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Anyone pregnant and in N.Ireland?

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I have PMd you louisoscar smile

PickledInAPearTree Thu 14-Feb-13 18:21:20

Aw! Your lovely.

louisoscar Thu 14-Feb-13 18:20:08

Hi wannabe!

I'm in NI in Co Down too (Holywood) and would happily take those nappies off your hands! dc2 due in 4 weeks!

Where are you??

I have two packs of Pampers New baby Size 1 nappies, 50 in each pack. And two packs of boots size 2 nappies, 44 in each pack!

They were gifts that we didnt use. I want no money for them. I am in Co Down. I couldnt afford the postage which is the only reason why I am saying to anyone in NI!


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