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Morning Sickness starting at 1am and is pretty much constant any tips please?

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Debbsy Wed 03-May-06 09:23:14

Hello i am 9 weeks pg anf have been having ms since week 6 it started at 3am then i was sick again when getting up at 7am then lunchtimes i felt quesy and dinnertime.But now from 1am in morning all through to this morning,been eating ginger biscuits preggie pops arrowroot,drinking ginger tea,ginger ale,but nothing has taken it off today.It doesnt mean there is anything wrong does it.
Thanks in advance for advice.

pucca Wed 03-May-06 09:30:37

Debbsy...I have SO much sympathy for you, i am 24 weeks now and was terribly sick from 5 - 14 weeks.

The best thing is to eat little and often, have what you fancy when you fancy it, but make sure you eat, because a empty stomach will make it worse.

Try the accupressure sicknessbands from boots, i had them and bought them on a whim and didn't think they would help but they did.

Suffering sixkness is a very good sign, as it means your hormone levels are high which is very good (i know it doesn't feel like its a good thing).

Hope you feel better soon, chin up xxx

Surfermum Wed 03-May-06 09:32:05

Oh poor you. I was told it was a good sign that I was being sick but why they call it morning sickness I don't know. I was sick all day long and used to wake in the night too. Nothing I took or did made any difference and I had to carry sick bowls around with me (yuk) - that's if I actually got off the settee. I was signed off work for 5 weeks. I ended up eating iced doughnuts as they tasted ok on the way up as well as on the way down! If I can give you some hope though, it eased around 13 weeks and although I was sick every morning, I was mostly Ok the rest of the time provided I kept eating regularly.

Debbsy Wed 03-May-06 09:34:33

thanks pucca and surfermum xx

TinyGang Wed 03-May-06 09:44:48

So awful! I always post on these threads with sympathy because I suffered with sickness dreadfully last time. As pucca says, it's usually a good sign, but horrible for the mum

I found I was really sensitive to smells. Food and cooking smells obviously, but some perfumes, detergents all sorts of odd things would make me heave.

On the subject of smells though, I did find sharp citress lemon helped and anything icy cold and fresh. Don't know why! A friend gave me this book which was interesting and helped a bit. There are loads of books on the subject, but I don't think there's a miracle cure.

Really hope you feel better soon.

thebecster Wed 03-May-06 10:32:46

Lots of sympathy for you - I've been exactly the same all through my pregnancy - I'm 36 weeks now - but most people feel better after about week 14. I find protein based snacks help me more than carbohydrates - think it's best to experiment to see which foods help you because it seems to be different for everyone. If you can, try to rest during the day. I got into a vicious circle of being sick all night, knackered all day, and then the sickness got worse because of my being so exhausted.

Foxes glacier mints also help when I'm out & there are horrid smells around. My DH has helped me a lot by cooking & washing up as those smells turn my stomach... But like you, I tried all the remedies which people usually suggest and none of them have really worked.

If you aren't keeping water down, then see your GP just in case you're getting dehydrated.

I really feel for you Debbsy, it's just horrible isn't it? The good news is that the sickness is a sign your pregnancy is well-established. They aren't 100% sure what exactly causes the sickness but it's definitely linked to the hormones which are helping your baby to grow. Take it easy, & know that you aren't alone xxx

Elibean Wed 03-May-06 11:29:25

More sympathy Debbsy....I have been pretty much constantly queasy and exhausted from week 5, and the nights are by far the worst.

In my case, I suspect nights are bad because I'm lying down, and I get heartburn as I have a hiatus hernia from my pregnancy with dd...I find antacids help the sickness a bit, as well as the heartburn. I also keep cream crackers and mint gum by the bed, so I can snack then 'clean my teeth' (ie get a better taste in my mouth).

I also find drinking water really hard - need cordial in it, or something, otherwise it makes me gag.

If you get really bad, do go to the doctor - mine gave me something to take in emergencies (not enough sleep is a vicious circle, and I have a two year old to look after) which does take the edge off the nausea.

Last pregnancy, I started to get better at 10 weeks - so take heart, it could get better soon: hope its like that for you!


Debbsy Wed 03-May-06 11:59:32

thanks everyone for kind wishes,ivejust got back from the drs he was lovely said how pleased he was that we were pg after all this time.Didnt want to give me anything for the sickness but gave me maalox suspension for the acid and said that should help.Tested my water for ketones that was fine.And told me to go back if sickness doesnt help.

olivo Wed 03-May-06 12:04:41

debbsy, i can sympathise too as i suffered till about 17 weeks. I got some Avent drops from boots that you could put on your pillow and they were supposed to help you sleep and make you wake feeling less sick - i think they worked! havent seen them recently in boots - maybe discontinued - but maybe worth a look at least?

good luck!!

intergalacticwalrus Wed 03-May-06 12:12:33

Sympathies Debbsy, I have suffered with this in bith my pgs. It's crap isn't it??? The good news is that you probably won't have to suffer myuch longer, as most woman are over it by the first trimester.

The best thing I found was to eat little and often, as others have said. Lots of carbs!!! Plain biscuits, toast, jacket spuds with a small knob of butter etc were all my saviour in the early days. Eat whatever you fancy, as I found those foods were most likely to stay down. In the early part of this pg, I ate bucket loads of oranges.

Make sure you drink loads of water if you can keep it down.

Also, I found eating something like cereal or toast just before going to bed helped a little bit.

Someone told me seabands are good too. I didn't try them, as I always forgot to buy them!!!!

Morning Sickness is a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing as it should be. When you stop feeling sick, your belly will take over as the main indicator!!!

fay68 Sat 13-May-06 22:53:42

I soo sympathise with ms. I didn't have it with dd1 but I am now 34 wks pg with no.2 and I suffered from hyperemesis from wk 5 to wk 24. I couldn't even look at water let alone drink it. The only thing that stayed down was cornflakes with warm milk and toast. I still have terrible aftertaste whatever I eat, and although no longer throwing up 2-3 times a day (yes, I had a sick bowl, too!) still feel nausea 24/7. Doctor laughs it off saying it'll just disappear as soon as I give birth but it feels like I've been pg for 90 months not 9! I want to eat like a human again!!!

kayzed Sun 14-May-06 00:12:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayzed Sun 14-May-06 00:16:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alipiggie Sun 14-May-06 04:20:26

For me the best was to drink a glass of sparkling water and eat two ginger biscuits before moving anywhere. It worked a treat. I was signed off by my doctor for two months as I was so sick with ds1 and that was all day sickness. Morning sickness ha ha

HumphreysCorner Sun 14-May-06 12:10:08

Debbsy-I really feel for you hun as MS (or 24 hour sickness) is just awful. I just ate rich tea fingers and drunk mushroom soup for 4 months. Ginger was a deffo no no for me. Oh and believe it or not hot chocolate was a godsend too although my mum couldn't believe I could face it.

Hope you feel better soon. Your baby will be fine and will take the MS in his/her stride.


Kathy1972 Mon 15-May-06 12:22:09

No-one has yet mentioned vitamin B6, which can really help.
I had hyperemesis for my first pregnancy and am now having it again (11 weeks pg with my second) - it's hell. Have a look at the UK hyperemesis site and the US hyperemesis site for lots of info.
The biggest battle the first time was to get my doctors to take it seriously as a lot just think 'oh, it's just morning sickness' - when I first went to the doctor having not been able to keep down even a sip of water for three days she insisted on giving me a leaflet all about how I'd feel better if I had a cup of tea and a biscuit before getting out of bed! If it's any consolation, when the baby was born life felt like utter heaven. Getting up in the night to feed a baby is total joy compared with getting up to throw up - my friends said I seemed to be suffering from post-natal elation! The thing to remember is, the sickness doesn't hurt the baby and it does pass eventually!
Also, there are anti-emetic drugs that can help if you are having trouble staying hydrated. Doctors don't like prescribing them as there is no absolute guarantee they are safe (it's unethical to test drugs on pregnant women so they can't do the trials they normally would), but they have been used for decades with no ill-effects noted.

Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 19:40:06

thank you for advice i seem to be getting better not as sick as often now phew!!!

neena28 Tue 16-May-06 19:49:20

Haven't got time to read other posts but only things that eased it for 9 months with ds were:

Those tiny cans of (full fat, normal) coke that you can get from supermarket, had them little and often and they had to be fizzy. (They were recommended by the hospital)

About half and hour after the coke I could stomach about half a banana.

Could usually manage a small meal about an hour after that.

Had travel bands that I wore 24/7 too and can't say I noticed that they were that good but didn't dare not wear them! They do work for DS and I in the car though so they're might be something to them.

Also tried Gavison but thought that was crap.

Was told that the trick is to keep your sugar levels up little and often and that stops you feeling so sick and that if you acan trick your body into feeling less sick you ARE less sick. Don't know if it really worked or not but good luck. xx

PeachyClair Tue 16-May-06 20:11:25


in google (sorry my pC playing up) search blooming awful. It is the web page for the hyperemesis (excessive vomiting in PG) website I used to volunteer for, has loads of tips on it.

Kathy1972 Wed 17-May-06 09:57:49

Peachyclair, the Uk site I linked to is the Blooming Awful site. Good on you for volunteering for them - it's a brilliant site, full of useful advice and really down-to-earth. It really helped me.
The only thing is, why oh why do they have that cartoon on the front page of a woman about to throw up at the sight of a fried breakfast? When I was at my worst that picture alone was enough to set me off - I used to have to put my hand over the top of the screen whenever I went to the page

stripeybumpsmum Wed 17-May-06 10:46:53

Ditto other's comments. Blooming Awful is good site. Hospital recommended Full Fat Coke to me after admission to be drip fed - don't know why but it did work. As pg progressed and I got more heartburn, mixed it with skimmed milk which also helped.

Eventually though nothing touched it except Cyclizine, presribed by hospital and eased things immediately to a manageable level (2 or 3 chuck ups as oppsed to 30 or 40 a day). Does make you very drowsy though.

BTW, was very worried about impact this would have on baby. Hospital reassured me baby would be little parasite and take exactly whathe needed no matter how bad I was. Now at 14 weeks old and 7.25kg so I guess they were right!

Good Luck

PeachyClair Wed 17-May-06 11:20:17

When the site was desigmned, Kerry (the main gal) was very ill indeed- suspect it amde her feel better! Know what you mean tho

Blooming Awful is out of operation now, never got enough funding and Kerry got ill. I do give my number out for support though, so if anyone reading archives sees this do feel free to CAT me

Piffle Wed 17-May-06 11:28:38

I had hideous hyperemesis 24/7 couldbarely get out of bed, vomited 20-30 x day
Narrowly avoided hospital only because I found a homepath who managed to get me down to mornsing and evening sickness.
Also when I discovered travel bands I got a lot of relief I never took those suckers off til after dd was born
I also found raw peeled pears and tomato soup the only things I could eat.

Kathy1972 Wed 17-May-06 11:33:41

Cyclizine is good stuff, isn't it? I got my doctor to prescribe it last time (basically refused to leave the surgery till she gave me something) and it instantly took things from more or less constant throwing up to several times a day. I managed to stay out of hospital, which I am so glad about.
This time I got prescribed phenergan before the sickness really got going, but it built up to about 5 or 6 throw-ups a day so I went to the doctor again on Monday and got some more cyclizine - only sick once a day since then

thirtysomething Wed 17-May-06 11:45:56

i had anti-emetics from doctor with ds1 as was so sick, but not many doctors in the UK will precribe them...neena's advice about sugar levels is very sound - I also found coke to be a life-saver, as was bitter lemon and very weak black tea. Could you manage lucozade? Full of sugar and electrolytes. Also wonder if any travel-sickness pills are safe in pregnancy as these may help. There is also some stuff somewhere on the net about B vitamins playing a part in the sickness.
Hope it eases soon - you have total sympathy, it is awful and noone who hasn't experienced it can really understand how horrible it is! All worth it though when you're holding you little bundle!! ps. I was way more sick with dd than ds!!

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