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Placenta covering OS

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tinierclanger Fri 15-Feb-13 14:29:31

At my 20 week scan sonographer told me my placenta was low down over cervix, and booked me for rescan at 34 weeks. She did say it might move and I didn't google or anything at the time because there didn't seem to be any point worrying!

Had an ante natal apt today and the MW tells me that as the placenta is actually covering the OS it's not that likely to move. That's ok and I can cope with mentally preparing for C-section, and I know to look out for bleeding.

But now I have googled and it seems lots of people are advised to avoid sex! Nobody's mentioned this to me- should I carry on as if I didn't know? Is that relevant later rather than now, or is there no real reason for it?

Any advice/comments welcome!

tinierclanger Fri 29-Mar-13 09:38:44

Oh good luck kitkat, will be keeping my fingers crossed for safe deliveries all round!

BraveLilBear Fri 29-Mar-13 11:45:18

Really glad to hear yours has now moved OP.

I think there is a bigger issue though regarding information given out at 20 week scan. I was told mine was 8mm away from os at 20 weeks and told by sonographer it would be 'fine' and would move away, but that they'd 'probably' check it later on to make sure.

Given that in this area you don't see a mw for 8 weeks after the scan, and only a GP at 24 weeks, it seems ridiculous to me that they don't hand out a leaflet or something to explain more, or to advise you to call mw for advice.

I only found out at 22 weeks that my low-lying but 'fine' placenta means I can't do organised exercise (including pg yoga) and also that I can't fly or, randomly, ride a bike, because I called mw for advice after a weird reaction from yoga instructor.

If I'm higher risk, (as apparently I'm deemed to be despite anterior 8mm away placenta) then I would like to know.

kitkatsz23 Fri 29-Mar-13 19:03:27

Thank you Tinier!!

I agree BraveLil, the information we are given is pretty much dependant on the person. I was lucky at my 20weeks scan, I had a great sonographer who explained me what it means and advised me what to do and what not to. I received various advises, one of the midwifes even suggested me to exercise despite the condition...they don't want to say you are high risk as for most of the women the placenta would shift. I undertsand but I am amazed that no advise is given just in case, you don't see a consultant unless you bleed etc...there is no prevention at all.

MorganLeFey Fri 29-Mar-13 19:54:28

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist = What does OS stand for then? Why can't you just say cervix?

It's the opening part of the cervix (there are technically 2 an 'internal' at the womb end and 'external' at the vaginal end of the opening at the other end!) specifically rather than the whole thing.
& it is a fun word.

4 weeks to go till finding out if mine has shifted enough!

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