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Random Q - eyebrow tinting during pregnancy

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SterlingS Thu 07-Mar-13 09:06:07

Thanks plannedshock - will text the girl who does my brows and ask for another patch test thing!

plannedshock Thu 07-Mar-13 08:42:44

I'm 35 wks and have hd brows-have done all the way through. You should let them know and they will give you a handful of those little test patch transfers to do each time 24-48hrs before your apt. The waxing and threading is exactly the same for me. Still also been waxing everything else and am a hairdresser so also been colouring my hair too-if you're worried about full head tint on your hair you could always lowlite/hilite! Good luck through your pregnancy!!

SterlingS Thu 07-Mar-13 07:49:28

Hi all - I'm about 6 weeks gone, found out last week and am still getting to grips with all the advice on everything.

I know this might sound strange but is eyebrow tinting ok? I get my brows done every six weeks or so - but I know with hair your chances of reaction to dye can increase due to the crazy hormones, is this the same for brows? Would rather not have a reaction/bright red already giving the hair dye a miss (I often get an itchy scalp after a mild reaction last summer) even though it means I'm going to be V grey soon...

Also cos I get HD brows there is waxing and threading too - will my pain threshold be all over the place too?

Any advice appreciated!

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