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Snowhite Wed 06-Mar-13 23:05:31

I had hydroenphrosis in my first pregnancy and can say it is the worst pain in the world. I kept being told it was a urine infection, i begged them to scan me and thats when they diagnosed it.

I wasn't given the option of a stent but had a nephrostomy tube put in at 27 weeks this involved them giving me a a local and the tube being inserted with a bag on the outside which drained the urine. Sounds grim which it was but the pain went straight away, the tube stayed in until i delivered at 37 weeks.

Hope that helps x

podgymumma Wed 06-Mar-13 22:50:19

I had kidney stents put in at 13 weeks and had them removed after birth. My consultant didn't xray me just used scans.

DachsandPup Wed 06-Mar-13 18:46:31

Anaesthetics are safe in pregnancy - I had an op with my previous pg at 14 weeks and all was fine. I will need a similar op this time if my pg gets that far. I don't have experience of your op though - mine was for a cervical stitch, no x-ray involved.

Bekahxoxo Wed 06-Mar-13 17:42:16

I have been hospitalised for a week due to pains in my right and had an ultrasound which confirmed both my kidneys have swelled 'hydronephesis', I have been very nausious too and have a lot of medication, oral morphine, cyclzine by injection, codine, parcetomal (useless).

I have seen a nephrologist (specilaist in kidneys) who has advised me to have an operation on my kidneys, which involves putting a camera through my uretha upto my kidney to see if there is any stones if so remove them if not place a stent between kidney and bladder. My operation is scheduled for tuesday.. however am not sure this is the best route to go down due to being put to sleep by anaesthetic and the use of xray equipment an the op as a whole.

Ive done some vague research and seen alot of people still had probs with the stents etc. and as am only 24 weeks i feel its too risky for my baby. However the docs have advised me if i dont the pain may become worse and i may develop an infection. I am now managing my pain without morphine and just on codine. The only implication i can find to developing and infection would be an early delivery which im thinking is best to chance rather than having an anaesthetic/xray and risking losing or deforming my baby.

Anyone else been in a similar situation or can offer any advice or expertise would be much appreciated?


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