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Bleeding at 9 weeks - what do I do?

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mrshen1 Sun 17-Feb-13 16:57:20

meant to say Afrikat I hope it goes well for you.
Funny you mention the UTI, I have been going to the loo a lot since lunch so could be bladder thing going on too... bodies are so confusing sometimes.

mrshen1 Sun 17-Feb-13 16:55:23

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and have been rather stressed and emotional for the last few days and then after lunch today realised I had a very slightly brown discharge, slight cramps. Then went to the loo and small dollop of blood on my knickers, small but definitely there. Since then nothing although very slightly brown discharge.
Bit worried and really want it it work out but trying to think things will work out okay. My 8 week appt isn't for another 10 days so not sure what to do really, will give midwife a call tomorrow and hope that the brown and blood spot goes away. it seems too late for implantation and too early for phantom period.
Fingers crossed, lesson learnt don't get stressed x

PickleSarnie Sun 17-Feb-13 12:22:53

I'm afraid you may fund midwife and doctors reactions appear a bit non plussed when it comes to early bleeding. Partly because if it is the worst happening then there is nothing they can do and also because bleeding frequently occurs in pregnancy causing no problems.

They are more concerned with you at this point. So definitely get yourself to a&e if you lose a lot of blood or it becomes very painful.

I had loads and loads of bleeding at about 11 weeks. Like a really, really heavy period for a couple of days. My son is now a happy and healthy 6 month old.

Hope all goes well for you too.

afrikat Sun 17-Feb-13 11:59:19

Thanks for your replies. Went to urgent care centre at hospital and they think I have a UTI but just have to wait things out with the bleeding - could be normal early pg stuff or the start of a mc. If it gets worse I need to go back but in mean time not much I can do other than take it easy and try not to stress. Will do my best!

StrawberryGateaux Sun 17-Feb-13 10:56:16

I feel for you op, got my positive last wednesday & today i have started bleeding. I hope our babies are oksad

sundaesundae Sun 17-Feb-13 10:37:29

It really depends on your area as to what is open and what will be offered. To be perfectly honest with you there is nothing they can do to stop it if it is going to go, so if the bleeding and pain are managebale you might be better off waiting it out at home unless you have any reason to think you might have an ectopic.

It is totally up to you, but unfortunately access to scanning and things are very limited at the weekend. They would be able to examine you and give you some advice, but be prepared they may well not be able to offer you an ultrasound.

Sorry you are going through this, sadly access to early pregnancy units is still poor at weekends.

ChablisLover Sun 17-Feb-13 10:30:04

They would be able to check you out.

I would call and go now.

afrikat Sun 17-Feb-13 10:22:21

What can they do though? Would they be able to do an ultrasound to check all ok? Have started cramping now so definitely getting worried

ChablisLover Sun 17-Feb-13 07:47:51

If you are at all worried I would go to out of hours or a&e.

afrikat Sun 17-Feb-13 07:44:07

I've just woken up to find I am bleeding - not heavily and only when I wipe, so far. No cramping or anything but not sure what I should do. It's v red blood. I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow - should I wait til then or should I get it checked out earlier? If so by who? Dr aren't open today... Bit worried, I know people get spotting but not sure what constitutes spotting vs real bleeding...

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