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The All New And Shiny Gestational Diabetes Support Thread

(274 Posts)
midori1999 Mon 11-Mar-13 21:11:03

The old thread seems to have died a death, so thought of start a new one for anyone who wants some support or just to chat about GD.

I'm 9 weeks pregnant now, had GD in my last (5th) pregnancy and had my GTT today, expecting to be diagnosed tomorrow as my levels are already silly.

Mummysaysno Sat 23-Mar-13 13:17:20

It's gestational I think that's categorized separately but could be wrong!!
Unfortunately we don't live in the UK and supermarkets here are rubbish!! Oh how I miss British supermarkets!!!!

midori1999 Sat 23-Mar-13 13:42:03

Thanks guys. I didn't ring the clinic in the end, I'm seeing them again on Monday anyway. The sickness seems to have worn off in that I'm no longer actually vomiting, although feel nauseous on and off and my appetite seems to have disappeared, but that I can cope with, although I'm having to force myself to eat. stiffy it seems like insulin is going to be unavoidable for me anyway at some point and I don't mind if I have to have it again.

newchoos, I think in most places meds do change things as opposed to being diet controlled. Certainly at my current hospital they don't like you to go over 39 weeks if on metformin and not over 38 weeks if on insulin, although I haven't really discussed the birth or their reasoning for that yet. I'm not sure it will affect me anyway since only one of my 5 labours has happened after 38 weeks, so hopefully this one will be the same.

mummysaysno you can eat normal foods if you're getting fed up with the same thing all the time, just use wholewheat/seeded versions where possible. Or if you like soup, lentil and bacon is good as lentils are very slow release carbs. You can also have milk in your tea if you want to and drink no added sugar squash, including ribena and flavoured water etc. The dietician told me this time it was Ok to have a small glass of fruit juice each day, but I know that will make my levels go high, so I don't. Can you get 'Options' hot chocolate where you are? That is only around 10g of carbs a cup I think and fine to have. Or, if milk doesn't make your levels go mad then you could just use a bit of cocoa in hot milk. I'm totally off coffee a the moment, but in my last pregnancy I would just have a plain black coffee and a bit of milk when out if I was going to Starbucks etc. I agree that the odd high reading isn't likely to make too much difference, but I found I got enough of those even with strict diet control and insulin.

midori1999 Sat 23-Mar-13 13:43:07

And yes, you're right, GD is classed seperately to type 1 and 2, although any diabetes discovered in pregnancy is classed as gestational and then they may find out afterwards it is actually type 1 or 2.

Mummysaysno Sat 23-Mar-13 14:27:13

Thanks midori... good that your vomiting has stopped, although nausea and lack of appetite must be pretty awful.
I will look out for options hot chocolate...maybe I'll find it! And can get sugar free drinks, so will get some just for variety!!

CheapTarnishedGlitter Mon 25-Mar-13 13:14:49

Is milk affecting peoples levels?? I was told to have plenty! I've had at least one decaffeinated latte everyday from the work canteen and readings are fine. Starbucks also do sugar free syrups so apart from feeling a bit awkward having to ask for such a fussy drink you can still go for it (thank goodness!)

Didn't know about the options drinks though... I think I'll have to check those out!

StiffyByng Mon 25-Mar-13 13:40:53

I think it's like everything-varies between people. Capuccinos don't affect me at all but when I had a chowder that was milk based, I got a high reading.

What are we all looking forward to having post-delivery? I can't wait for marmite toast for breakfast again (No More Eggs), an almond croissant, a big plate of pasta and a dark chocolate cornflake cake from my local cafe. And just to be able to eat a simple sandwich for lunch again.

Mummysaysno Mon 25-Mar-13 14:30:07

Oh my I daren't think about what I'll eat...normally after having a baby I'm so happy to have runny egg..this time it'll be chocolate...and to be able to bake with the kids from Mary Berry!
I will ask about sugar free syrups at Starbucks...wasn't aware of that!
I must admit though I do feel very 'worthy' now when doing the supermarket shop...unloading so much fruit and unsalted nuts etc...I do feel better about myself with the ridiculously healthy diet, and think after a couple of weeks post baby just enjoying chocolate and so on, I may go back again for six weeks or so to help shed the baby weight.

CheapTarnishedGlitter Mon 25-Mar-13 16:02:31

Ooh many things!! Main one is millionaires shortbread but also looking forward to a carb fest tea of pizza, garlic bread and potato wedges with a nice glass of white wine... drool!

I'd like to hope I'll carry on being "better" but we'll see how I cope with temptation!

StiffyByng Wed 27-Mar-13 09:20:07

Yuck. Morning sickness is back and having to eat protein breakfasts is very hard work. I just need a slice of dry toast. I have also been unable to monitor my levels for almost a week as the suppliers of my test strips are not delivering any to the chemists I've tried. I'm due at the clinic next Tuesday and really worried they'll tell me off although hopefully if I can get hold of some today I will at least have a few recent days on the record. Fingers crossed I don't find my levels have rocketed-weather plus sick toddler means I've done very little exercise.

How is everyone else?

midori1999 Wed 27-Mar-13 10:30:40

Stiffy, oh no, that sounds awful, what a nightmare for you. Good luck with your readings once you can test again.

Instead of changing my meds at the clinic on Monday, they doubled the dose. I have to admit, I wasn't very adamant as they had also found I had an infection, which I was much more worried about die to my history. The sickness has worn off a lot though, so I think maybe I'm getting used to the tablets now and since yesterday all my levels have been within target.

As for foods, I'm not really missing much tbh. Chocolate a bit, although I don't usually eat chocolate, do I think thats more as I can't eat it. I do miss cake though. I make them for family and friends so it's awful having home made cakes around and not being able to eat them. (there are some pics on my profile if anyone wants to have a look)

NewChoos Thu 28-Mar-13 14:37:28

I am feeling dreadful as I just can't stay away from the bad food. I don't know where my willpower has gone and I am feeling very guilty. Luckily my reading have been ok up unit today. So I have had a reality shock.
Will I have harmed the baby with my cake eating...? My scan at 20 weeks was fine, next scan 28 weeks (am 24 weeks now).
I am going to be strict from now on.
Hope everyone else is ok and sorry for me me me post - feeling a bit low!
midori I dare not look at the cakes on your profile.

Mummysaysno Thu 28-Mar-13 14:46:59

Hi NewChoos...sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish...I'm new to this GD business and it is tough. My advice is to make sure you're having you're 'safe' snacks between meals so you don't cave in due to hunger. It is a very restrictive diet and not easy...the best thing is the GD is diagnosed so you and baby are being monitored, so you are in good hands. Don't linger on the guilt...break the day in to hours and get through it a bit at a time when the craves start!!!!

Oh and I just ate some yoghurt raisins...not taking my advice...totally starving, and so over eating fruit ...and yes now feel completely guilty...not helped as baby jumping around in tummy obviously so excited at the sugar rush...

NewChoos Thu 28-Mar-13 15:37:14

oh thanks for message mummysaysno I have noticed that baby jumps around after food too!

I think you are right - healthy snacks to hand are the key.

CheapTarnishedGlitter Tue 02-Apr-13 07:40:16

Morning all! How was Easter for everyone? I managed a couple of hot cross buns but haven't dared open any eggs - too tempting to just scoff the lot!

I had a bit of a cold last week so a few readings at the higher end, and now finding the cold weather to be a pain - using so much more hand cream than usual and so really having so scrub before testing otherwise the meter just picks up the cream and goes bonkers!

midori1999 Tue 02-Apr-13 10:05:48

Haha Choos they're decorated cakes, not the sort that look nice to eat. grin The odd high reading won't matter too much, it's when they are consistently high there's a problem. Although they do have to be quite a bit over. In my last pregnancy even with insulin they were hardly ever within range, but my diabetic team were happy. castings were usually around 6-6.5 and after breakfast often in the 10's, despite very strict diet control, I just couldn't increase the insulin fast enough.

Hi CTG I have managed to avoid all chocolate over Easter, except for eating one tunnocks tea cake after dinner last night. Oddly, that was the only pre bed (as I test pre meals and bed, not post meals) that has been within target this week. confused Typical! I think I messed up and took two extra Metformin last night at bedtime instead of my antibiotics (what an idiot) although my blood sugars were ok this morning. I think I'm going to skip this mornings's meteor in though. They don't do much anyway, so I'm going to ring the diabetic nurse to discuss today as my next appointment isn't until next Monday.

boardingschoolbaby Tue 02-Apr-13 11:51:48

Hello ladies, really interesting to read all of your experiences. I had my GTT last weds and got a phone call back yesterday saying I was positive for GT. I have my first appointment at the hospital tomorrow. The nurse on the phone really didn't reassure me though- she asked what my risk factors for the initial referral were so I told her that I had had 2 consecutive urine tests that had shown positive for sugar with the midwife. She went through a load of other stuff- bmi in normal range, no family history, no other medical problems, and I walk the dogs twice a day (we live very rurally) plus swim 3 times a week for about 30-40 mins. My mum was a food technology teacher so have always had a very healthy diet. My main concern is that after reading through the leaflet from the midwife, I really can't see what changes to anything I am supposed to make to control this. I really don't want medical intervention if at all possible ( have never even had to go to a hospital until I started trying to have a baby) so it's all freaking me out a bit really as I feel very much not in control of what is going on.

CheapTarnishedGlitter Wed 03-Apr-13 08:43:31

Hi Boarding - I hope today's appointment goes well. Hopefully you'll get a chance to have a go at controlling through diet first - and oddly enough, what we might think of as a "good" diet isn't necessarily one that's GD friendly. It still amazes me that shoving shed loads of cheese onto a meal actually makes it "better" - not better generally, but means the carbs are slowed down in turning to sugars so for now a win!

Midori I wad hopeful for a minute you'd discovered that tea cakes had magic sugar reducing properties grin

I repacked my hospital bag yesterday... knowing you'll be kept in for a couple of days so will definitely need a few changes of clothes and other bits and bobs certainly makes it a challenge...!

boardingschoolbaby Wed 03-Apr-13 17:13:26

Up until today I have always defended the NHS when others have slagged it. However this morning was such an utter waste of time that I am still furious 6 hours later. I was called on monday to say go to hospital weds to see consultant, dietitian and nurse. Arrived this morning through rush hour traffic to be in a "group" with 2 other women where we then had to arrange plastic food into food groups, and play a game where you follow a "road map" of the hospital which takes you through diagnosis to birth and beyond. I have never been so patronised in my entire life. I was kept there for over 2 hours in order to receive 5 mins of useful instruction as to how to use the blood monitor, and the rest required me to sit and listen to one of the other women having to have it explained to her that drinking 2 litres of full sugar coke everyday wasn't going to do her much good, or the other lady being told that 4 calippo lollies does not Equate to a meal. This took 4 members of staff almost 2 and a half hours. Hardly an efficient use of time and knowledge of what we no doubt highly trained staff who were speaking to us at a primary school level. I have refused to go back next week, and said that I will phone in my results. Not impressed at all. hmm I'm really not normally a stroppy cow......... I promise.

StiffyByng Fri 05-Apr-13 09:00:46

Haha, Boardingschoolbaby. My commiserations. I also found the diabetes clinic very patronising and refused to go every week. I was very stroppy and made a formal PALS complaint too. My only return visit so far, five weeks later, was slightly better with the diabetes consultant, and a return to form with my first meeting with the diabetes midwife, who was a complete cow, who tried to tell me i couldn't have a homebirth and positively crowed when I said the baby is currently breech. It certainly doesn't make it easy to engage with them.

I second the advice on diet control. You really never know, and quite a bit of the diet is counter-intuitive for healthy eating - loads of butter on toast, loads of cheese on pasta, chips rather than jacket potato etc.

My levels remain fine apart from fasting - which are sometimes fine and other times just over borderline. I remain a big fat liar about them though, particularly now I'm getting periods where they are within range. I got a mild ticking off at my clinic appointment for having +4 ketones so have upped my carbs and found that I can eat more than I thought I could, particularly potato. I had salmon, green beans and potato salad for lunch the other day and got 5.8 afterwards. I feel a bit more normal. Last night I went out for a really lovely dinner and ate exactly what I wanted. My two hour reading (didn't get home earlier) was 6.9 but I know that's down to a caramel dessert so I just don't care! I've found the chocolate cake barely raises my sugar at all, so am now in a constant battle with myself not to eat it every day.

I hope everyone else is doing OK. CTG, since my cold went my readings have been far better. Midori, it all sounds stressful. I hope you get good advice over the phone.

Mummysaysno Fri 05-Apr-13 09:55:11

Found it so odd to read about the diet talk boardingschool...I'm not in the UK but in private health care system which comes with it's own issues. Depressing to think there are adults out there who need that level of education, but a pity if can't be targeted more.
I think I need to be a bit better at trying new foods...I've not dared eat anything sweet since diagnosis, and now eat the same breakfast every day (two weetabix with fruit on top) which is boooooooring.
Chips? We can eat chips? grin Really? But I bet tomato ketchup is a no because of the sugar level...watched DH eat chips and ketchup yesterday lunch while I ate my home made lunch.... wishing he'd join me out of sympathy as he tells me all the time how many things I can eat, then has Pringles and dips or jam on toast...

NewChoos Fri 05-Apr-13 14:24:10

Hope everyone had a good Easter - managed to avoid eggs so far although did make a cheesecake, had a slice and BM was fine post... however, did have a small amount of jam on toast and it went sky high. Need to adjust my breakfasts, had yogurt this am which was fine. Sent DH shopping to get my lots of protein based foods and so I have been snacking on cheese/chicken and ham. Still craving sweet food though.
boarding sounds dreadful and what a waste of resources, perhaps you should feedback to them. Having said that it may have been the correct level for the 2litre woman....
That's interesting midori I was started on Metformin (1 tablet with breakfast only) because I had some BM's of 8 post breakfast.

What are you feeling about birth choices? I am leaning more towards C section but worried may have a battle to get one. I feel a bit negative about induction and feel a planned section preferable to a possible emergency but not sure this is grounds enough?

StiffyByng Fri 05-Apr-13 14:38:11

Mummy, I find a small quantity of chips is fine for me! But only with plenty of protein. The fattier the cooking method, the better with potatoes for me. The other night I had three fairly substantial roast potatoes with roast pork and green veg, and got 5.8. Bread on the other hand is just no good at all.

Mummysaysno Fri 05-Apr-13 15:24:25

Breakfast fasting readings puzzle me too...I can get a really low read (below 4) if I'm really hungry before lunch/dinner but even if I wake up starving it's never that low.

Ah the torture of just three roast potatoes!!! But yes, I can see the fat aspect and adding protein makes it more balanced.

Is anyone else worried about the 6 week post birth check? I'm getting through this thinking it's not forever...but what if?

StiffyByng Fri 05-Apr-13 15:50:51

My fasting readings are my highest of the day, dropping quickly after breakfast. I am now having a 'carb' breakfast after my ketone incident, but it is a single slice of WW bread (9g carbs) with lots of protein still, and that raises me to the high 6s.

I worried and worried about the post birth 'not going away' but have had reassurances from the diabetic consultant and the obstetrician that it's very unlikely with low levels. Doesn't stop me fretting a bit though. Interestingly the diabetic consultant said that it's more like 1% than 10% who still have elevated levels, which sounded far better.

Mummysaysno Fri 05-Apr-13 15:54:11

Stiffy...what is the problem with ketones? Ignorant me thinks it means you're losing weight, but I'm guessing it's not that simple?

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