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30 week problems

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SammyFirstBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 22:19:49

They took a swab but they never really told me much, I really just want him out, I'm in agony. I'm crying constantly and although iv said many times please give me more info there still crapy!

MorganLeFey Wed 27-Feb-13 21:16:41

A FFN is a swab test that can be done during a speculum exam to check for dilatation (when pre-term and they don't want to look rather than do it by feel on an internal) that gives a positive or negative result... if it's positive then chances of going into full on labour in the following days-weeks are much higher than if it's negative.
So lots hospitals can use it to help make decisions about whether grumbly pains are pre-labour ones or not and whether to keep someone in for hospital monitoring or not.

If a healthcare professional told me I could go, but I have to 'discharge myself' (i.e. to cover their arse for them) I think my reply might be quite rude - especially if I was in pain! angry

If you were my friend asking & saying you're still in pain I'd say go back & try to take someone with you for support/extra pair of ears so you can both be clear what the doctors are saying seems to be going on, what their plan is and what plan B is.

EyeoftheStorm Wed 27-Feb-13 20:01:06

Did they put you on a monitor to see if they're contractions? Did anyone mention drugs to slow or stop the contractions?

Steroid injections for baby's lungs are good just in case.

SammyFirstBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 19:53:02


SammyFirstBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 12:42:24

Iv had bleeding since the very start and everytime I visited the epu or labour ward they have no diagnosis!!
They have and everythings fine as far as they can see, iron levels are abit low but I'm on meds for that.
I live litrally on the doorstep of the hospital so once I was dosed up they said I can go home to sleep, but I have to discharge myself :s?
Also not to sure what a ffn is? Sorry lol
The medicain is more masking the pain than sorting it! sad

CareerGirl01 Wed 27-Feb-13 12:41:23

I had bleeding last night - am 30 weeks like you. Stayed overnight and just had second lot of steriod injections. I've not had much pain th

sundaesundae Wed 27-Feb-13 10:33:33

Have they said where you are bleeding from? Have they scanned you? Why did you discharge yourself? Have they done a fFN?

Do they think it is an irritable uterus?

If your waters are intact, you are showing no signs of infection or fetal distress I assume they will give you a drip to stop labour and advise you to have bed rest to get you a few more weeks.

Back ache and hip pain sound like it could spd, which can be very painful. Are you contracting on the CTG?

SammyFirstBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 10:09:35

Since thursday last week iv had bleeding witch stopped yesterday morning, iv had back ache hip pains and contractions. I was sent to hospital yesterday and they monitered me but I wasn't dialated, I discharged myself this morning but the pain has come back.
I'm due back over there at 3:30 for a steriod injection for buba's lungs but I'm just wondering if any one else has had this problem?
They said I'm showing labour signs but not dialated and the pain is so bad I can't really cope.

What do they normally do concerning an early birth?
Will they just dose me up and when this doesn't work again, will they just send me home because its so early?

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