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Fab fit mums to be - anyone fancy starting a fitness/activity support thread

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CareerGirl01 Tue 12-Mar-13 16:21:43

Seems there are a few of us wanting to stay active during our pregnancies. How about a non-judgement place where we can support each other; from the walkers to the runners- big/small etc?!

badguider Thu 14-Mar-13 14:25:35

Can I join? I had a disasterous first trimester with absolutely overwhelming fatigue and nausea. Between weeks 6 and 9 I was going straight to bed when I got home from work and sleeping all weeekend.

Then I went skiing in wk 12 which went well and I felt more optimistic but then got a horrible cold and was floored again with fatigue.

Now 15 weeks exactly and have just been out for a bike ride - took my mountain bike on some flatish but muddy/slushy paths and found it scary how hard I was working to ride slow, so really not ready to try running again yet... but OMG I feel better for doing it.

Have got a couple of DVDs on order and am doing pregnancy yoga once a week. Used to mountain bike and trail run a LOT.. but I'm not a size 8 petite wee thing, I am a sturdy build anyway and put on 4kgs before I even got to my booking in appointment shock. Just want to slow that gain down but what I care about the most is staying fit, healthy and mobile, I don't really care what I look like (I know I can train back to healthy size after the birth).

CareerGirl01 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:18:04

ExpatAl surely not - I've had a 'day off' exercise today. Totally I managed to run but at 22 weeks was really slowing down, but I wasn't doing as much as you to start with. I'd say that sounds like a lot.
Pilates girls -because its good for your posture and the DVD I've got incorporates those pelvic floors which we must all be doing!

BeadyEyes Fri 15-Mar-13 07:37:44

Hi all! I'm trying to keep fit too!

Pre-pregnancy I was cycling 40mins every day and doing body pump twice a week and the odd jog.

Now just doing to body pump, a bit of cycling, the odd step class, and attempting to go jogging. Been jogging twice since becoming pregnant, but have injured myself both times! I am not sure what is going on.

I tried some pregnancy exercise videos on YouTube, but they were pretty lame....any recommendations?

Hazlenutt which part of the current abs track in Body pump do you think is unsuitable? And at what stage would you incline the bench?

Woodifer Fri 15-Mar-13 08:26:48

Hey beady eyes - any crunching really - think curling head up. You know before you get a bump/ pre pregnancy - anything htat might make the middle of your tummy dome (I don't know if you know what I mean) - check out Hazelnutts leaflet for alternatives (heel lowers and pelvic tilts - I also do supermans)

Do plank if you can keep good form/ not hold your breath/strain too much (i'm not doing side plank cos of my pelvis). Not crunching is because of risk of abdominal muscle separation. Bench elevation/ avoiding prolonged lying on back is from about 16 weeks I think (I am not a professional this is based on my own internet reading!)

Also why the drop in cycling?

Pregnancy produces a hormone called relaxin - this softens the tendons in your pelvis allowing it to stretch open and get a baby out - unfortunately it isn't a targeted hormone and softens all the tendons in your body - making you more susceptible to injury.

ExpatAl Fri 15-Mar-13 09:29:35

I'm quite obsessed about my pelvic floor and love the effects of pilates on it. I'm lucky in that my class is very small so we all get a lot of attention. Can anyone recommend a prenatal yoga dvd? Is it worth it? I'm not really a yogary kind of person. I am high risk so don't really dare do anything more than an hour roughly of daily walking and pilates twice a week although my consultant is very positive about the effects of exercise - it maintains protein in the cervix which is apparently great for the strength of the cervix.

AnnaDL Fri 15-Mar-13 10:21:53


I really want to keep active, am currently 25 weeks and have had to ease off walking every day because I have spd and its too painful. Can anyone recommend exercise that I can do that would not worsen the spd? I was pretty fit before pg, going to the gym/running etc 5 times a week, so I don't want to lose my fitness completely.

HazleNutt Fri 15-Mar-13 10:31:18

Beady yes, as Woodifer said, it's generally recommended not to lay flat on your back from about 16 weeks.

In the current Bodypump, there are both crunches and also plate lifts, so those are not recommended in 3rd trimester. Leg work in this track should be fine though.

MightBeMad Fri 15-Mar-13 13:46:14

Well I managed a buggyfit class today. It's not exactly a marathon, but after 3 weeks of being totally floored by an awful cold/fluey bug and not feeling completely recovered yet, it's a step in the right direction.

I can't remember who asked but I have spd too. Last time I followed all advice: don't walk, push, lift anything, don't climb stairs, keep knees together always (no squats or parting legs to get in and out of the bath/car/bed). It kept the spd sort of at bay (no crutches needed) but drove me bananas and I lost so much condition! This time I'm keeping doing what I can and just stopping things that hurt (nb the pain can come on some hours later). For me that means lifting anything heavy, running and breast stroke are out. I'm just doing aqua natal type exercises in the pool, walking (with pelvic floor lifted and belly button drawn in as much as possible to support pelvis), buggy fit and prenatal exercise DVDs but avoiding any of the wide leg squats, and very gently cycling on a static bike in the gym (setting the resistance any higher than gentle aggravates my symphysis pubis joint). It's all about trial and error really. I think the key thing with spd is if it hurts, stop. Once it's really aggravated, there's no going back so you have to feel your way very carefully. Hth!

marushka82 Fri 15-Mar-13 15:25:35

Girls you all are amazing!
Pre-pregnancy I used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week (I'd actually jog to the gym and back and get up at 5am to get the exercise out of the way before work; now I cannot believe how I EVER managed to do that!).
I'm currently 21 weeks and just can't find the energy to do a lot of exercise which really makes me feel guilty. I do about an hour of walking every day (all the walking to and from the station etc, quite fast paced, though I found I'm slowing down now...), I tried exercising with DVDs (got a Davina one which is fine, but I find it a bit boring, although I normally am a huge fan of hers! I also have Erin O'Brian's DVD which I just find crazy! Cannot do all exercises she does because of lack of space) but recently I find I just don't have energy for anything after an hour commute when I get home after 6pm. Cannot really afford classes, but would love to try swimming in the weekend (just need to find a swimming pool with a pay as you go system! Perhaps someone here is from Ealing and know about one in the area?

CareerGirl01 Fri 15-Mar-13 16:44:27

expat I use Shiva Rea Pre natal yoga DVD. Is okay but I've heard Tara Lee does a good one. All the SPD ladies - my midwife recommended eaqua aerobics when I complained of hip ache ( I don't have SPD). The Lynne Robison dvd has a Pilates exercise called the oyster where you lie on your side keep feet together and lift upper leg- it was recommended to me post natally after DD1 by my Physio to help mobilise my hips.

CareerGirl01 Fri 15-Mar-13 16:47:51

Anyway today I managed 30 minutes on the cross trainer - used my arms more which eased the workout! Did some light weights and some tricep dips, as well as squats on a Bosu ball. I think baby's head was down this morning as I felt a little less uncomfortable - therefore able to do more activity - today. Having a day off tomorrow and doing both Pilates and yoga DVDs. Need to try the aqua class! Found my hips do not ache so much and my legs are not quite so restless on the days I do something.

CareerGirl01 Fri 15-Mar-13 16:48:31

As in try the aqua class next week!

CareerGirl01 Fri 15-Mar-13 16:53:01

marushka agree with you re. Davina - found it a bit too easy and a bit boring! Not from Ealing sorry. Like you I used to jog to the gym - and go to spin classes at 7am in the morning; getting up at 5am so I could get an early train into the City of London so I could fit in exercise before work.
Still managed to do this once a week after DD1 was born - but most of my post DC life I have exercised in my work lunch hour - can still manage spin classes because they are only 45 mins. With two DCs not sure ill be wanting to do all that again.

badguider Fri 15-Mar-13 19:12:24

marushka - what part of ealing are you? i used to live in south ealing and used a pool down by kew bridge at the bottom of ealing road (the road that runs down to the river from ealing common passing south ealing tube station on the way). Not sure if it's still there though or what it's called.

Also, what did you mean about Erin O'Brian being crazy? I've got that dvd on order and had hoped it would be good...?

annamelissa Fri 15-Mar-13 20:03:45

Hi everyone! Well, I'm 12 weeks now and even though I've never been mega fit, I have been seeing a personal trainer for a year, and its been a life saver in the first trimester... I still feel bloated and huge, trying to keep sickness at bay has meant eating what I would normally consider a dreadful diet - but a training session or a short run really makes me feel human again! Though I hear you all who've mentioned the motivation factor - it helps having someone waiting for me to turn up & who'll keep me going (ie shout at me a bit!) when I'd otherwise give up! Hope to get my yoga practise back up an running once I get the 12 wk scan next week - and for those of you in London check out "maternally fit" - its an antenatal fitness class and they're in quite a few different places... Haven't been yet but have heard good things!! X

Saundy Sat 16-Mar-13 09:40:20

Hi guys I hope you don't mind me joining. I'm 6 weeks and wasn't massively fit pre pregnancy but wasn't unhealthy either as a size 8 who went through phases of exercise. Before I got pregnant I was getting quite into the 30 day shred so wanted to pick something up again before I get big & it becomes even more difficult.

I tried the Pregnancy Project DVD last night & was shocked my how exhausting I found it. I lasted 5 mins & had to just lie down & watch it. Today I feel totally exhausted - not sure if its related.

How are you all coping with the tiredness, I felt like my arms were made out of lead yesterday. Does nobody else have this? I have no appetite at all at the moment (no sickness so not sure why) so am having to force myself to eat. I know that can't be helping but I am eating.

Does it get easier cause I can only imagine it getting harder as the baby grows?!

badguider Sat 16-Mar-13 09:44:24

Saundy - between 6 and 9 weeks I was utterly utterly exhausted and didn't manage anything except work and sleeping.
But it DOES get better. I am just over 15weeks now and although I still get tired easily and have to be careful of overdoing it, I am not nearly as bad as I fwas in the 6-9week window.

Saundy Sat 16-Mar-13 10:02:11

That's such a relief! I thought this was the easy exercise time & there was nothing down for me.

TotallyEggFlipped Sat 16-Mar-13 12:35:51

Saundy I was pretty exhausted and nauseated from about 4-12 weeks and really struggled to keep exercising. I also found I was prone to feeling like I was going to faint if I wasn't really well hydrated, but started wearing flight socks and they really help.

I was lying in bed this morning and didn't feel like going out for a run at all. I started to think about giving up altogether, even though I know how miserable I get when I'm not running. Anyway, I dragged my arse out of bed and got out there and really enjoyed myself. It was a bit of a plod, but I'm not exactly looking to set any speed records at the moment.

islingtongirl Sat 16-Mar-13 17:23:08

Hey annamelissa - I go to maternally fit classes! I am really enjoying them - I found them fairly easy going for the first few weeks but am 17 weeks now and I think they will feel tougher as I get bigger. You all sit on gym balls and do some aerobic exercises, them use weights, then squats and some toning mat work. Also nice from a social perspective to chat to other mums to be. There was a lady at my class last week who was 40 weeks and still going!

As for exercise in general, I went about 4-5 times a week before I was pregnant to various classes, kettle bells, circuits, reformer Pilates. I've sacked in the more intensive ones as I don't think they are suitable now e.g. Kettlebells, plus I was the only pregnant one in the classes and not all instructors are comfortable teaching you I have found. I have kept up my reformer Pilates classes twice a week, they aren't ante natal ones but I have been doing them for years and one of the instructors is trained in pre and post natal Pilates so adjusts the exercises for me. I hope to continue going for as long as I can. I also do maternally fit once a week and in the rest of the time try to walk into or back from work a few times a week, it's about 40 mins each way, I'm guessing a couple of miles. I'm hoping that's enough to keep any massive weight gain t bay as I have to say my appetite is pretty good and I seem to have developed a worrying penchant for biscuits! I barely ate them before I was pregnant, now I find excuses to have them for mid morning snacks, dessert etc!

Would be interested to hear other people's tips for fitting in exercise around work etc and suitable ante natal exercises. Has yoga been beneficial for anyone?

Caladria Sat 16-Mar-13 23:14:52

@Marushka, This blog is ace for finding pools: I haven't been to Ealing to swim, but can vouch for the open-air (heated) ones in London Fields, Endell St in Covent Garden and the beautiful restored ones in Ironmonger Row (Old Street), Marshall St (Soho) and Kentish Town. Those and some 40 others are all run by the same non-profit so £30 or so a month gets you membership of all of them.

@Islingtongirl, I've been going to the Liverpool Rd maternally fit classes since 13 weeks, though I missed the last one. Am now 37 weeks (eek) and it is definitely getting harder.

Yoga I tried and liked, but couldn't be bothered to keep up. I kind of hesitate to say this, because it sounds so smug and I get that all pregnancies are different, but my goodness I'm glad I decided to exercise throughout this pregnancy. Backache, stiffness, cramps, anxiety, constipation, restless legs, they all get sorted by moving.

CareerGirl01 Sun 17-Mar-13 17:02:29

saundy my tiredness eased around 16 weeks but this weekend -7 weeks of my pg to go - my morning sickness appears to have come back. I'm going to try and kee

CareerGirl01 Sun 17-Mar-13 17:03:41

p something up this week! Wish me luck

bakerbump Sun 17-Mar-13 19:53:16

I'd like to join too please ladies! Pre pregnancy I was doing 4 classes a week (Body Pump and Body Step) plus a PT session all of which I continued to do. Although I reduced my effort accordingly it must have triggered the SPD I've been suffering from since 16 weeks.

Took a couple of weeks off and after the go ahead from my physio (who I have to see fortnightly to get clicked back into place!) I started gym sessions consisting of half an hour on a recumbent exercise bike followed by half an hour of upper body weights.

With the SPD I found cycling using a very low resistance quite theraputic but this might not be right for everyone.

Started getting bored with the above routine very quickly so recently introduced Babyfit classes and am just waiting for a tankini to arrive in the post so I can start swimming. Was sceptical about the Babyfit classes thinking being used to high impact classes they'd be too easy but where my fitness levels have declined I actually found it quite a good level.

Am now 33+6 and although I really miss my classes, staying active despite the SPD has been great, especially for my mood as I'm prone to feeling down. And despite eating everything in sight the comments that I'm all bump are very nice too!

Keep it up girls!

CareerGirl01 Mon 18-Mar-13 11:38:01

Bakerbump was told recumbent cycle was good for easing pressure on hip joints. There are no pregnancy-geared fitness classes at my gym, and the support I get from the trainers has been rubbish! So I'm going to change gym when I take my (gym) maternity leave. Am thinking of taking it easy week before my planned CS which will take me to about 37 weeks.
Does anyone know how long you have to wait after a CS before exercising again? With DD I got the 'all clear' at 8 weeks from my GP and then started jogging with the pram. Was later told I should have waited and stuck to low impact stuff because of presence of relaxin.
Does anyone know who makes jogging prams?

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