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Never had an mc before-Advice please

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PurplePoppySeed Wed 20-Feb-13 08:41:48

Mine also started with light spotting on and off for a few days (mostly when wiping) before it got heavy, likewise, many people on here have stories of early bleeding and staying pregnant. Look after yourself, get lots of rest and fingers crossed.

StrawberryGateaux Sun 17-Feb-13 15:22:29

Thankyou anda

andadietcoke Sun 17-Feb-13 15:19:22

With my early mc I had pink spotting on the Thursday, and then everything stopped until I started bleeding properly on the Saturday night. Rest, take care of yourself. It may be any number of things (I googled them all, and convinced myself everything was okay until Saturday!). The EPU won't be able to do anything other than HCG tests, so unfortunately it's just a case of waiting it out and seeing what happens. There's a really good thread on the mc board about dealing with the practicalities which is worth a read to prepare yourself if it does go in that direction.
Take care of yourself x

StrawberryGateaux Sun 17-Feb-13 15:13:09

Thankyou for all your advice Eleth.
Bleeding has stopped completely now, it was only when i wiped.
Really confused with what has gone onblush, still feel a dull ache so i'm going to take it easy and have a nice bath tonight & then it will be a waiting game to see whether i'll miscarry or hopefully not...
With having had 4 normal pregnancies, blood to me is a warning sign as iv'e never had bleeding in any of my pregnancies.

If i manage to keep baby where it is, wonderful i will be so blessed. If i do mc i shall look on it that i'm blessed to have the 4 beautiful dc i already have & for that i am lucky.
Although this pregnancy was not expected (on pill), i am ready to embrace it with hands so i'm keeping my fingers crossed, that all is well x

Eletheomel Sun 17-Feb-13 11:41:22

Hi strawberry - sorry for your loss :-(

By the sounds of it (and how quickly you're bleeding after the BFPs) it looks like a very early miscarriage (sometimes called a chemical pregnancy) and you'll probably just have a period as normal (maybe slightly on the heavy side) as there won't be that much more material to pass. And your cycle should continue as normal, shouldn't really be much of a delay.

I've had a couple of chemical pregnancies, where I got a BFP but started bleeding a few days later or on one occassion, later the same day.

I also had a missed miscarriage at 10 wks when I started spotting ,scan showed the baby had stopped growing at 7 wks 6 days, but took a few weeks before I got any symptoms. In that case, because the foetus is much more developed and there is more blood/tissue to pass there is more to pass and you can get it done surgically or naturally. I just waited naturally and ended up with very very heavy bleeding and cramping for a day, followed by a heavy period for a week or so afterwards. In that situation, you're advised to wait until you have a normal period before ttc again, but I think as your miscarriage is quite early your cycle shouldn't be that adversely affected and I think you'll be able to ttc straightaway (if you're ready to do so).

I hope this helps and again, sorry for your loss.

StrawberryGateaux Sun 17-Feb-13 11:11:13

I have had 4dc and never experienced a mc in my entire life.
Poas on wednesday & thurs, got 3 positives & i felt pregnant, it was all starting to sink in iyswim.

I had slight cramps last night, but put it down to a urine infection. Fast forward to this morning and sadly i have started bleeding, it's pink but i still feel crampy.

Dh is trying to be supportive but he asked whether i was upsetshock, of course i am!

Having never having gone through this before, could any of you lovely mnetters give me some advice on what will come next etc if this is a mc, which unfortunetly i'm guessing it is?

Tia x

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