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Anyone else 37/38 weeks pg?

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DeathMetalMum Sun 03-Mar-13 14:05:14

I'm 38 weeks today. Just wondering if anyone else is around the same point. Starting to feel a little fed up and I could still be waiting 4 weeks for baby to arrive. I don't have any real symptoms of impending labour at the moment. I am getting quite painfull tightenings with some back ache but saw the mw on friday who said head isn't engaged yet so not expecting much soon. How is everyone else dping?

Pontouf Sat 13-Apr-13 07:08:52

Morning guys, 41 weeks today and no baby. Went to the cinema yesterday and was getting definite tightenings about every 15 minutes, but they stopped as soon as I got up and went home sad
Shomes, how did the sweep go? Any luck?
Enjay anything since the show? You in labour?!
Come on people, where are the babies??!!!

enjay0811 Sat 13-Apr-13 08:45:25

Jst typed a response n bloody lost it grrr. Still nothing here, period style pains but no baby! Going to get my hair done today, tryin to keep busy to take my mind off imminent labour and to cover up the grey so newborn pics look better!

Hope you ladies get to meet babies soon. Can't be tht much longer!! PMA, PMA, PMA!!

LuckyOwl28 Sat 13-Apr-13 17:38:55

I woke up feeling a bit 'different' today - hard to explain really. Seem extra moody with very faint cramping on and off but that may be because I hardly slept a wink last night.

Also fed up of family members ringing every five minutes to see if I've had any twinges.

Been on a 3 mile walk including some hills but doesn't seem to have done a thing.

Gods sake!!

JaquelineHyde Sat 13-Apr-13 18:04:40

Hey can I join?

I'm currently 39+2 and there have been absolutely zero signs of labour.

I thought I had a show 2 weeks ago but I think that was due to an internal I had had the day previous.

I was in hospital for a week with an uti that needed me to be on a drip but that didn't kick start anything.

I have had a seriously upset tummy last week but that didn't start anything.


I have dtd twice with dh in the last few days but that hasn't done anything.

I can't walk very far due to severe spd and now very low blood pressure making me feel dizzy after a few mins on my feet.

Maybe it will all just kick off without warning but I would just like the tiniest of signs that things are moving.

num3onway Sat 13-Apr-13 20:47:20

Hi jaq think we posted together on another thread! My labour started without warning at 39+4, I was woke at 8.30am by a sharp pain, lay there for 9 min thinking way was that!? Had I dreamt it? Then got another. 5 hours later I was holding dd! Wishing you a nice quick labour!

LuckyOwl28 Sat 13-Apr-13 21:25:04

num3 that sounds like a dream to me!

If only I could be so lucky!

num3onway Sun 14-Apr-13 15:29:07

I think I had earnt a nice short labour this time.

My first labour was 2 days slow labour, 13 hours established .

My second labour was a week in slow labour and 13 hours established!

So I feel my 5 hours start to finish had been well n yruely earnt!

LuckyOwl28 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:00:07

I'll let you off! wink

I've been an absolute cow today.

The words "I'll be as rude as I WANT" actually came out my mouth

(husband had suggested I 'be careful' with what I replied to annoying texts asking 'any twinges')

Pontouf Sun 14-Apr-13 22:49:48

Oh LuckyOwl, I think you and I are in sync! I am so fucked off with everything and everyone now! Everyone is an insensitive idiot.

So, today I have been for a walk, had a swim, bounced on my ball for several hours and had a curry. I am done, I'm off to bed. Got an appointment with the consultant tomorrow to decide what is to be done with me. I'll be 40+9. Unbelievable.

Night all, hope everyone either gets a good night's sleep or has a baby.

num3onway Mon 15-Apr-13 11:39:43

Oh how I remember the nasty moodyness your feeling! The week before dd was born I was so snappy and an utter cow. And I didn't even go past due date! Think I might have actually killed someone it I had!

shomes Mon 15-Apr-13 21:27:30

Hello all. Finally we have our baby. She was born on Saturday at 12:36 45 minutes from the contractions to the birth! I was needless to say quite shocked!! Dh didn't even get there to swap with my mum as he was looking after ds!
She's gorgeous, 6lb 3oz tiny compared to ds and I'm in love! She's very good apart from confusing day and night but much easier this time round when I know what I'm doing!
Good luck all, hope you all have your babies soon. X

Pontouf Tue 16-Apr-13 21:12:50

Hey CONGRATULATIONS Shomes! Very pleased for you. Especially as <whispers> I think things might be on the move..... Had a second sweep yesterday and lost a big lump of plug this morning. Then this afternoon I lay down for a nap and started getting vague period type cramps, so I gathered up DH and DS and went and marched round the park in the hope that things might kick off. I'm getting stronger pains in my lower abdomen and my back. They are totally copable (is that a word???) with but definitely there. Please God let this be it!

If nothing comes of it I am booked in to have my waters broken on Thursday so it can't possibly be much longer! How's everyone doing?

enjay0811 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:48:07

For those still waiting, I hope you're in a better mood than me today. Woke up miserable, shouted at dh on fone, feel like crying for no reason and just don't no why! Plus my maternity jeans were cuttin me in half cos bump is so low so sat at home, on my own, in old joggers lookin and feelin a mess....rant over...sorry for me,me,me but need to get it off my chest! When is this baby going to arrive!!!! Congrats to those who've met their new arrivals, I am very envy and don't no wot I'll do if I go overdue confused

enjay0811 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:50:28

Just lookin back thru the posts and seems I'm not the only one in a mood blush let's hope it's a sign tht these babies will arrive soon! flowers to you all!

JaquelineHyde Wed 17-Apr-13 17:58:47

Any news Pontouf if not good luck for tomorrow.

Enjay I am 39+6 today so tomorrow is D day. I cannnot believe that I still haven't given birth and I am being an utter bitch/miserable cow but getting away with it as no one dare question my behaviour grin

Kept busy today in the hope it would start something but no signs of anything as yet. So I suspect tomorrow will come as expected and I shall be officially overdue!

shomes Wed 17-Apr-13 19:45:02

Good luck ladies hoping pontouf is ok too! I'm still in shock that we have our dd she's beautiful and despite the lack of sleep I'm totally in love!

I went mad being 40.8 when she arrived I don't know how I survived that last week. Keep smiling ladies, the end is near! X

Pontouf Thu 18-Apr-13 06:20:31

Hello all, well just to update DD was born at 17.43 yesterday weighing 7lb 12oz EMCS. Labour started by quickly, went from
Nothing much to having contractions every two minutes in a couple of hours. Unfortunately on assessment at the hospital I was only 1cm dilated. The broke my waters and things ramped up a bit. After four hours I was 5cm but D D was back to back so was very very painful and the position meant I had this unstoppable urge to push. ended up having an epidural cos was just in agony and doing a lot I mooing! Think DH was quite aback! Ended up with c section due to Fetal distress, ended up all being very quick and big scary.

But ahe's here now and she's amazing! Completely smitten...

shomes Thu 18-Apr-13 12:57:57

Aw pontouf so happy for you , yours seemed so drawn out and mine so quick, both shocking at the same time! Hope your coping ok with everything and that you get lots of lovely cuddles xxx

num3onway Thu 18-Apr-13 19:32:38

Congrats to new arrivals!

LuckyOwl28 Fri 19-Apr-13 02:31:56

Baby Owl was born 7.02pm on 15th April! Contractions started at midnight Sunday and quickly progressed, was 3-4cm when I arrived at the midwife unit at 12pm and got in the pool at 3pm which did wonders. All going smoothly and involuntarily started pushing for an hour but with waters still intact her head couldn't come down even though I was fully dilated. After having them broken found meconium so had to jump out the water and pushed desperately in several positions with an ambulance on standby until she finally came. Had no pain relief other than the water but wished I had for the pushing stage. JESUS.
She came in the end though and she's aabsolutely beautiful weighing 7.1lb. Taking her home tomorrow so excited!
congrats on the baby news ans good luck to mums still waiting! Xxx

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