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Any ideas?

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candr Sun 17-Feb-13 21:51:03

It does sound like your body getting ready for labour but I had this a couple of times during pg but had morning sickness back at 34 weeks. On the night I went into abour I did have a queasy feeling lying in bed and was sick before having contractions. Let us know how you are!

SweetTransvestite Sun 17-Feb-13 16:08:58

I'm just over 36 weeks pregnant. The past few days I've had (sorry if tmi) diarrhoea and the past 2 days I've felt really nauseous like I did at the beginning. Last night I woke up feeling very sick and it took me ages to get back to sleep. Even went so far to put the bin by the side of the bed just in case.

Please tell me I might just have a tummy bug and this is not the start of early labour. Baby's been moving loads as well lots of pushing more than kicks which is reassuring.

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