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Should I call the doctor?

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elderberryspokes Tue 19-Feb-13 08:20:30

I posted yesterday about whether or not I could take Calpol to treat a bad cold...

This is my second day off work. It takes a lot for me to take a sick day, and I've had a few colds over the festive season which I've worked through, but nothing like this. All the usual cold symptoms: blocked nose, chesty cough and headache. I'm also achey and shivery and have a dull pain in my chest and (more worryingly) my lower abdomen from where I've been coughing. DH says I have a fever - not sleeping, feeling alternatively cold and hot.

I've thrown up bile several times and feel very lightheaded. Still eating, but don't have the energy to cook anything, so have been eating crumpets and toast. Drinking orange juice and water and taking Calpol. DH now away on business until Friday.

It came on very suddenly. Woke up on Sunday morning with a blocked nose and a silly little cough, went to my driving lesson (where I drove better than usual) then went out to B&Q with DH. It's only 15 mins from home, and by the time we got back I felt so ill I came straight to bed, where I've been laid ever since.

The achey abdomen is freaking me out, although I felt the baby move a little through the night (am 18 weeks tomorrow).

Is it worth calling the doctor or should I just sit tight? I honestly don't remember having a cold that made me feel this bad before!

Pinkbump3 Tue 19-Feb-13 08:32:40

I would call to be on the safe side when your pg you do tend to take illness worse I am 10 weeks and been ill for the past week with cold and when I was pg before I was really ill with norovirus I was puking green bile for 3 days and couldn't move out I'd bed I lost nearly a stone and I was 16 weeks pg. just have to watch your fluid and don't get dehydrated the mw recommended some isotonic sports drinks to help. Try not to worry but contact gp for some advice. Hope you feel better soon.

doublecakeplease Tue 19-Feb-13 08:37:29

My immune system went through the floor when i was pg. Was very, very rarely ill before. I'd maybe ring the midwife if you're worried but its good that you're able to eat and drink :-) hope you feel better soon!

HappyAsASandboy Tue 19-Feb-13 08:39:39

Call your GP if you are worried. It is really not worth being worried about.

On a separate note, why are you taking calpol? Would adult paracetamol not be more effective?

elderberryspokes Tue 19-Feb-13 08:55:50

Pinkbump3 - poor you! I hope you feel better soon!

Am taking Calpol as the only paracetamol I have in the house is the extra strength stuff with caffeine, which gives me palpitations these days :-/ It's the 6+ stuff which says it can be taken by adults too.

Thanks everyone. I'm sure I'm worrying unnecessarily (MMC last year which has made me nervier than usual during this pregnany). Will call midwife if I'm still feeling wretched tonight.

In the mean time I've found a good illustration of how I feel right now:


TwitchyTail Tue 19-Feb-13 08:58:18

Have you had your flu jab? If not, and it's much worse and longer-lasting than a normal cold, it may be the actual flu. Always call if you're worried though - see if you can have a telephone appointment in the first instance.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Tue 19-Feb-13 09:01:48

you may have flu, maybe a chest infection.
I'd make an appointment to see your GP. Your midwife is not going to be able to help with this. Your immune system is very knocked off in pregnancy and it's not worth hanging on to see if things get worse when you're already feverish and throwing up bile and confined to bed. How much worse do you want it to be???

You'll not be wasting anyone's time. Hope you feel better soon.

elderberryspokes Tue 19-Feb-13 09:05:30

I've had the flu once, ten years ago, and it does feel similar - but as I had the flu jab in early December I don't know if I could still catch it? Are there strains that are resistant to the jab?

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Tue 19-Feb-13 09:09:53

Yes. The flu jab is known to be not particularly good this year, hasn't captured all the strains around, so could definately be flu, which is awful at anytime but dreadful when pregnant. Really worth seeing a doctor though to rule out something like a chest infection that you'll need antibiotics for.

elderberryspokes Tue 19-Feb-13 09:13:58

Okay thanks - sincerely hope it isn't that because ten years ago I was sick for a bloody month! Managed to get an appointment at 4.30 today (luckily the surgery is only 5mins walk).

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Tue 19-Feb-13 09:18:53

Glad you've managed to get an appointment. Really hope it's just a very heavy cold that goes away quickly!

PurplePoppySeed Tue 19-Feb-13 16:08:02

Hi elderberry, you've done the right thing, I'm in exactly the same position, been battling a horrible cold/flu for a few days which turned to a fever last night and all I've been taking is 1 paracetamol a day. Saw the doc this morning and he said I could be doing myself a dis-service by not treating it, especially with fevers/infections. He's given me antibiotics which I've rarely ever had before. Seems a bit scary but looking them up they seem to be less risky than most common cold remedies!

Agree with the comment about the flu jab not picking up everything, I had the jab in November (previous unlucky pregnancy) and it didn't stop me catching this or any of the other bugs going around this winter.

BraveLilBear Tue 19-Feb-13 16:20:00

Hope things are looking up - or will be after appointment. I'd jsut say, if you're ever in doubt about whether or not it's worth calling the doctor, call NHS Direct. They give good advice and can speed things up if they think it needs it - ie they can call ambulances and jump you to the top of the Out Of Hours doc queue etc.

I had to call them twice in first trimester and were great both times - both were on weekends and was advised I woudl get a call back within around 4 hours due to volume of calls but actually was called back within 30-45 mins both times.

Would wholeheartedly recommend them especially during pregnancy.

elderberryspokes Tue 19-Feb-13 23:37:34

Thanks all for giving me the push to go to the GP - it is the flu, which is crap, but at least I feel slightly less of a wimp knowing it isn't just a cold smile Doctor echoed HPSauce's sentiment - flu jab not picking everything up and there's a pretty nasty strain going around for which he's seen several people this week.

No medication except paracetamol, lots of fluids, and he signed me off for the rest of the week (although he said it could last three!). Said to go back if it gets worse.

Our boiler died a death this morning and DH is away on business until Friday, so my lovely Dad has rescued me from turning into an ice cube. Am currently in my teenage bedroom with a bottle of Calpol under the pillow ;)

I'll keep NHS Direct in mind. Did think about it today as really didn't want to get dressed / brave the elements, but thought it was best to get Dr to give me the once over to make sure baby was okay. As it happened he had a little kick while I was in the waiting room ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon, PurplePoopySeed - yours sounds wretched but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon!

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Wed 20-Feb-13 07:16:50

Sorry it's the flu, have to admit it did sound like that. Hopefully you'll make a quick recovery and surprise yourself. Lots of fluids and let your dad spoil you. Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon.

PurplePoppySeed Wed 20-Feb-13 09:14:21

Thanks elderberry, hope you start to feel better soon too. Antibiotics must be doing something as my fever has gone today, don't know about you but for me the worst thing is all this catarrh is making my ms worse! Get lots of sleep, I've had about 14 hrs a night and it's been the best thing for it. If you can stomach it, I've found hot Ribena and hot honey & lemon juice help a bit.

elderberryspokes Wed 20-Feb-13 09:58:29

I know what you mean - this is disgusting (apologies!) but I find that I'm breathing through my mouth when I sleep, and must be inadvertently swallowing phlegm to stop my mouth from getting dry, then throwing it up in the middle of the night and in the morning - urgh!!

Luckily my MS cleared up a few weeks ago. How far are you along? Can't imagine having flu and MS at the same time - that sounds absolutely barbaric!!

Was just thinking about honey and lemon actually so will try that today. Ribena was one of my cravings in the early weeks but never tried it hot ;)

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Wed 20-Feb-13 10:10:43

Twinings lemon and ginger tea with a spoonful of honey is my first call with a cold. Mmmmm

elderberryspokes Wed 20-Feb-13 11:53:04

Hmmm. My Dad is going to the shops soon, so I might put in a request ;)

Many moons ago I worked as an au pair to two of the snottiest, most disease-ridden children I have ever encountered. I usually have a very strong immune system but, during my tenure with them, I must have caught every childhood illness going. The only thing that worked for me back then was honey and lemon, so it has a special place in my heart!

PS. They were pretty cute though, despite their status as biological weapons in disguise.

PurplePoppySeed Wed 20-Feb-13 12:59:53

Yeah it's not been brilliant at all.. HP I might try your option as the ginger would probably help. By dates I'm 11 weeks, but early scan says I'm at least a week behind, so I have probably got at least 2 more weeks of sickness sad at least I do seem to be doing better today. Don't think I'll go back to work tomorrow though, can't bare the thought of the 90 min commute and stinky morning male train travellers - I swear most men have no idea how bad they smell in the mornings!

elderberryspokes Wed 20-Feb-13 17:26:36

Have you ever tried the ginger beer from Pret? Nothing much helped with my MS but that stuff really did perk me up and I actually looked forward to it at a time when I couldn't stomach most foods and had no cravings to guide me. Thinking about it in light of the flu, I wouldn't mind a can now. Oddly I don't actually like ginger beer, but the Pret stuff tastes different somehow ;)

I hope your MS goes away soon - it really is utterly rotten! To give you hope, mine disappeared almost overnight at 12 weeks, and although I've been sick a few times since I haven't had any nausea with it. So you might be nearly there!

And we all know the end result will be totally worth it smile

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