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Induction without epidural?

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BonaDea Wed 20-Feb-13 17:48:17

I'd be interested to hear of people who made it through a syntocinon induction without an epidural. Although I wouldn't want to rule anything out, I'd really like to avoid an epidural as I want to stay mobile and self sufficient if possible during my labour and I also really want to involve further interventions. From what I can see the induction - epidural - instruments / section route seems pretty common!

But everyone seems to be agreed that induced labours are much more painful and so I am wondering whether perhaps it is better to just accept that I will need an epidural? Any stories of just popping one out on gas and air and hypnobirthing despite induction?

Emsyboo Thu 28-Feb-13 07:17:41

I was induced took 3 days to get going and 4 days to give birth! Had everything from gel, having waters broken and drip.
I had gas and air and diamorphine I thought I wanted an epidural but the pain was manageable so kept putting it off then when they said it was time to push I asked for one and was laughed at lol as baby would be here to soon. I assumed pushing would be more painful than contractions but for me wasn't and I was fine glad I didn't have an epidural in the end.
Good luck but if you need it have it! X

floatyjosmum Thu 28-Feb-13 07:21:10

I was induced with dc2 and it was easier than dc1 which was spontaneous and much less traumatic.
Went on drip about 1pm and didn't feel painful till after 6 - had her at 8pm. No epidural - just gas and air.
No instruments involved either

strawberrypenguin Thu 28-Feb-13 07:31:36

I was induced with drip with DS. I had gas and air followed with pethidine injection when things got really going. I so nearly made without epidural but DS got stuck due to a medical condition he has that meant his skull plates were pre-fused so I needed forceps in theatre to get him out. I believe that if he had had a 'normal' head I would have made it without one!

isambardo Thu 28-Feb-13 09:41:02

I was induced with a drip in November. I was able to be mobile despite being hooked up to monitors and was standing or on a birth ball most of the time. I felt like the pain was manageable all the way through to be honest, had a tens machine on and used gas and air for the final 3 hours (30 hours total). No instruments either.
I wouldn't assume you need an epidural, it seems to be so different for different people.

isambardo Thu 28-Feb-13 12:01:26

Also I just wanted to add, I didn't read about induction drips on chat forums before having one and I have since - I would have been much more nervous if I had as so many people say it's much more painful! Only had one baby so nothing to compare it to, but my experience was positive. Everyone is different, you just have to ask for what feels right at the time x

blueberryupsidedown Thu 28-Feb-13 12:12:13

similar experience to JessHelicopter. I had the epi 18 hours after the start of established labour and I know that I couldn't have gone on without it. I was completely exausted and in constant contraction and I developed an infection so I had a high temperature on top of that. I think it's important to keep it as an option and don't feel like you have 'failed' because you asked for one... and also know as much asy ou can about the induction process!

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 28-Feb-13 12:24:55

Keep an open mind. I was induced with the drip and had a mobile epidural so I moved around a lot. You are already a bit restricted by the drip anyway. They wanted to get DD out sooner rather than later so they turned the drip up high very quickly. It was agony and given the choice of slightly more movement or the agony stopping, I'd go for the agony stopping every time. Even with the epidural it wasn't pain free but it was bearable.

Everyone is different, they always harp on about "don't let them force you onto your back it's a terrible position" - for me it was the best position to push in, I tried loads of different positions but DD moved down the birth canal most when I was on my back.

Keep an open mind and do what's best for you at the time, not what worked for others or what you think you should do.

rrreow Thu 28-Feb-13 14:32:44

For my induction I had one pessary overnight, then had my waters broken. Contractions started straight away so I didn't need the drip. The contractions quickly became unbearable though. They came so fast and were so painful that they just about floored me, I couldn't stay mobile. So I did ask for an epidural at that point.

As it happened DS was born really quickly (3 hours from breaking waters), so although the midwife called the anaesthetist by the time he was free I was already pushing.

I had a TENS machine and G&A. Definitely would recommend both, it's better than without. TENS machine is helpful up to a point. At a certain point I didn't notice it anymore though, I think it was permanently on the Boost setting but I didn't realise that until after giving birth. G&A just took the edge off for me. While using it I didn't really notice its effects, but when I used it afterwards (while getting stitched up) I definitely noticed how it just completely makes you high!

AllBellyandBoobs Thu 28-Feb-13 14:45:47

I had the syntocinon drip and managed without an epidural. I had a tens machine for a bit, then paracetamol when I was about 5cm and gas and air when I got to 8cm. I found I was able to control my breathing really well until I had gas and air and that was very useful, my contractions peaked at 8 seconds so I knew I didn't have long to go before the worst was over smile When that was no longer really working I asked for gas and air and found it to be amazing stuff. I wasn't able to move around unfortunately due to the level of monitoring of me and the baby. Keep an open mind, you have no way of knowing what your labour will be like or how you'll feel at the time but syntocinon definitely doesn't mean you'll have to have an epidural.

MsIngaFewmarbles Thu 28-Feb-13 14:50:32

Syntocin drip after pessaries and ARM didn't get DS moving. I pleaded and got the wireless CTG monitor which made an enormous difference. I was able to move freely and use the birthing ball. Entonox got me all the way through to a non instrumental birth. HTH.

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