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SPD and work

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philbee Mon 04-Mar-13 09:24:48

Hi all. I'm 34 wks with DC2 and SPD has suddenly worsened in the last week. Have got crutches now, which i found a bit of a laugh at first but now use quite a lot.

Three more weeks of part time work, some at home. I'm finding everything difficult and painful, including sitting for long periods, which I have to do for work. Am knackered and would really like to stop sooner but DH isn't keen as I'll have less time to cover school hols at the other end. Wwyd? If I call in sick with pg related illness now I think my leave would start early automatically.

Oodsigma Mon 04-Mar-13 09:26:26

Maternity leave can only be forced at 36 weeks but is it worth making you worse for the sake of a week or 2?

philbee Thu 07-Mar-13 11:04:00

Thanks Ood. It's eased off a lot now and I have a new support belt which is much better. I think I overdid it pushing DD around in a pushchair at the weekend, she's about 22kg now, so it was totally daft, but I couldn't face a strop if she didn't want to walk! Will enlist DH's help in future.

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