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when do you get 'the glow'?

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smallsmith Fri 22-Feb-13 15:04:34

Just waiting for this supposed pregnancy glow to arrive - am 12 weeks, and still looking and feeling pale, tired and decidedly un-radiant. When do the lustrous locks and glowing skin arrive?!

rrreow Sat 23-Feb-13 15:33:15

Had it from mid 2nd trimester with DS1. Now with DS2 it is unfortunately absent. My skin is worse than when I was a teenager!

MumofWombat Sat 23-Feb-13 14:39:29

I think you get the 'glow' at the same time you're meant to get the energy boost during the second trimester......Except I didn't get either, not in my first pregnancy and not now (34 weeks).

marushka82 Sat 23-Feb-13 13:24:08

I'm 18 weeks and still waiting for the 'glow'. My skin looks terrible (I call it Shrek skin grin), chin and temples are the worst, and as soon as some spots clear up (Sudocrem works really well, just v.messy!) new ones spring up! Damn it!
I haven't noticed any difference in my hair, my fringe just does its own thing and every day is bad hair day. Mind you, haven't had a haircut since November but I'm going to have one today, hopefully it helps a bit!
Boobs are bigger though so DH is in 7th heaven and keeps telling me constantly I'm not fat and looking sexy (I love this guy :D

Mcnorton Sat 23-Feb-13 08:10:55

I had my 'glow' after the birth! For about 2 months. after my skin was fantastic. so maybe yours will come later, OP!

CareerGirl01 Sat 23-Feb-13 08:09:39

Arghhh iPhone - look better but like all the other mumsnetters I have never had the glow - am 29 weeks.

CareerGirl01 Sat 23-Feb-13 08:08:43

looks okay though. I think filling out a bit - was a bit gaunt Pre pg - has made me l

CareerGirl01 Sat 23-Feb-13 08:08:04

Just after I've been to the gym - and that's it. My hair l

fatandlumpy Sat 23-Feb-13 07:37:07

Not exactly 'glowing'... Now that the MS is nearly gone and I don't feel constantly knackered all the time I fell GREAT!!! I've got a lot of energy and my head is now more clear then it has been since my BFP (I can do maths again!!!!! JOY!!! - v. helpful when doing day job as a scientist).

... I still look like poo though. My skin is terrible (hasn't been this bad since my teens!), my hair is just doing it's own thing so I've given up on it). I've got terribly dry skin in patches all over my body and my nipples appears to be flaking off (so, so sore...). I've also spotted some stretchmarks (b*st*rds...).

I'm 17 and 1/2 weeks and this is my first. I was supposed to bloom at 14 weeks. My mother lies.... I agree with one of the previous posters...

Bloom=nice euphemism for fat.

Ivvu6 Sat 23-Feb-13 00:42:09

40+2 and haven´t had the glow yet lol I do have really long nails tho they use to be short and never grew before x

lookingfoxy Fri 22-Feb-13 21:56:44

I think once our bumps turn 18 and leave home, perhaps we will glow then grin

Bunnychan Fri 22-Feb-13 19:05:30

I'm 27 weeks and everyone is telling me I'm glowing but they can't see the piles, stretch marks and leaking boobs under my clothes lol! X

smallsmith Fri 22-Feb-13 19:01:04

Oh well, was worth asking! Thanks anyway fellow non-glowers! smile

cupcake78 Fri 22-Feb-13 18:11:47

22 weeks and no glow! Spotty, tired feeling very fat, sore and grumpy.

I didn't glow with ds either.

Persuasion Fri 22-Feb-13 17:57:11

No glow here either. 21 weeks and feel exhausted, and although the nausea has gone heartburn, poor sleep and acne seem to have replaced it. So instead of being green, I'm now just grey and blotchy. I feel deceived!

Dolallytats Fri 22-Feb-13 17:54:29

Sorry, another one still waiting for it!! 18+5 weeks, feeling knackered all the time, but can't sleep. Spotty, huge, backache, dry skin and generally grumpy!!

scottishmummy Fri 22-Feb-13 17:52:11

No glow.constant wretching, nauseous,looked pallid

plonko Fri 22-Feb-13 17:49:52

Pah, glow! I'm far too tired to be bothered to glow. At 39 weeks it's a good day if I leave the house.

But my hair is super thick - seriously, I could weave it into a rope - and my nails grow about a cm a day.

RobinSparkles Fri 22-Feb-13 17:45:51

Um, er...don't remember.

Although I did like my hair when I was pregnant. It seemed thicker but that's about it!

Dogsmom Fri 22-Feb-13 17:43:23

I'm 38 weeks and my hair has been better throughout, can't say I've ever felt glowing though, certainly haven't had a day when I've felt better than before I was pregnant

PhieEl06 Fri 22-Feb-13 17:33:01

Still impatiently waiting for the so-called glow!
However will agree with sleepyhead that my nails are in fantastic condition, so strong & long! grin

sleepyhead Fri 22-Feb-13 15:57:55

I noticed that my nails were suddenly really long and in excellent condition around 16 weeks - might have been the vits, I don't know. Also my hair has been in better condition than usual.

Other than that, I think it's just one of those things people say to you because they feel like they have to say something and they know that if they comment on your bump you'll hit them.

33 weeks here and not glowing. But hey, I look better than I will 4 months post partum when all that extra hair starts falling out <dubious bright side>

rainand Fri 22-Feb-13 15:54:10

I think I had it between 14-20 weeks but certainly not there now, skin looks horrible!

plannedshock Fri 22-Feb-13 15:39:39

I'm glowing apparently, coincides with my iron prescription kicking in!!

ScooseIsLoose Fri 22-Feb-13 15:39:31

Never smile

BraveLilBear Fri 22-Feb-13 15:36:01

I think extra blood flow to my face means I am no longer the Twilight-pale I usually am, though I'd hardly call it glowing! I'm nearly 19 weeks...

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