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Received letter - worried :o/

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Christelle2207 Sun 17-Feb-13 13:20:33

My guess would be the nhs hasn't caught up with your change of dates and still thinks you're 2 weeks ahead. Don't worry.

ZuleikaD Sun 17-Feb-13 11:44:12

If it had really been something to worry about then they would probably have called you. It may just be that your iron's a bit low or something and they want to check you're not anaemic.

MissHinky Sun 17-Feb-13 11:09:09


I'm having my 1st baby and am currently 13 weeks pregnant. I was originally 2 weeks ahead as dated by the midwife but changed after the dating scan and put back by 11 days.

Last week (the 8th), I had some bloods done and now today, I have received a letter for an ante-natal appointment. I'm worried sick its something to do with the results of my blood tests as it seems to early for my 16 week appointment (although I would have been around this if my dates hadn't changed from the scan!). The letter looks pretty standard and doesn't mention anything about test results but I'm still worrying!

Typically, the letter arrived on a Saturday and I can't speak to anyone until Monday to try and find out if it is routine or not.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

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