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Anyone Else Pregnant Aged 44?

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LottieH Wed 20-Feb-13 16:02:23

Is anyone else out there in their mid 40s & pregnant like me? Everyone else I know who is expecting seems to be in their 30s (which I was when I started having children) but now feel people think I'm a bit odd?! Have had some very strange comments when I've announced it to people.

ExpatAl Wed 20-Feb-13 16:08:03

Congrats! I'm 42 - I'm nearly 12 weeks and won't announce it until I've the NT scan and got the blood results. If I had my way I wouldn't announce until I was 16 weeks but I'm showing already and struggling to disguise it. There is a fabulous 40 thread but I have an irrational fear that I'll jinx my pregnancy if I join the thread.

Guntie Wed 20-Feb-13 16:13:07

Congrats both of you :-)

expat I am 23 weeks and still to scared to join my due date thread fearing I'll jinx my pregnancy too confused

ZolaBuddleia Wed 20-Feb-13 16:16:25

You're inspirational ladies to us old gimmers! Well done!

ExpatAl Wed 20-Feb-13 16:17:12

Good to meet a fellow nuts person Guntie. Do you have a cut off point when you feel the jinx factor will be over? Birth possibly?

ExpatAl Wed 20-Feb-13 16:19:02

Hoi! Who are you calling an old gimmer? <<checks roots>>

maybaby41 Wed 20-Feb-13 16:21:44

I'm 41 and 27 weeks today - had no problems with the pregnancy and having the normal appointments with the midwife with no consultant referals. My nan was 40 when she had my mum back in the 50's and she was really frowned upon then but times have changed and 40 is the new 30!

ZolaBuddleia Wed 20-Feb-13 16:25:58

I certainly feel like an old gimmer, although I bow to your superior roots. grin

I'm 42 and feel pessimistic about my chances, so it's great to hear of you lot getting upduffed.

rosiedays Wed 20-Feb-13 16:33:28

hi, 42 and 18 weeks.... 20 week scan is next mile stone. found out at the weekend that my DD (25) is also expecting!!!! cant bring myself to join thred either.

LottieH Wed 20-Feb-13 16:35:25

Thanks all of you & shame some of you are worried about jinxing things - try & look on the positive side Expat. I'm 2 years older than you & both my nuchal & blood tests came back fine. Even if they do come back slightly high don't presume the worst as several friends have had that & the babies we're absolutely fine. And the expanding waistline is obviously a great sign too! Thanks for link to Fab 40 - am new to MN so didn't know about that so off to join that thread too! x

ng1412 Wed 20-Feb-13 16:36:00

Hi I am 43 and 27 weeks pregnant with my second. DD is coming up to two years old.

I only wish I had more energy!

Guntie Wed 20-Feb-13 16:38:01

expat I don't know... The birth's just the start though isn't it?! I guess I am just worried about tempting fate. I haven't bought anything either, just seems too good to be true :-)

LottieH Wed 20-Feb-13 16:39:04

Wow congrats Rosiedays and to your daughter too! Right - am off to the Fab 40 link now so can you please all pray that I don't jinx myself as even am starting to pick up on all your superstitiousness! x

soupmaker Wed 20-Feb-13 17:46:18

Waves at fellow old gimmers. I am 42 and 17 weeks, due just before I am 43. I haven't joined any other threads either for fear of jinxing. I am already showing and trying to keep it a secret at work and from 5 yo DD until after 20 week scan. I rather like being this age and pregnant. Although so knackered.

Onlyconnect Wed 20-Feb-13 17:49:57

I am 45 and am now 15 weeks. It was an accident and I have been mortified but I'm getting used to the idea now. Have had some tests too which has put my mind at rest.

LottieH Wed 20-Feb-13 18:33:17

Lovely news Soup and Onlyconnect. I can certainly empathise re the tiredness - and the sickness is a shocker. Re 'accidents', I think they're the ones that always give the greatest joy and are meant to be - I'm sure you'll be delighted when he or she arrives. smile

CareerGirl01 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:56:58

Congrats ladies. I'm 42 and 29 weeks pg with no 2 - the good thing about being older is that pregnancy has made me look younger! Must be the weight gain (18lbs - but earlier on it was in the minus thanks to morning sickness) and seeing people's faces when I tell them I'm 42. Just because I'm in my 40s does not mean i will be a fuddy duddy mummy- our LOs will keep us young.

soupmaker Wed 20-Feb-13 20:23:35

So lovely to have other 40+ mums or mums to be here. I had a couple of MC after DD, and we'd given up so this one is a surprise! My consultant declared that I was a very young looking 42 yo. So I like her! Despite having grey hair most people seem to think I am younger than I am. I am hoping another wee one will make me even younger! Some hope when the sleepless nights kick in.

rosiedays Thu 21-Feb-13 10:46:10

only mine is a huge shock too! how are you coming to terms with it?
I've realy struggled tbh. the thought of spending my 40's sleep deprived, always being responsible (no more crazy weekends) constant worry and doing school runs horrified me!! I did all that in my 20's (however i would never consider a termination)
stupidly i had a plan,we were just getting on our feet finantially and were looking at buying a boat to go sailing next year. Now i'm not working (another story) and we need to move house. feels like my lovely life has come crashin down round my ears!
Over the passed fer weeks as my bump has got bigger i have started to see a light! Havejust started to have some great WOW i'm Pregnant moments. DH has promised we can move back to live / work on the beach next year (we both work in tourism and i hate the UK) and i'm starting to be able to see how much fun it could be to grow up another little person.
I'm finding it really hard to focus on the 'new Dream' in case it all goes wrong.
DH is over the moon, it's his first and he's blissfully ignorant about the reality of parenthood!
I really dont mean to offend anyone,if you are offended please pass by quietly I dont want to be 'flamed' for being selfish. Up till 20 december i only had myself to think about!!
just looking for a safe place to express myself. thanks

soupmaker Thu 21-Feb-13 12:10:09

Hello Rosie. I hope you will be safe here. I didn't have DD until my late 30's and she is still wee, but we too had been thinking about how life was so good with just the one, who is now at school and a bit more independent. She sleeps, eats and is very happy 99% of the time. Although she never shuts up! We were planning holidays and feeling happy about only one set of university fees! So it's all been a bit of a shock here. DH and I have laid in bed some nights saying what the hell did we do this for! Of course it's going to be hard work but it'll be worth it. Your DP is in for a big shock!!!!

cyclecamper Thu 21-Feb-13 13:08:56

Hi I'm another 42 year old who is accidentally pregnant! As I've said in various places around the forum, my husband had a vasectomy 15 years ago, so I really thought that my symptoms were the menopause or ME. I only did the test because the dr told me to before she did the blood tests for the menopause. I was so shocked when it was positive! I'm 24 weeks now and I still haven't quite got to grips with the idea.

It is tricky changing from making plans for the 2 of us and sometimes my 16 year old stepson to not knowing how we are going to manage things. We don't have a car and usually spend holidays cycle touring up and down the country which isn't going to be anywhere near as easy now. It was hard enough when we had to factor in the teenager with aspbergers, but a baby adds a whole other set of logistical problems!

I also post in the other thread - do feel free to come and join - it's very friendly - there are people at all stages of pregnancy and with different families - some, like me are expecting their first (in my case only, it's all I can do to stop my husband getting re-snipped before the baby is born!) and one lady is expecting her 5th with so we are quite varied.

McGilly Thu 21-Feb-13 13:18:11

Congratulations to you all and good luck. I had my third DC last year at 44, it was a great pregnancy and birth with no problems. DS is now nearly 1 and I am shattered but that is because he wakes up ALL the time, not my age! Nobody has ever comments on my 'advanced' age - certainly not my wonderful hospital carers. Maybe I will notice the difference with a six year pls in my fifties but I really don't care ... I know we are really really lucky!

McGilly Thu 21-Feb-13 13:20:38

And yes, the cut-off date for the jinx factor is birth.

rosiedays Thu 21-Feb-13 13:22:33

thanks soup Yes DH is in for a hell of a shock! Hi cycle
i do snoop in the fantastic 40 thread find it wondefully reasuring. (is it wrong to snoop??)
best wishes to all X

ExpatAl Thu 21-Feb-13 13:31:01

I'm a constant lurker of the thread too. We lost our son at just short of 26 weeks (first dc) so this pregnancy is pretty fraught and I feel I'd be the voice of doom if I joined. It is lovely to see so many women my age getting on with it brilliantly though. Makes me feel much better and positive.

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