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dc2 due on 23rd sept dear friends wedding on 27th sept.... dh says am loopy.....What's MNers reckon. ..

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MrsMc82 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:10:12

Likely to have an elcs the week before am due and think our hosp only does them on a Thursday and Friday so around 13th Sept. .... I think I'll be totally fine (perhaps as I've totally blocked out the painful recovery bit of having a em cs last time) its 10 mins from home and really don't want to miss out on the big day! .......
Am I mad?
V early days to be considering this I know but just like to canvas opinion so can tell dh he's wrong
Tia grin

VivaLeBeaver Wed 20-Feb-13 21:14:52

I doubt they'd do your section ten days early. Nw rcog guidelines say not to do el lscs until 39weeks at the earliest. So if they really only do them on Thursdays and Fridays then they're more likely to go for a date of about the 20th of sept if thats a thurs or fri rather than at 38plus a few days.

It still gives you a week though. I'd have been fine a week after a section to go to a wedding, however you might not be. My sister in law couldn't make my wedding two weeks after a vaginal birth!

thethreeblondies Wed 20-Feb-13 21:15:55

I think plan to go smile if they are really good friends and u ended up not being able to make it I'm sure they wouldn't mind, we bumped someone up to day invite from just evening when a family member couldn't come due to pg probs (they told us the week before wedding) And we had 2 gaps at a table because I refused to take away grandparents places even though it was clear nan was too poorly to come, these things happen! Good luck with the rest of ur pg x

Beatrixpotty Wed 20-Feb-13 22:15:03

Plan to go..took DC1 to a wedding which involved an internal flight 14 days after ELCS so if it is 10 mins away should be possible.You might not be doing much dancing though!

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