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Breastfeeding while pregnant: support thread?

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carcassonne Sat 16-Feb-13 18:52:08

I thought there was one but I can't find it.

Anyone else breastfeeding while pregnant. Currently in the 1st trimester and breastfeeding my just turned 3 y.o. Hurting like hell. Need hands to hold!

MeerkatMerkin Wed 20-Mar-13 09:58:28

Hello ladies.

I'm almost 9 weeks pg and feeding DS who is 2.3 years. He only feeds at bedtime and most mornings, sometimes at nap time, but ouch, it's getting pretty uncomfortable on latching. It's fine during the feed.

Have always quite liked the idea of tandem feeding. Seems a nice way to keep him feeling safe in the knowledge that baby hasn't 'taken' his milk. Don't see him self-weaning even when my milk changes to colostrum, but we'll see! He's a total boob monster and would feed more often if I let him! We only night weaned him 3 months ago - hence the sudden rise in fertility and subsequent pregnancy! grin

MyThumbsHaveGoneWeird Mon 18-Mar-13 15:45:49

I'm 7 weeks and feeding DS who is 2 and 3 months. I'd like him to self wean but can see myself tandem nursing if he doesn't because he is a real mummy's boy and I don't want him to feel pushed out by the new one. It really hurts when he latches on now, which has been the final push I needed to night wean. I think he was totally ready for that because it took 1 night of protest and then he was fine, and he is now sleeping and eating better. It makes me wonder if I should gently try to wean him in the daytime too, but I don't know how...

Oodsigma Mon 18-Mar-13 11:56:52

Respect to you there stuff two feels hard enough!

Going ok apart from dd3 being quite demanding and hasn't been eating much in favour of milk. She is learning to wait though so hopefully she's getting the hang of it.

stuffthenonsense Mon 18-Mar-13 11:47:16

Hi, I'm pregnant and feeding my 2.9 yr old and my 12 month old This could be fun.
Oodsigma how's it going?

Oodsigma Sat 16-Mar-13 18:13:15


Oodsigma Sat 16-Mar-13 18:12:58

Just thought I'd update on how we are going. Doing lots of tandem feeds as dd3 feeling v insecure. Trying to keep them in bed as we don't seem to fit on the settee although we just did some sort of double decker cradle hold!

Dd3 is really helping with the enforcement though grin

Oodsigma Sun 10-Mar-13 13:45:48

Had ds on Thursday! Home yesterday (c-section) and did a joint feed this am which was interesting and not to be repeated in public! Worked ok though as dd3 could latch herself and I sorted ds. She keeps telling him what to do and when to swap. Did do some long feeds with her yesterday as she was making sure she still had her place I think

Midori1999 Sat 02-Mar-13 23:52:47

Sorry to hear that Rainbowsfriend. I have just started getting pain on latching too. It's making me dread feeding a newborn a tiny bit, as I was in agony for weeks with DD and feeding her is so easy now, I think it's like labour, you forget a bit what it was like. grin

I haven't worked out how I am going to feed two DC yet as I only feed DD from one side due to recurrent mastitis in the other side, which then caused problems with my breast implant in that side, which has lead to the skin being quite tight due to swelling and I am not sure a baby could even latch on that side now. I think I could express from there if I had to though. Unfortunately, I couldn't get anything done about it whilst still breast feeding. I'm sure we'll work it out though.

RainbowsFriend Sat 02-Mar-13 18:32:51

Just starting to get sore nipples on latching/unlatching now at 6 weeks - also REALLY suffering with morning evening all day sickness - which is hard to cope with after a day's work and with an active toddler. I find it much worse if DD has had a bad night's sleep - and so when I'm more tired.

poocatcherchampion Fri 01-Mar-13 18:31:21

me! 12 weeks and dd is 1 in 10 days. she has been ill for a month with various bugs and from winding down- about 2 a day she is now taking up to 5 full feeds.

I want more people to ask too. but not many people know I'm pregnant yet.. smile grin

RainbowsFriend Wed 27-Feb-13 19:55:37


Oodsigma Wed 27-Feb-13 19:55:11

Dd3 is now talking about one for her & one for baby so think she's getting her head round sharing!

RainbowsFriend Wed 27-Feb-13 19:33:58

How are we doing?

DD still not cutting down - I think my supply dipped a bit, but half term round-the-clock mega feeding seems to have boosted it back up grin

No soreness yet either thank goodness (think I'm 5-6 weeks ish)

Oodsigma Sun 17-Feb-13 13:13:16

<hi Fred>

RainbowsFriend Sun 17-Feb-13 12:18:08

<Hi Fred> grin

FredKiller Sun 17-Feb-13 11:18:19

Hello. I'm Fred, im pregnant and my son's a boobaholic.

<Awaits chorus of "Hi Fred">

Am 6 weeks gone and am attempting to night wean as a preliminary step. Regardless of whether he weans or not, I will definitely need more sleep as things progress. Hasn't been too hellish, yet. He's 20mo btw.

carcassonne Sun 17-Feb-13 09:38:01

This is fab - will check in properly later.

RainbowsFriend Sun 17-Feb-13 09:37:29

Reading it now - well when DD lets me!

Oodsigma Sun 17-Feb-13 09:34:58

How old is she?

Has everyone read 'adventures in tandem feeding'? Quite useful book

RainbowsFriend Sun 17-Feb-13 09:26:21

I'm not sure how I'll feel if she self weans! I've been desperate on occasions for her to wean sometimes as she feeds sooooo much. But I would miss it...

Oodsigma Sun 17-Feb-13 09:05:32

It slows down. Dd3 complained at first but powered through. Dd1 gave up when I was pg with dd2, think she probably couldn't be bothered!

RainbowsFriend Sun 17-Feb-13 08:46:41

Could my supply be drying up already at 4/5 weeks? DD was wanting to swap sides more a couple of days before my BFP and keeps saying "more milk" even though she's just fed... sad

happyfrogger Sun 17-Feb-13 08:35:57

DD is 10 months and now 9wks pregnant. Nipples so sore and she's taken to scraping her teeth back across my nipples when she pulls off hmm

I'm contemplating a switch to formula as much as that saddens me. And I don't think she'll be keen at all, but feeding in bed in the morning trying to hold back the vomit is most unenjoyable.

We are now just on wake up and bedtime milk.

Oodsigma Sun 17-Feb-13 06:43:34

Colostrum comes about 26 weeks. Dd3 complained a bit but just upped her sucking and my boobs are now even bigger!

Had a long chat with the MW about bf the other day, she was interested and supportive. Totally got the not rocking the boat around new baby. I'm hoping on self weaning now as I've cut her down a bit ( it can give me contractions) and will be in hospital a couple of days so she will get less chance. Think she will share with baby then give up.
Dd1 gave up the minute I got pg!

Midori1999 Sun 17-Feb-13 02:25:39

Oodsigma, no one ever mentions anything about me breast feeding, I think they're scared of a long boring talk about why I am 'still' doing it. grin I wonder though if people will assume I'll stop now I am pregnant though...

Izzyswhiskers, our DC are about the same age. smile I think the milk always turns to colostrum and sometimes dries up almost completely before it turns to colostrum ready for the new baby. I have no experience of this myself though, this is the first time I've nursed while pregnant, but that's what I understand will happen. I know a few people who say their DC just carried on nursing regardless.

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