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Numb tingly pins and needles feeling since 18 weeks

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WhatKatyDidnt Thu 28-Feb-13 09:14:50

Yes agree with poster above; I had numbness in my hands, legs and feet and it was caused by oedema. I had it very early on and it was related to preeclampsia.

JessHelicopter Thu 28-Feb-13 09:02:41

This sounds like odema (water retention) to me. I am surprised the doctors haven't thought of that as a possibility. Have you got swollen hands/feet/ankles or anything? I know that when I had odema that i often felt like i had pins and needles but it would be localised to the area where the swelling was.

Grneyez74 Wed 27-Feb-13 18:26:20

I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced or is experiencing numbness throughout their body. I am numb from my chest down to my feet with pins and needle feeling. My doctors are trying to figure out why but think it may be pregnancy related. My baby is doing ok. I do have an anterior placenta. This started out of nowhere 3 weeks ago. I have had 2 successful pregnancies prior to this and have 2 beautiful girls, this will be my first boy.
Hopefully someone has some type of insight for me.

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