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Leaky boobs

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MOTU Mon 18-Feb-13 20:19:00

I had this from 18 weeks, and in my case it did bode well for breastfeeding! Fed for a year, never a problem or stress!

Bunnychan Mon 18-Feb-13 06:40:06

Haha! I have this off and on- I have been cutting panty liners in half and sticking them in my bra as during the day, it's only little drips. I tend to be worse at night but then it's not every night. I want to bf so I'm seeing as a positive sign or else I will cry x

noblegiraffe Sun 17-Feb-13 23:03:38

Yes, jilted, I was just reading this shock as I had no leakage during pregnancy and was totally unaware that other women might be wearing pads or squirting milk.
I had no leakage or any sign of leakage during pregnancy, and I had a c-section and my milk came in on day 3 in copious amounts with no problems. Non-leakers don't fret!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 17-Feb-13 22:58:27

Totally agree with wearing breastpads but just wanted to say in case anyone was lurking and feeling worried, not leaking during pg is totally normal too and no indication of your ability to bf once Lo arrives smile

glossyflower Sun 17-Feb-13 21:46:27

Yep mine mostly leak at night but I wear breast pads in the day just in case there's a heavy flow of embarrassment leaking through!
I just can't get on wearing a bra in bed but have been wearing vest tops that seem to catch most of the slight leaking for now.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Sun 17-Feb-13 21:08:17

While pg with DS I managed to squirt milk on DP's laptop screen (that was at least a metre away at the other end of the bed) while investigating the leakyness topless. blush

It'll probably come and go, 17+2 this time and mines started again a few days ago.

LikeCandy Sun 17-Feb-13 20:52:57

Hi Fairy I had leaky nips for the first time at 26w (Christmas day!) and since then it's only been sporadic, I haven't needed to wear pads, as it seems mostly be overnight.
I like it weirdo because it gives me faith I'll be able to breast feed once she's here!

KelleStar Sun 17-Feb-13 19:22:32

It won't go away, but it may slow down/disappear for a while. Mine are more leaky when emotional/excited. Being around my BiL seems to send my hormones wild and I leak like crazy smile he does smell exceptionally good.

I also find that they get a little squirty during sex too.

Breast pads for now I'm afraid, some are really discrete.

rubyslippers Sun 17-Feb-13 18:58:06

wear breast pads

you can't really dry it up as such - you may find you go through phases of this

Fairy130389 Sun 17-Feb-13 18:57:06

Been done to death I'm sure, but woke up this morning looking like Jordan and nipples are really leaky (they have been for the last few weeks but this is x10) should I just go with the flow (as it were!), or try and dry it up or what? And how do you do that? Ta x p.s I'm 23weeks

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