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Laura Ashley/Creme Egg graduates - pregnant after MC

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Bakingtins Tue 26-Feb-13 21:41:37

A place to carry on chatting after a BFP and support each other through the stressful bits. I hope to see many new graduates appearing....

GardenWorm Sat 06-Apr-13 14:49:32

Very happy for you Shell!

shellshock7 Sat 06-Apr-13 15:14:51

Thanks grin Sorry for the quick post but was on way to my nieces party...I made a right show hmm burst into tears as soon as I got there, oh dear but was so relieved at the end.

Sorry to ask again bod but I have another question blush The sonographer showed me a dark spot and said it could be implantation scarring....the baby was on the lower left corner of the screen and this was top right so she said its nowhere near baby which was in its sack and in the right place etc....she said it was nothing to worry abt but I might bleed a little, does this sound right to you? I just want to know whether I need to prepare myself that it might be abt to go wrong anyway or accept her word that its nothing to worry abt...thanks smile

Aoifebelle Sat 06-Apr-13 17:06:31

Squizita I am in exactly the same boat as you. I had horrific cramping for about 15 mins on Thursday night. Had early scan on Friday. By my reckoning I should be at five weeks, the scan showed a sac but nothing else, was told could be early normal pg, miscarriage or ectopic. Going back tomorrow for repeat blood. I did another poas and compared it to the first, definitely looked a lot darker and my tits are tight as drums. This has helped keep the panic at bay. This is my second pregnancy after a Mc at about 10 wks last year.

How rude I should introduce myself,

squizita Sat 06-Apr-13 17:07:14

Wonderful news Shell!

JBrd Sat 06-Apr-13 18:08:18

Great news shell! You must be so relieved

JanieLovesCake Sat 06-Apr-13 19:24:42

yay shell!!

and hi aoife!

squizita Sat 06-Apr-13 20:03:03

Hi Aoif - best of luck with your bloods. Feels better that its not so unusual... Hopefully a happy outcome for you with bloods and follow up scan! What I find terrifying is the symptoms for ectopic are SO normal - I now have terror about every twinge! Right now I have a wind like pain on my right... Absolutely obsessing over it. If the speck on the scan had shown as a sac etc' I'd be 'oh, wind'.

Aoifebelle Sat 06-Apr-13 22:08:03

Not that I am obsessing or anything, but there are quite a few other incidences on here of people being scanned too early to see anything much, and there has been a happy ending. Good luck for tomorrow x

Vocalista86 Sat 06-Apr-13 23:03:31

Hi everyone, can't believe the weekend is 1/2 over already! Anyway, today I've been having some period like pains (have had these before) but have also had some shooting pains, they haven't been too bad, and are in the uterus/stomach/central area, but I haven't experienced them before and apparently ligament stretching starts in 2nd trimester, I'm only 6 weeks.

I'm probably over analysing, but is this normal?


Bodicea Sun 07-Apr-13 01:32:44

shell yes see it all the time. It's just like a bit of a bruise. Sometimes it causes a bit of a bleed. Sometimes it doesn't just gets "reabsorbed". We only worry about them if they are really big but obviously yours wasn't, the sonographer just wanted to warn you in case you got a little bleed - hopefully you wouldn't be a panicked if you did. But prob will be anyway!
Honestly shell try not to let it worry you xxxxxxx

Bodicea Sun 07-Apr-13 01:45:11

Aiof - sounds about right for 5 weeks. Hope you get blood results.

Vocal - sounds normal to me - obviously if gets really bad get checked out but I have had also rats of odd pains x

In other news - cat has a cold - he is hilarious and feeling v sorry for self and keeps trying to get in bed with us. he has had a firm no - but had to google if can catch cat colds. Apparently I am safe.
Also seem to have put a lot of weight on already can't fit in any of my jeans! Argh - I think this is mostly down to being a greedy cow and not actual pregnancy but not impressed and had a melt down in shops. Don't know what to buy, its too soon for maternity wear but I am seriously running out of clothes!!!

GardenWorm Sun 07-Apr-13 06:02:30

Bod I feel your clothing pain! Mine is mainly down to bloating from flipping constipation and also because I already have a DC my stomach muscles are not what they used to be! If all goes well I have another 5 weeks of trying to hide this at work. Aaargh! I don't want to buy new work clothes for 5 weeks!!!

Good luck for today guys X

squizita Sun 07-Apr-13 08:34:02

Aofe - just been for the quickest trip to A&E EVER... just for the bloods in and out 10 min. Again, nurse was lovely (she even said I was 'young' ... heheh oil of olay) seemed very relaxed and was basically acting as if this is all quite normal- hopefully because it is! She said not to worry even if I have twinges.

Vocalista - I had pains like that from week 4 and apparently they are normal. Partly why my GP booked a scan too early so now being monitored.

Bodecea and Gardenworm - I am in total confusion over what to buy... I don't dare believe this is (as they say) 'an early uterine pregnancy' until I see a print out of a scan and bloods! My boobs are big and tender already and I just wanna buy some soft bras but don't want to jinx anything. At the moment I have 2 non-wired bras I'm wearing on rotation (one day wash, one day wear) haha!

shellshock7 Sun 07-Apr-13 08:37:35

Thanks bod that's just what I needed to hear...she said she told me so I wouldn't panic too much if there was some bleeding...thanks smile

I have to get my maternity clothes down from the's for my work trousers, got a week off and I know ill need them when I go back as they were hurting me last week. I said to myself I would take the pain till I had a's daft but it's like tempting fate or something isn't it hmm Can't be uncomfy like that tho either smile

Hi everyone else smile

andadietcoke Sun 07-Apr-13 08:44:46

Heehee shell nope, I refused to buy any maternity clothes until after my 12w scan, and then refused to wear them until after the second one. Seriously considered holding off until after the NT results as well, but as I still haven't had them (nearly 4 weeks later) it's a good job I didn't.

vocalista yep - I had those too, and what I can only self diagnose as round ligament pain a bit after that too.

I had a proper freakout yesterday and somehow convinced myself I'd boiled the babies 'in the bag'. I sunbathed for perhaps an hour or so longer than I should have done, but didn't overheat, was well hydrated, and had a long swim in the middle and lunch in the shade. And it's only mid-20s so not massively hot. They're fine, aren't they?!

Aoifebelle Sun 07-Apr-13 09:27:12

Thanks squizita. I am not due in until 2pm. Finding it hard this morning, so is my OH. I still feel very much pregnant, last time round I was quite shocked by how quickly I went from feeling pregnant to just not. It happened before the miscarriage was confirmed so I pretty much knew what was coming. What I think I am most scared of this time is being told that even though I feel pregnant that I am not or that it isn't viable.this day can't move quick enough for me.

squizita Sun 07-Apr-13 09:50:28

Aofe- yep I feel different to my last MC, tender boobs etc', so hoping (as no bleeding) the bean just implanted later than usual but in the right place. Did they give you first bloods results? Mine were reassuringly normal (i.e. pregnant but not showing yet levels... matching the scan precisely) I'm so glad they did! Didn't feel queaze this morning so a bit worried, but the boobs, twinges etc' still here!

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 10:53:16

Hello can I join please? Just got a bfp this morning. Excited but v nervous after mc at end of jan.

JanieLovesCake Sun 07-Apr-13 14:17:08

Hey zeux, glad you found us!! And congrats again gringringrin

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 16:06:18

Thanks janie!! grin grin

Aoifebelle Sun 07-Apr-13 16:13:25

Woo hoo! Just got results back. Hcg levels have indeed doubled. Another scan booked for the 19th. Panic button now reset. This is going to be a looooong 8 months (fingers crossed). Squiz, you had any results yet? Welcome newbies. I will hopefully now be a bit less mental.

Bodicea Sun 07-Apr-13 16:31:24

belle fab news. How you can chill out now although if you are anything like me that will lat all of 2 minutes !

zeuz welcome to the thread and congrats xxxxxxx

shellshock7 Sun 07-Apr-13 17:58:30

I was like that with DS anda and I wouldn't buy any baby stuff till after 20 week scan...I'm not superstitious so I didn't think it was jinxing or anything it was more if something does go wrong I didn't want to have to look at's all here now tho so doesn't feel the same iyswim. I used the Doppler every day on hols last time I was so worried abt sunbathing, all was fine grin

Hi zeux congrats! grin

Good news aoife hope you've relaxed a bit smile

andadietcoke Sun 07-Apr-13 18:05:32

Thanks shell - I'm the same. My bounty pack and Emma's diary pack are hidden down the back of the sofa along with some bits people have given me. If I can't see them then they're not there. I haven't bought anything at all yet. I think maybe after about 28 weeks (have scared myself silly reading about premature twins). Have sat in the shade today, but have felt normal movement so think everything's okay (for now!!) smile

Hi Zeux lovely to see you again - congratulations!

squizita Sun 07-Apr-13 18:34:06

Aoife - that's fantastic news!!

Hi all my bloods went from 5000 to 7500 so they need to re-do them Tues to be sure as they are high and increasing BUT they want to see them double over 72hr. The registrar wasn't very comforting she kept saying the pregnancy seems to be 'healthy and ongoing but we can't rule our ectopic until Tuesday's bloods and scan'... I know this is to cover her back but scary; if it is tubal is it growing extra fast to completely wreck my insides?? My progesterone is 180 which she didn't bother saying I had to ask. Then she says it suggested an ongoing pregnancy and is a good sign but then does some more back-covering. I just checked this online (Dr Google yeah I know- but I was recalling something the EPU nurse had said) and apparently high progesterone is a good sign, less than 2% of ectopics have high progesterone so hopefully this IS a good sign.
Anyone able to verify these stats?
Well we will see on Tuesday ... looks like a healthy growing bean, fingers crossed it's where it should be.

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