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Maternity wear best buys - please share

(25 Posts)
mum4ever Sat 02-Mar-13 13:50:18

[[ Bravado bras ]] are the most comfy and work for breastfeeding afterwards.

H&M have some great Maternity treggings that are really comfy as they fit over the bump and have a great fit on the legs.

Bexy99 Fri 01-Mar-13 21:53:48

Next black skinny jeans - comfy, stylish and versatile!

iheartshoes Fri 01-Mar-13 21:45:38

Seconding the h&m maternity leggings! Bought first pair in usual size at 20 weeks now 36 weeks and still loving them! So comfy ! Also bought some h&m maternity jeans and I like next's selection of maternity tips

GingerDoodle Fri 01-Mar-13 21:28:01

Mama's and Papas's jeans and black works skirt. I really wish I could get a non pregnancy version of the skirt!

Liveinthepresent Fri 01-Mar-13 20:58:39

Thanks everyone.
I have taken delivery of a few more Isabella Oliver tops.. Got 20% off code so not too scary ££.
Just need to sort out trousers for work and I should be ok - even when it warms up a bit ( soon I hope!)

LoganMummy Thu 28-Feb-13 20:57:23

Has to be a couple of dresses from ASOS I got in the sale. 3/4 sleeves, beautiful necklines and not too short.

I find some of their dresses are hit or miss.

Mango194 Thu 28-Feb-13 20:51:16

H&M maternity leggings (£7.99) have been my pregnancy wardrobe staple! They're cotton so are nice and breathable, unlike some, and they wash really well. I'm normally a 10-12 but went for the 14/16 (medium) size, which are super-comfy without being baggy. Bought them about 18wks when I started to show and the pouch still has plenty of room for my ever-expanding 33-week bump!

ChairmanWow Thu 28-Feb-13 20:41:09

My over-bump Next slouchy jeans have seen me through both my pregnancies. So, so comfy. Not sure about the style stakes as I don't really do skinny jeans but I love 'em!

Radiator1234 Thu 28-Feb-13 19:08:43

I got some brill leggings from eBay (new- from an eBay shop called "Futuro Fashion") they were £3.50 plus £1.85 postage, so a bargain. I only got them at 37 weeks but wish I'd got them earlier (or in a few different colours) as really comfy!

Last pregnancy I lived in my h&m jeans (I loved them!) but this time I've been quite into leggings.

Mollnlillahsmummy Thu 28-Feb-13 18:44:21

I got some size/ 2sizes up body con dresses n wore as tunic over leggins!

ZuleikaD Thu 28-Feb-13 08:25:07

Yup - my jeans are held together at the top with a pony tail band and the bump band goes over the top.

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:53:09

How do the bump bands work? You just unbutton your normal trousers and stick them over the top?

DeathMetalMum Wed 27-Feb-13 20:49:21

I was coming on to suggest my best buy as my yoga pants from mothercare, but they are certainly not stylish just super comfy!

Would probably say my skinny jeans from new look both comfatable and stylish imo. I was in two minds over weather to buy them - then realised they didn't have a fake button on.

CareerGirl01 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:44:21

Second the tank dress from IO - bought one on eBay and a IO t shirt dress. Got given a Dotty P coat jacket which I wear on top of my faux fur normal coat. Is size bigger than a normally take. That and jojomamanbebe striped top and jeggjngs. Bought loads in first pregnancy but not this time round as I was working in a high profile job and this time mostly from home. Saving money for much needed post baby wardrobe revamp - had DD1 four years ago and held on to too much stuff

Liveinthepresent Wed 27-Feb-13 15:24:25

Thanks for the replies - I guess the short answer is everyone finds something different works for them! I think in my first pregnancy I was a little less comfort obsessed than I am this time.
Very impressed with the bump band wearers - I definitely got away with normal clothes a lot longer first time round.
sunnysummer you sound very stylish
Going to add Seraphine work trousers and jeans to my wish list. Stupidly bought a pair of under bum jeans that already don't fit!
Agree about Boden leggings - very comfy - but I sadly don't have the sort of legs that can really get away with leggings - especially not for work.
I have been wearing these quite a lot -
Very comfortable and just about smart enough for work ( but not for meetings)

Juustanothermnetter Wed 27-Feb-13 14:28:35

Asos jersey maxi for summer - it was my best summer pregnancy buy.

Maebe Wed 27-Feb-13 14:25:58

Topshop's skinny Baxter jeans, I just lived in them. Great for after a cs as well. Seraphine trousers for work, but I imagine you already have some! Yoga pants (those loose ones), not maternity ones just a size or so bigger than normal, which I still wear a year after DC was born. I also got some great stuff at H&M maternity, they had great jumpers for casual wear and which were cheap - like you I was in work clothes most of the time. Oh, and a maternity wrap-style dress from Dorothy Perkins which I lived in for work and any vaguely smart of social event.

Msbluesky32 Wed 27-Feb-13 14:20:45

Jojo mamen bebe maternity coat and secret support vest tops for sleeping in. I bought my vest tops from gap but I also does h and m do secret support nursing tops.

CityDweller Wed 27-Feb-13 13:57:33

M&s basic vests these ones I think. I wear them under everything and I'm still in my pre-preg ones (at 35 wks, despite having gone up a size in mat clothes) as they stretch well and feel nice and snug. I'm sure I'm stretching them to buggery, but they're cheap enough to just replace once baby comes

Paradisefound Wed 27-Feb-13 10:45:08

Maternity leggings - boden, very comfy, no pressure on bump. £16 in sale.
I have bought several trapeze style tunics ..on the high street, all non maternity, these are great as you can wear them after without looking preggo...they also still fit in third trimester unlike some of the maternity outfits I have bought. Longline non maternity tops work really well too. Primark stretchy strappy vests. Bravado bras. Knickers have been and still are my biggest problem. Got some good maternity stuff on next website.. Clearance section.

ZuleikaD Wed 27-Feb-13 10:40:28

Next bump band. It's nice and long and stretchy, so I've got through the whole pregnancy (am now 37 weeks) with one pair of maternity trousers and one top - everything else I'm wearing is normal clothes.

phoenixrose314 Wed 27-Feb-13 10:34:54

Maternity leggings from New Look - so, so comfortable!!

Also bought some gorgeous nursing/maternity dresses from EBay, a company called Purpless I think. They are comfy and seriously sexy, make my pregnancy curves look gorgeous instead of bulky!

12ylnon Wed 27-Feb-13 10:29:44

Belly belt for me! I can just wear my normal trousers, so it makes me feel rather good about the fact that i can still fit into what i was wearing pre-pregnancy at 28 weeks (deluding myself, i know it's because of the belt!).

Sunnysummer Wed 27-Feb-13 10:25:30

Isabella Oliver black tank dress! I wear it with a smart jacket or cardigan for work, jumper or sheer tshirt over the top for a more casual look, or with heels/boots and stockings and lots of red lipstick for a night out : ) And it still looks good in the third trimester, while my topshop and Asos buys are starting to get a bit dog-eared from washing and/or make me look enormous due to lack of ruching. Also found some great cheap tshirts from h&m, and my seraphine jeans are great - at first I preferred the super-under-the-bump ones from J Brand, but now I'm bigger the seraphine mid-bump cut is far more comfortable (still can't deal with over-the-bump, it feels too constricting and looks silly on my clothes hangers, which is where they stay in my wardrobe anyway). Also honourable mentions to Hotmilk bras (very flattering, although always too high cut in the middle for all my scooped maternity necklines) and lululemon non-maternity workout gear (the assistants have good tips for what works during pregnancy, and I'm living in their yoga leggings).

Liveinthepresent Wed 27-Feb-13 10:02:07

I am 23 weeks and really struggling to feel as stylish as I did in my first pregnancy. ( older and bigger is a factor am sure!)
Have spent a bit in Seraphine / Isabella Oliver - as need to look smart for work and am relying on internet shopping.
Whats your best buy so far?

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