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Heavy bleeding and clots at 12 weeks

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Gingerbreadpixie Mon 18-Feb-13 12:20:31

Hi all. I'm just home from hospital after a night in A&E and the morning in EPU. It was the most distressing and frightening night of my life. I started bleeding around 9pm yesterday, passed two big blood clots and continued bleeding with cramping through the night. I was convinced I was passing my baby and i was in pieces. My DM and DH just about held me together.

Went to EPU this morning and waited 2 hours for scan. By some miracle the baby is still there, still alive. I'm in total shock. We're so happy our baby is still hanging in there but I'm also still terrified, bleeding (less) and cramping. The doctor couldn't explaIn the source of bleeding or the risks to the baby now either. I guess she hasn't got a crystal ball so can't give reassurance when she can't be sure.

Has anyone else been through this and baby has been ok??

AngeDriver Fri 04-Apr-14 23:33:51

Hi all, I know it's been a while since anyone posted on this but i found this post recently after having heavy bleeding and large clots at 11 weeks plus 4 days. I was convinced i was haing a miscarriage but a scan the next day showed baby was fine, it was such a relief. I was diagnosed with a subchronic haematoma at my 12 week scan. Apparently it is fairly common and just means that my body produced too much blood and it clots and builds up in the area around your baby, I was told that it would not harm baby and that it should sort itself out by my 20 week scan. Well i bled for 4 WEEKS! But a recent scan shows the haematoma has got a lot smaller and my baby is still happy and healthy. One thing i would also like to add is that this bleeding gave me a high hCG reading and low PAPP reading at my combined test giving me a high risk result of 1 in 25, although it was scarey more tests revealed that baby is fine and the result was purely down to the bleeding, those of you experiencing lots of bleeding and get a high risk result from your bloods, dont panic, everything is probably fine.

Ferreroroche123 Sat 05-Apr-14 07:17:31

Yes I am 23+5 today and had a huge bleed at 11+6 from an sch.

If you want any ongoing support with people in this situation, we are on and sch group on Baby and Bump website.

Just google Baby and Bump sch group.

Lots of experiences all ongoing.

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