to reveal to the people I ride and train with why I've been flagging lately! On my mountain bike I am choosing my trails carefully - on a ride the other night I got a bit carried away and nearly crashed. It really made me think. Gotta tone it down!

I'm just going to try and enjoy my sports for as long as I can, and then move to something more sedate - not sure what yet! One thing is for sure and that's that I never put myself under pressure if I don't feel like exercising. Tonight I was supposed to train but instead I'm on the sofa with a blanket and a cat and it's lovely.

Keep posting you fab fit progress and/or woes!

honey86 Thu 09-May-13 22:00:15

just marking my place. going on hol to mallorca in 15 weeks and need to trim my legs n arms. im 15 weeks tomorrow and i know ill be big bellied, but i want at least lovely leggies arms and bum. got awful cellulite going on atm and im a stone overweight.

my aim is to stop binge eating and exercise more so my weight is not dropping, but levelling more to normal. if that makes sense x

Dusty04 Fri 10-May-13 15:16:25

Hi everyone, I'm 7 weeks and teach Zumba and Bokwa part time. I've felt so nauseous this week I cancelled all my classes but hoping to teach next week. Having a scan on Thursday following an early spotting and seeing mw on Friday.
I'm going to tell my class I've pulled my Achilles (I do suffer with it!) so t hat I can take it a bit easier.. I know two other instructors who taught up to about 32 weeks, so going to see what I can manage. I hate not feeling fit!

RunningBear78 Mon 13-May-13 09:53:44

Not sure if I should be, but was delighted with my sub-30 minute ParkRun on saturday, now at 22 weeks a definately starting look a little pregnant. Hoping I can keep running till at least 30 weeks ... we shall see!

CareerGirl01 Mon 13-May-13 15:22:19

Hi guys. Am six days post partum and apart from a c section with some complications - they found scaring and adhesions from my EMCS five years ago - I look non pregnant. Am sure it is the exercise. I do have slightly wobbly tummy and my upper legs are a bit more chunky but nothing that screams 'just had a baby' but then my wobbly shuffle (still sore of course) might give the game away!
Will have to start a 'getting back to fitness' thread - hopefully in six weeks
Keep going guys x

CareerGirl01 Mon 13-May-13 15:23:34

And in the end I did manage to exercise till 38 weeks and 5 days - gave birth at 39 weeks; it can be done but take it easy.

cadidog Mon 13-May-13 16:20:28

Marking my place here but also I just did month 1 of Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project on DVD. There's no cardio in there so I'm going to have to use my Jillian Michaels DVD's for that but I'm pretty impressed with it so far. I've used her Mat Workout DVD before so I knew the kind of thing to expect but I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it too.

HazleNutt Mon 13-May-13 16:25:38

Congratulations CareerGirl!

I'm still doing the usual classes at 34 weeks. Zumba not so comfy any more, bump does not like all that shaking, so it's mostly Tae Bo, dance aerobics and Bodypump.

Festen Tue 14-May-13 17:20:53

Congrats CareerGirl!

CareerGirl01 Tue 14-May-13 18:51:16

Thanks Festen and Hazelnutt have to say am enjoying the rest from exercise - breast feeding is taking up all my energy at the moment.

worsestershiresauce Fri 17-May-13 19:25:57

Congrats CareerGirl! I'm 11 weeks pp now, and still not managed more than walking due to lack of time!!! Walking carrying 12lb of baby in a sling is a work out in itself though!

CareerGirl01 Sat 18-May-13 02:18:16

Wow 12lb worsetershire - they grow so fast. Am finding breast feeding fab for losing weight - but bit too much so. Walking is a bit of a struggle post CS but at least I'm not hurting so much. It's my birthday in July, as my gym has no crèche and I don't want to do too much running, my family are going to buy me a spin bike - prob off eBay. Will put it in the garden (on non rainy days!) and use when DD2 is having her nap; can put her in the garden in her pram. But all after my 6 week check up. I am doing my pelvic floors and the Pilates moves from the hospital.

CareerGirl01 Sat 18-May-13 08:01:01

Pelvic floors - we should all be do

CareerGirl01 Sat 18-May-13 08:01:21

ing these xx

gertrudestein Mon 20-May-13 16:09:55

Congratulations worcestershire and careergirl! Will you start a support thread for post partum exercise so that we can all be inspired and encouraged in the weeks following birth? My mind is turning towards that now, as I reach the last couple of months ...

So, 33 weeks now. Did a 45 minute swim this morning but to be honest I think it was a bit much as I'm starving and very tired! I can't tell the difference between chronic tiredness and hayfever at the moment, so may be pushing myself too far.

I'm really starting to notice the heaviness and discomfort get in the way of doing normal things. I've taken the weights right down at the gym to just 2kg for some very light resistance training. I'm trying to do 4 gym or swimming sessions and a couple of longish (4 miles) walks a week.

How is everyone else getting on?

SeriousStuff Tue 21-May-13 18:45:00

I'm now 19+3 and managing 3-4 sessions of Tracy Anderson pregnancy a week and taking the dog for a walk (ranging from 20 - 60 min walks). I feel great pregnancy-wise at the moment (stiffness etc. comes if I lie or sit down for too long) and when I do manage to exercise it makes me feel so 'together', but I'm so hungry at the moment that I don't really feel it's counteracting all the calories - I would need 2hr circuit sessions for that!

gertrudestein Tue 21-May-13 18:55:50

I'm with you on the eating! But I think that's another sign of possibly overdoing it - sometimes I find I eat like I used to after a half marathon even though I've only done a 'normal' gym session. And then I realise that I need to take it down a bit at the gym ....

So frustrating, because I'm used to getting fitter and fitter and being able to do more and more, whereas now I keep getting slower and worse!

TheBeanpole Tue 21-May-13 19:36:16

I'm eating heaps too, especially on bike to work days (20 miles round trip). I need to not eat all the healthy snacks in the morning so I don't raid the vending machine 30 minutes before I leave...

A question for runners- did you find things get easier going into the second trimester? Am 11 weeks at the moment. Was on holiday weeks 7-10 which was my peak tired time, so didn't do much at all. Saturday went out for 3 miles and it was horrible, really breathless. Last night I went with my running club and we did 6 miles at a leisurely 11 minute mile pace and it was MUCH better. Is it my body adjusting? I hope so...

RunningBear78 Thu 23-May-13 09:28:58

beanpole I've been running on and off and am now approaching 24 weeks. i've found that feeling good is totally unpredictable as my body seems to change from day to day and i only run 2-3 times a week. i have managed much more in the second trimester, but still have the odd day when getting downstairs fro brekkie is hard work and a run is out of the question! my only advice is to take things as they come. run when you can and just take it easy and cut things short when you feel dreadful. i'm finding i am really really struggling to get up the hills now, although i'm running better on the flat that i ever used to. which is great, except that i live on the edge of the peak district and am surrounded by hills!

SeriousStuff Thu 23-May-13 09:42:47

gertrude and Bean yes, I think keeping an eye on the hunger and amount of exercise is key. I'm moving house over the next few days so won't be exercising until next week - I think packing and general moving stress will be enough to keep my appetite up for now!

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